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Thursday, November 20, 2008

i burned my finger & cut my other finger!! >=I

My mood: irritated.

I was suppose to update you guys on Monday =(.. but I didn't because yet again.. it has been a CRAZY busy week.

So here's to start:
Weight Loss Update-
Sept 29= 167.6 lbs. (failure week. no diet. no exercise. had no membership. nada nada)
Oct 6= 169 lbs. JEEEEEEEEz! Depressing week. GOOD DIET + GOOD exercise = NO WEIGHT LOSS. only.. WEIGHT GAIN! BOOOOOOOO!
Oct 13= 165 lbs. WOOOOOOOOoo! that gives me a -4... yayy!!
Oct 20= 163.2 lbs. -1.8. ROFL.. it's not that much.. but it's something right =)

November 12= 164 lbs.
November 17= 161 lbs. -3 lbs. (let's see how long that lasts)

So.. yeah. I lost 3 pounds.. but.. I dunno we'll see what happens.. I indulged once again today.. because.. I just got soo hungry.. I've picked up a new schedule.. and I'm up running around so much that it's hard.. to diet. UGHHHHHHHHhh!! Dieting SUCKS i tell you.

So.. my parents own this.. cafe/ cafeteria in Chula Vista's courthouse.. and our chef decided on Monday that it would be his last day without notice. lol. He didn't show up.. he didn't call.. and allll that jazzy stuff.. so guess who has to cover for his ass!! Oh yes.. and guesss what!! Since the economy is so eff'd up.. my mom goes.. "I'm not hiring anyone. You have to come everyday" nice. -______-; So yeah.. I'm the temporary chef.. dear lordy.. until after the holidays..
My wacky schedule:
-Work from 6:30am-4pm.
-get home.. take a shower since i feel drenched in oil -_-;
-Jet to my boyfriends house 4:30pm..
-See him for an hour before he goes to school
-Work in his garage.. packages.. and business crappppp to get rid of all the NYX 6:30pm- 9:30pm..
-Bf gets home 9:30pm.. so this is where our catch up time is..
-Hang out for a bit.. and relax.. take a nap.. then leave home @ around 2am-3am.

I gotta get rid of this staying up late thing. it's killing me. Jeez. I stay up till atleast 3:30 in the morning everyday.. and now that my family comes barging in the morning for work.. it's making me.. feel insane. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh.

More sleep. less eat. stop cravings. get rid of the makeup. make a video. plan the next days menu. finish prepping for NY. blablablablabla.

LOL so this one girl.. who works at the courthouse goes.. you look different from your youtube videos. JEEEZ. THANKS!!! lol. truthfully.. it's true.. i look like a train wreck at work. I hateeeeee putting on makeup while working in the kitchen.. so I just don't.. and since there's food flying everywhere.. I end up wearing just a plain shirt & sweats LOL.
OHH DUHH and today.. *pat on the back.. while i was trying to cut some chicken breast.. stupid thinly... I ended up slicing into my finger.. which hurt like a DONKEY... annnnnnnnnnnd to top that off.. I was pulling out some roasted tomatoes out of the oven.. when my finger started sizzling.. cause the stupid mitt had a HOLE IN IT!! -________________- so on my right thumb I have this nasty looking bubble.. and on my left index finger.. i have this gory cut in my finger that looks disgusting cause it's so deep.

Sadly.. i don't think i'll be making video posts for awhile.. i don't feel up to it.. it's just pointless.. to do my makeup at 4 in the afternoon.. boo. -_-; whatever.. life goes on..

So the big thing that's been in my head this week.. is my birthday.
dec 11. is when i turn 22..

Initially I wanted to have something big going down... since I'm moving to NY.. but i've changed my mind.. I've tried to plan my birthdays out year after year.. and it's tiresome. WHYYYYYYY oh whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy should I have to try to celebrate my birthday.. and spend ridiculous amounts of money.. when it's my birthday?! I know i know.. i sound all bitchy today.. but it's true. WHYYYYY WHY WHYYYYY!! I'm just gonna pout a bit k?
Hang in there.

Literally.. i'm so tired of trying to get people together.. that this year.. I just don't want to. There are always excuses.. and last minute flakings.. no money.. no this no that..

USUALLY.. i'll break my back when it comes to celebrations.. I typically just want everyone to have a good time.. meaning sureeee don't worry I'll pay for the party.. SUREEEEEEE don't worry I'll pay for the tab.. the trips.. the plane tickets.. dinner.. ooooooo yeah don't worry I'll pick you up.. I'll call you.. don't worry I GOTCHU!! =_=;

So. what are my plans for this year? Have a quiet dinner with my boyfriend.. and spend some time with my family before I leave.

