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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

partyyy foullllllll!

I've kept you guys out of the loop!! PARTY FOUL on my part! But you know what!! i'm back!

On another note... I've missed you guys TONSSSSSSSs! All of your encouraging messages and allll the companionship!

So.. What the heck have i been up to? Let me give you guys a quick update...
Diet wise= NO CHANGE. wooooooo =_=; lol.
Everyone on youtube says i look as though i've lost alot of weight.. but no =( It's just my hair.. my hair covers my face now.. so i look thinner in a sense? BOOO. sorry to disappoint you guys. I know i should've been keeping up with the diet thing.. but you know what!!!! I've learned a few things over the holidays about my weight issue..

1.) That I have OTHER priorities that are FAR more important then the flab on my stomach.
2.) That this obsession with looking perfect only makes me lose my esteem more
3.) That no matter what i look like.. or how much i weigh.. I need to love myself regardless...

Yes losing weight is important for me health wise in the long run.. but as of now.. I need to focus on moving forward with my life....

I'm 22.. I should've already graduated from college.. but I still haven't.. It's time for me to turn the tables..

It's 2009 ladies!!
I'm moving to NY soon.. and I'm more determined then ever to make a name for myself.. to become fully independent.. to meet new people.. make great friends.. and reach for my dreams. No more excuses.. no more slacking.. There's no room for excuses!!! NOOOOo talk just WALK!!

Moving on..

Makeup wise.. well I think I'm going to start making a portfolio for myself.. so that when I go to New York.. I can apply at MAC as soon as i get there.. for a possible part time job while i'm in school?

OoooO and.. on thursday I have my first photo shoot!! I'll be doing makeup for two ladies.. of course i'm doing it for free since it'll benefit me too..
Then next week I might have another photo shoot! Crazy huh!!

Also tomorrow I have a possible sponsorship.. with some cosmetics company.. I'm not sure exactly who they are.. but I have a meeting with them tomorrow night.. Kind of excited =) I think they want me to help them market their product? But of course I explained that the only way that I'd do that is if IIIIIIIIIIIII truely enjoyed their products myself.. and if IIIIIIII thought it'd be worth the money...

ANYWHOooooooooooooo =)... I'm at coffee bean right now.. i'm working on my nephews 1st Bday slide thingy for his party on saturday..... it's cold in here!!

Oooo if any of you guys have a webcam... DOWNLOAD OOVOO!!! and call me? LOL we'll conference chat! The program is crazyyyyy... it's like live streaming webcam chat.. that's SUPERRR fast.. my OOVOO account name= JINAHCHAE

TTYLadies later <3
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