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Monday, September 29, 2008

i made it through day 1!!!!!!!!!!!

i am so ridiculously exhausted.

ok so.... diet wise.. for day 1.. ehh.. I didn't exactly stick to my diet completely.. but it always happens that way for the first week.. but I think I did rather well..

For today's menu: =) (I'll be blogging everything I eat.. including calorie intake so you guys can see. I tend to over estimate my calories.. cause I'd rather be over calculating than under :) ) WAITTTTTTT time out.

K. Here comes the humiliating part. LOL my stats & goals. WOOOOOOW I can't believe I'm doing this for all the world to see LOL. scary.
Height: 5'5 1/2
Week # 1 Weigh In= 167.6 lbs. HOLY SHIT!! >.<
Week # 2 Weigh In= ________ will be NExt MONDAY!
Goal Weight: 120-135
Weight Loss needed: 32.6 -47.6 lbs. LOl

1 Washington Apple 200 calories
Def. not my ideal breakfast but i was on the gogogo~~
I missed out today =(
2 Cup Steamed Bok Choy 20 calories
5 Spears of Steamed Asparagus 20 calories
6 oz. grilled fish 150 calories
2 Lemons & some HOTTTTTTTttt roOster sauce <3 20 calories
CHEAT. lOL. 1.. get ready.... chinese fried bisquit! AHAHAHA. i'm guessing.. it's like.. 300 calories.. it was 1/3 of a size of a palm.. but DENGGG... it was sooooooooooo gooooooooooooood.
Snack #2
Missed out again. -_-;
1 Foot Long Chicken Breast Sub from Subway 650 Calories
(wheat bread, all veggies, mustard, vinegar & black pepper only) Split the sub in 2 and had the entire over 3 hours. LOL. woo.
Total Consumed today: 1360 calories.
NOTTTT BAD for my first day eh? :)

Now for the workout portion:
20 Minutes of StairMaster
15 minutes @ 3.5
Last 5 minutes @ 4.3
Calories Burned: 210

15 Minutes of Bicycle
5 Minutes @ level 8
7 Minutes @ level 10
Last 3 @ level 12
Calories Burned: 105

Total Burned: 315

it was so. hard. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh. At the gym.. i wanted to die. LOL.. i haven't worked out in MONTHSsss.. half way through my stairmaster.. i seriously kept calling it quits in my head.. but everytime i looked up... I saw the word.. "PERSEVERANCE" in HUGE ginourmous letters. stupid LA FITNESS. lOL. i couldn't stop after seeing that..

Couple things.. before day 2 starts for tomorrow..
I NEEEEEEEEEEEED to drink more water!! HOLY cow.. i'm so dehydrated.. I'm so bad at drinking water.. today I only drank.. about.. 32 ounces.. which is not NEARLy enough.. ohhhhh how i loveeeeee diet coke.. LOL it's going to kill me. CANCER I TELL YOU. hahahhaa. water. water. must love water. WATERRRRRr!!

You know what's friggin aweessomee!?!? There's so many people starting their journey todayyyy with me!!!!!!! OH man! You ladies know who you are!! I just wanna say.. YOU CAN DOOOOOOOOOO IT!!!!!!!!!!! If i can.. YOU SURELYYYYYYYYYYyyy can x340983405834950!!! wooooooooooooooooo

Tomorrow I'm determined to hit every bit of my menu full on. I've already planned it out for the day.. My calories are going to be less.. but it'll def. be well balanced.. and i'lll be eating alottt so don't worry ladies! <3

Before I hit the hayy (is that how they say it? :D )

I just want to say..
You guys truely rock my world!! I'm going to succeed at this because of you wonderful ladies!! Seriously.. I've never felt so.. unbelievably determined!! ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL because of you guys!!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOO yeahhh.. i'll be posting a video tomorrowwwww!!!!!!!!11 Makeup video that is.. dont' know what look i'll be doing but.. we'll see!

Gnite ladies!! <3
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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Culinary School.. Weight Loss Competition with the Boyfriend

To start..

CHARGERS WON!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOooo 28 to 18 baby!! :]
Ok so right now.. i'm sitting at Coffee Bean with the hubs..

watching him do his homework.. while i pretend to look sophisticated with my completely barefaced self.. on the lap top.
Did you guys know that Coffee bean has YOGURT blended drinks?! Crazy huh? It looks good.. but.. i couldn't get myself to try it lOl so i stuck with getting the ultimate mocha ice blended drink.. yum....... :]

So.. i've only got.. a few more months.. till I'm off to New York for Culinary school.. and really it's freaking me out..
It'll be the first time I'm on my own.. jeez. it's scary.. to think.. I'm going away so far from my family.. friends.. and bf.. SCARY!!!!!! I know it's time.. but.. i feel like i'm completely not prepared.