I do miss my friends. I miss every single one of them that are scatterred allllllll over the place and I do wish I could see everyone.. but I also know that everyone has lives.. and issues.. and so.. I'm going to shut my ass up.. and exit.

blablabla. Do you guys think I have issues? Cause i think i do. =(

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Friday, November 14, 2008


K.. so today is day 3.. of diet.. and i'm ECSTATIC!! Why? Just because =). I haven't cheated.. and things are going rather well.. Every part of my body is aching.. but it's FANTASTIC!!! I love the feeling of my body being sore.. It makes me feel alive =)

ANYWHO!! I haven't posted any makeup pictures lately cause of stupid photobucket.. so I'm trying out Flickr. UGH. let's see if this works =). Many have told me.. to upload it straight here.. but.. IM BLOG STUPID!! I can't figure it out. -_____-;

I don't have any fun fun looks.. The last 3 days I played with navy blue.. and like.. a goldish...

I'm not going to post full face photos.. cause.. lol.. well.. i ended up taking the pictures towards the end of the day.. which resulted in me eating my lipstick. LOL. does anyone else do that?!?! I frigging can't keep my lip stuff on!! They're gone in a matter of minutes. hahahhaa. But.. here's the look I did today!

What I used
-Studio fix fluid in NC40
-NYX black label compact in natural beige

-NYX trio in Olive Grove
-The olive color from lash line to crease
-The light orange.. neutral color above the crease
-NYX e/s in Deep Brown in the crease
-NYX e/s in Highlight for my highlight
-Smashbox duo liner
-NYX doll eye mascara

-NYX black label lipstick in Beige
-MAC chromegloss in Uberpeach

k.. well.. I'm uploading some videos right now so i'll be right back..
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

day 1 allllllll over again

So I weighed in today.. and I was sooooo scared that perhaps.. I might've gained all my weight back.. cause I've been eating whatevers the last few weeks.. Butt i didn't yay =)

Starting weight once again: 164.0 lbs.

To end my first day of diet.. which went rather well =).. I feel good.
I woke up late cause i slept late..

I bought a foot long sub at Subway for lunch.. Foot long Chicken breast on wheat with all the veggies.. no cheese.. with Dijon mustard & black pepper..

I had half of it for lunch.. then I had an apple for snack.. and had the other half for dinner
Total calories for today: 780. Whoa low.

foot long= 660 calories
apple= 120 calories

I need to def. increase my calorie intake.. BOOOOOOOOoo no money to go grocery shopping though.. It'll have to do for now.

Anywhoooo.. My boyfriends been learning how to house dance from his coworker.. he's doing crazy good!! They both make it look so fun.. that I.. a complete dance idiot.. have decided to try too!! OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOBBBBBBBBBBER FART!!

So.. like.. after 5 minutes... I was drenched in sweat.. lOL!! I was dying... but I've got 1 move down.. and TALK ABOUT CARDIO!!! It's crazy cardio!! I think if i keep learning i'll lose.. insanely..

RIGHTTTTTTT so on a side note.. remember how my boyfriend and i were competing to lose weight??!?! GUESS WHAT!!
He started learning how to dance on Saturday night.. and on Saturday he weighed in at 163 lbs.. GUESS HOW MUCH HE LOST IN 4 FREAKING DAYS!!!

HE'S down to 154!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9 lbs!!!!!!! tell me that THAT is not crazy. UGHHHHHHHHHHHH.. don't you hate how guys lose weight so freaking fast!??! andddd he's been eating whatever he wants.. buttt at the same time.. he's been dancing every second he has.. sweating buckets of sweat.. he has to take 2 showers a day!!

Time to get motivated and work hardddddddddd ladies!! I'm ready to run run run run runnnnnnn and lose this nasty fat of mine. Lol.

K that's it for today. I can do it i can do it!!!!!
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Friday, November 7, 2008

photobucket is dumb. CONTEST!!!!!!

K. so photobucket is being really MEAN!!!!!! The whole exceeding bandwidth thing is getting annoying. I gotta find another photo site that has no limits. hmmm

I got a call this morning!! Annnnnnnd the beautifull gall that had me to do her makeup on Halloween wants me to do her makeup tonight!! Plus she's bringing over a friend perhaps to have her makeup done too?! woOoo?! Isn't that crazy! Man.. it's exhilarating! Doing makeup on people is a thrill and def. a challenge! But i loveeeeeee it!
I never everr everrr expected anyone to call me to get their makeup done..and actually.. I didn't even.. advertise anywhere.. or anything =) The money isn't bad either... it's a good sidejob.. =)

