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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hello everyone? :)
I'm gonna avoid the whole yeah haven't updated.
I'm sure you girls are so use to it.. I don't even know if anyone still reads my blogs? LOL!

But just to get in the groove of blogging again.. I'm just gonna do a short post since I have a few minutes to spare at work.

quick rundown.
-Allen turned 30 a week ago!
-It was our 2 year anniversary 2 weeks ago.
-I officially am in debt forever now that my 450968540986456 students loans have kicked in.
-I've been stressing and thinking about what my plans are for the next few years.
-Thinking of going to Italy for a year? (It was a 50/50 before.. but my finances are making it less realistic)
-Work. work. work.
-My patience for random people is at a negative.
-I can't stand idiots.
-Work is stressful.
-I recently joined a meetup group for asian ladies in SD.
-I recently bought an ukulele.
-I love Michael Bubble.
-I've gained a few so much for summer.
-I'm in love with my church in San Diego. (It is beyond amazing.)
-I'm aching to shop but I'm trying to focus on saving and paying off my debt. LOL.
-I caught some guy trying to steal at my store (ridiculous cause the store is inside of a courthouse where there are 3495830495 sheriffs)
-Some lady tried to pull off that she was homeless, divorced, broke, ex military, disabled to get free food... complete bull. (I ended up paying for her food out of my pocket cause she wouldn't stop... whining.. and frankly I felt bad.. stupid me.. the next day.. she came in fully made up.. pretending to be someone else. -_- and managed to by all this junk food.

Ok that's it for now..
I think I might be posting a vlog tonight on youtube?
Sorry for the short rundown!! Butttttttttt I'm going to tryyyyy to atleast write something!

Miss you all.
-Jinah :)
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