*Sigh. The only thing I can think about.. is.. what if I get sick or have an emergency or something crazy happens. What the heck do I do then?! I'm such a baby when it comes to being alone. I HATE being alone. I'm not spoiled when it comes to material things.. but I DEFINITELY am spoiled when it comes to love. My boyfriend and family are ALWAYS there to comfort me and take care of me when I'm in need.. BUT WTH am i suppose to do when I'm in NY.

OK. I'll quit sounding like a baby. LOL.
On the bright side, I'm still excited. I feel this next step in my life is going to be insane! I can't wait to experience life and NEW YORK! I want to succeed and prove to everyone that I'm not just a girl. I'm praying that I meet some SUPER fabulousssssnessness people when I get there. :]

hMmmMmM what else..
I didn't do my makeup today..cause well... I just got lazy. Sometimes.. I like being completely barefaced although others might not like seeing me this way Hahahaha. OH WELL DEAL WITH IT!


Bong (my boyfriend) has officially reached my weight and so.. we're off to COMBAT some hardcore weight loss. :] Me vs. Him. My goal weight.. is 125. That's a good.. 40 lbs!!!!! WOOOOOOOO! Bet you guys didn't know I weighed that much huh?! YUPPPPPPP! I'm a chubster... I'm 5'5 1/2.. and my weight is def. up there.. BUTT Even though I'm a bit heavy.. I'm super proud of myself.. cause I've kept off 40 lbs. (I use to be 200 two years ago) Crazy huh?
So wish me luck ladies!!!!! Cause i'm going to work my
There is no way in HECKKKKk i'm going backwards in time.. all there is.. is.. moving forward!! STRAIGHT AHEAD at 40935830495834095 mph!! I will def. win. :]

BRING IT ON baby! You is DEaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadd STINKY FART MEAT! LOl
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Thursday, September 25, 2008


So to start.. here's my look for today :)

*MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC40 (foundation)
*NYX Black Label Compact in Natural Beige (powder)

*Too faced shadow insurance (eye primer)
*NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk (matte white cream shadow applied it all over the lid evenly and blended with my finger)
*My 160 color palette- I used a matte hot magenta pink up to the crease
*NYX single eyeshadow in black (crease)
*MAC s/e in White Frost (brow highlight)
*Loreal Liquid Intense liner
*HIP creme liner
*Ardell false lashes

[Cheeks & lips]
*NYC Face glow (blush)
*NYX mosaic powder in Latte (face contour)
*NYX black label lipstick in Beige
*NYX megashine gloss in Frosted Beige


AHahahaha.. it was sooo funnyy.. my dad came home from work and saw my face... and almost had a heart attack cause it was toooo extreme and.. the colors were to... out there for him.. LOL.. but anyway :]

K so.. FOR MY HAULLll!!

Here's a snapshot of everything I got

so first I went to CVS.. and Interestingly NYC came out with a new limited edition line!! A metallic line.. consisting of 2 eyeshadows... 2 face glow powders... 2 paint pot like things.. some nail polish... and lipstick! I ended up getting all the eyeshadows.. face glow powders.. and paint pots!!

The Eyeshadows were in Aquamarine (the bluish one) & Tiger eyes (the white & goldy one).. both were $3.99
I give the shadows.. ** of 5 stars.. a little bit disappointed because the colors aren't so pigmented.. and there's alot of fall out..

The Face Glows were $4.99.. and it came in 2 shades! One more like a peachy color.. and the other more pinky... I like them! They're also not as pigmented.. but that's ok cause you don't want to over do it when you use it on your face :] ..

but the BESTTTTTTTTTTT of all their stuff!! DEF. their paint pots! HOLY COW!! GO GET THESE LADIES!! These absolutely amazed me!

Both of these were $4.99 and well worth it!! The black one in ONYX is IDENTICAL i would say to MAC's blackground paint pot (which i have). Seriously.. i loveee it.. they come out really creamy.. NOT Sticky.. and they blend soo well.. and when you use a shadow on top.. it's AmaZZaaZING!

Check your local CVS!!

Anyway.. I got those things.. about 2 weeks ago..
Yesterday my girlfriend and I went to Nordstrom rack and we got some AWESOME DEALS!!!
I LOVE bargain shopping!!
I got all this Stila stuff

and guess how much i spent?!?!
The purple & green eyeshadow were $7.00 as opposed to $18!!
The Brownish and light tanish eyeshadow came in a gift set along with the mascara... tinted moisturizer.. and lipgloss... for... a WHOPPING $15!! HOLY moLY!!
Guess how much it is for the gift set at SEPHORA?!?! $60.00!! And at Stila's website.. it's $100.00!!
Tell me that's not crazy..

On top of that.. I got 2 Smashbox Eyeshadows.. both for $7.00/each (normally $16/each).

anddd I got a too face.. illuminating.. concealer/eyeprimer/lipprimer for $7.00(normally $16) also!!

soo yup :]

I'm exciteededed.. to start playing around with the stuff & trying on new looks :]
I HOOPPPEe you guys can catch these deals at your local places too!

OH mannnnnnnnnn <3

Talk to you guys soon!!
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