Alright.. onto the heavy duty stuff..
So.. on youtube I posted my sale video right.. cause i'm not sure if all of you know.. but I have an online store.. where I sell NYX.. In summary.. I'm getting rid of ALL MY INVENTORY.. and i'll be selling everything at a discounted price. So ok.. i post the sale video.. and in my video i explain that the sale is not ready yet.. but that i can reserve products for people.. HOLYYYYYYY SH*T!! so.. literally.. in a matter of an hour.. my inbox.. had 61 messages!!! 61 messages of products being reserved.. The thing that makes me sad is.. LOL.. I don't have half the things that people have been requesting =*( boooo... and for sure there won't be enough of certain things to go around. *sigh. HECTIC HECTIC HECTIC. I'd just list the sale on the website all at once.. although because my site is pretty ghetto (i made it from scratch).. i don't have a program to keep track of inventory.. meaning.. that I HAVE to go into the website everytime someone buys something and mark the inventory down MANUALLY. yeah.
The down side with that.. If i open up the site.. and there's alot of traffic.. MANY people will order the same thing.. and guess what.. there won't be enough stuff!!!!!!! =*( then i'd be super sad.. booooooooo...

Soooooo. here's what I'm planning to do..
I'll hold stuff for all the people who messaged me in order... and message them individually letting them know their stuff is ready. If they don't respond. i'll split the products and reserve them for the next people. Once that happens.. well... i'll direct the rest.

OKAYYYYYYY so the other thing.


SO i decided.. to hold my 2nd contest.. and I hopeeeeeeee there's some good outcomes! I know there'll be! I'm excited to see all the looks that people doooooooooo. HOpe some of you guys enter toooo!!!

Qualifications & Requirements:
-Must be a subscriber
-Make a video tutorial or photo tutorial replicating your favorite makeup guru's look using ALL drugstore products
-The video must be made SOLEY for this contest & to share =)
-Please indicate who you're replicating and what you are using somewhere in your video
-Show your products that you use
-Link your favorite guru's look somewhere in your description box

There will be 1st & 2nd prize! All you lovely international viewers can enter too!!

- you may use any primer you'd like
- you can use your daily foundation & powder although if you use a drugstore brand it would be very nice =)
-NYX & coastal scents can be used... but i'd like it to be as drug store as possible =D
-example of drug store brands: loreal, maybelline, covergirl, jesse's girl, rimmel, nyc, almay, physicians formula, milani, ETC.... if it's on CVS, RITE AID, WALGREEN, etc.. website it's OKAY! :]

Deadline has been extended because of holidays!: NOVEMBER 30, 2008 @ 11:59pm

Have fun ladies!!

K. that's it for now! Did i mention I got a ticket!!!!!!!! =( boo. a speeding ticket. FRUITY!!!!!!1 anyway tonight I'm taking my camera!!! So i can show you guys what I did! I'll talk to you guys soooooooooon <3
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

day after day after day

Is it just me? Or does time fly like.. super infiiniityyyizzllyy fast.
I have sooooooooooo much crap to take care of.. grr.. and I'm just not doing it.
LAZY i tell you. IT'S horrible. Maybe I need to get on the TYra show or something so they could talk some smack into me. ROFL. NOT. I've been watching the Tyra show lately... there's some CRAZYYy issues on that show.. did you guys see the one where this girl.. is auctioning off her virginity!?!?? JEEZ LUIZ! the bid is up to 3.8 MILLION DOLLARS! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!

Ok. Controversial issue so we'll stop at that.
Anyway.. Once again have not restarted my diet. My brother has been using my car day in and day out. OH BY THE WAY!!!!!! It's FIXED!!!!!!!! Thank goodness..
except... yeah.. he uses it everyday.. so I'm STILL CARLESS. -_-; How annoying.

So what's the issue that has been my main stress for this week? Hmm.. well.. as you guys keep reading up on me.. you'll see how I ponder about a specific issue every week.. and the amount of concern.. and stress it brings me is really.. abnormal. lol. SO this week?

What really makes a friend your friend?
I've been thinking.. about the people that I name closest to me lately.. and I'm sad to realize.. that maybe.. just maybe.. they're not as close as I wish they were.. Some... really... REALLY.. just don't know me? =(. That makes me sad.. I use to think that maybe TIME.. was what made a friend.. not just a friend.. or things that I've been through with these friends.. is what made them my closest friends.. I guess I'm wrong.

