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Monday, March 25, 2013

Wedding RSVP Rants

I need to rant!!!!
I'm so frustrated and heart broken. Out of the 40-50 plus people we've invited on Allen's side, only eight are coming. Yes, eight. You would think that with the absence of his deceased father, his relatives would make an extra effort to attend? No? Does that NOT make any sense?! I mean it's difficult as it is to have his mother say that she's not attending= NO PARENTS on his side.. and now, NONE of his 50+ relatives are even making an effort to come. PATHETIC.


Did I mention that Allen is the eldest and first son on his extended families side to get married? I mean the entire situation is flipping ridiculous. 

I'm so heated. The ONLY family member attending is his younger brother. WOW. I'm not a bitter person and I absolutely believe in forgiveness, but this?! This is just... unforgivable. They're all cut off. EVERY SINGLE one of them. ESPECIALLY his other sibling. She's nonexistent to me and my future family.

Ok, to make matters worst, aside from his four groomsmen, only four others are attending. THIS IS NOT NORMAL RIGHT?! I mean, honestly?! Allen is the most amazing and loyal friend you can ask for. He's been in so many weddings himself as a groomsmen and half the people that he was a groomsmen for, aren't even coming. Really?!

With me feeling this way, I can only imagine how Allen truly feels. I'm trying not to explode in front of him and trying to comfort him but I'm so fired up inside. I won't forget this. They've burned a bridge.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

2013. This is my year.

Hey Loves!

I'm back and relaunching EVERYTHING! This year is my year! 2013... you are going to be amazing!  
So, I have so much to catch up on but I'm just going to do the same quick run down that I always do.

May 2012  Engaged 
July 2012 Moved to Queens, NY 
  • Fell completely flat and went MIA. (Bad time for me, lonely because I moved again, frustrated because I was getting too comfortable at home, unemployed because I moved/ figuring out what exactly I wanted to do, gained weight being a couch potato/ house wife)
November 2012 Reached a stinking 177.5 lbs. WTH!!! Thanksgiving.. *SMH

February 2013 applied to be on My Fair Wedding with David Tutera  
  • So we got into the the preliminaries but ultimately we weren't what the show was looking for. They were looking for the bridezilla type... -_- 
  • Didn't get into My Fair Wedding but... it kicked me into high gear. I forced myself to make a video/ update and since then.. I've been at it!

  • On Feb. 1 just last month, I hopped on my sister's bandwagon and gave her weight loss program called Take Shape for Life a chance.
  • My first week I lost 6 pounds. WOW! LOL was ecstatic! Here are the stats.
    • Week 1/Starting weight: 169 lbs. 
    • Week 2/ 163 lbs. 
    • Week 3/159 lbs.
    • Week 4/ 156 lbs.
    • Week 5/ 154.6 
    • Total Loss in 5 weeks: -14.4 lbs. 
  • My journey to becoming a happier and healthier me is a real one! I am beyond determined to reach my goal this year.
  • Three weeks into my program, I decided to become a Health Coach with TSFL. Although I'm still losing weight, I found this as an opportunity to keep myself accountable/ help others
March 2013 I am Coaching full time and absolutely love it. I've met so many amazing girls in the last month. Nothing is more satisfying than helping others. I TRULY am blessed at the opportunity to do this with so many!
  • Bachelorette party is coming up. So excited to see some long missed friends!
What is to Come:
  • My first ever MEET & GREET!! Mark your calendars! APRIL 7, 2013- IRVINE SPECTRUM at 1:00pm right by Starbucks where all the lounge chairs are ^^. I'm crazy doing this 2 weeks before my wedding. Don't know what I was thinking. LOL
  • My wedding. Heh. I am in the works to streaming my wedding live. 
  • I am in FULL BLOWN Wedding planning mode. Wedding series will be coming up in the next week!! LOTS of videos to come!
  • April 20, 2013 getting hitched. =) Jinah Yu? :)

I'm so happy to be back!!  Thank you to all for all the continual support. I am excited and like some of the girls have been telling me for the last few years, I'm giving Youtube a chance. 

P.S. Yes, I will be focusing on filming more cooking videos post wedding. Stay tuned because it's going to be a blast! Indulge in some of my foods?

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