Last week.. when I got in that ginormous fight with my boyfriend.. I sat outside his garage.. crying and crying.. his friends were over.. so I didn't want to go in.. and ruin the mood.. but I went through my phone looking for someone to call.. to talk to... I called just a few.. and only one came through.. you know what's really sad? I didn't even think of calling my labeled "best friends". I guess that's mainly my fault.. but I realize.. that.. I can't even talk to them.. about my personal issues.. most of them don't know my insecurities.. or what I'm afraid of.. or.. what's really going on in my life.. and... I know for a fact.. that if i called a few of them.. I wouldn't even be able to crack a smile.. I'm an easy person to please. REALLY. Someone can call me.. a "bitch" and i'll bust out laughing.. just cause.. well.. I laugh easily.. and you know what?! I realize that I can't even.. joke around with some of them.. I can't just call them up.. and crack jokes with them... it's just... i don't know.

BUTTTTT on a bright note... I realize that I've taken some wonderful people that I never realized were such good friends for granted.. the minor ones.. That night.. I called a friend of mine in San Jose.. and.. you know I never considered her really.. a best friend.. but looking back.. Jeez. I can call her for ANYTHING. ANYTIME. ANywhere.. The first thing we say to each other when we call," You asshole.. you never call me.. you don't love me anymore!!!" Lol we just bust out laughing.. this girl.. I can call her at 3 in the morning.. 5 in the morning.. whatever.. I can call her the night of her wedding.. and she'd still pull through.. that night.. she was at a party.. and she left.. to talk to me.. for an hour.. to comfort me.. and really listen to what I was going through. She cried with me for crying out loud!!!! What better of a friend is that!!

Anywho. That's what has been sitting in my mind..

My first makeup gig. Was on Friday... I got paiddddddd to do someones makeup.. and WOW WOW WOw! It was absolutely the biggest thrill ever!!! It turned out FABBBBBBBB super super fab.. andd... well the pay was pretty wow. for my first time!! $43.00? LOL! pretty neat huh?! The only scary thing is.. what if.. she really didn't like it.. and just.. said allllllllllllll this great things.. just to not make me feel bad?! LOL that'd be the worst! I would HATE it if she paid me.. to get her makeup done.. and it wasn't pretty =*(.

K. so here's the looks I did for the last few days =)
Starting with Yesterday!

What I used:
-Face & Body Foundation C4
-NYX black label compact in Natural Beige

I used my 160 color palette (alot like... the CS palettes)
-matte soft pink above the crease (DUPE: MAC sushi flower)
-matte rich fruit punch like pink right above the crease (DUPE: MAC passionate)
-matte turquoise blue from lashline to crease (DUPE: MAC electric eel)
-glittery dark blue directly on top of the turquoise (DUPE: MAC deep truth)
-matte dark purple to cut the crease and blend outwards (DUPE: MAC shadowy lady)
-matte green color on bottom lashline
-glittery dark green color on outer bottom lashline (MAC humid)
-glittery gold on inner bottom lashline (MAC gorgeous gold)
-matte cream color for highlight (DUPE: MAC brule or NYX highlight)
-Jane cream liner
-Loreal Liquid Intense Lineur
-Estee Lauder Mascara

-MAC sculpt & shape (contour)
-JANE stackables light gold blush (blush & i blend it into my contour)

-NYX round lipstick in Watermelon
-MAC lustreglass in instant gold

K so here's the MAC version i did on Halloween:

Pretty similar huh?!
It's crazy! Cause the 160 color palette that I used.. dANG!! some of the colors.. are EXACT dupes for MAC! can't tell the difference at ALL.. =)

Last look:
REALLLL SIMPLE!! BUT!! Can you guys guess what's different? =) hehe.


JINAH HAS A CREASE!!!!!!!! LOL jkjk. So for this look.. I busted out my old school eye glue.. just cause I wanted to play around with it.
I basically put the eye glue on.. and applied my eyeshadow as if I didn't have a crease. Same methods.

THe look is SUPER EASY!!!!!!!!!! I only used 2 eyeshadowS!!!! yes 2!! This look = all about blending! blending blending blending!

What I used:
-Face & Body Foundation C4
-NYX black label compact in Natural Beige

-MAC e/s in Signed & Sealed ( I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE this e/s. one of my fav!! It's like.. shadowy lady.. except.. less chalky.. and it's darker..)
-NYX e/s in highlight (for my highlight)
-Jane cream liner
-Loreal Liquid Intense Lineur
-Estee Lauder Mascara

-MAC sculpt & shape (contour)
-NYX blush in Dusty Rose (blush)

-NYX black label lipstick in Beige
-MAC lustreglass in instant gold

like it? It def. looks a little different.. the eye glue.. makes.. eyeliner sooooooooooo much easier.. You don't have to PACK on the black on top when you use the eyeglue..

AnywhoOooooo... :] question for you lovely ladies.. and fellas.. LOL (fred)
Is there any better way to respond to your comments?! Like you know.. on youtube.. you can directly comment back.. or.. do i have to comment back.. on your page directly? =(. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. i'm blogger clueless.
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