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Friday, September 4, 2009


look at the keychain Jamie made/bought/ sent me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MYYY FAV!!!!! i loveeee it!!1 Thanks Jamie!!

Hey girls!
I know i know, someone needs to kick me in the butt for being so MIA. You know when you get really busy, then when you find some time.. you just... don't feel like doing anything.. like absolutely NOTHING. Yeah that's how it's been lately. School has beeen soooooo rough. The last 3 weeks i've been in my new class Asias.. which is ending actually today.. and it's been one heck of a rollarcoaster. The class is sooooooo hard we had 6 people drop out.. We started with 15 and now we're down to 9. Crazy right?!

ANYWAY!!!!!!!! I have some pictures for you guys.. from what i've been doing.. and i got a package from JAMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooo!! =] can't wait to show you all!

Buttt before i get into all the picture showing..
Just gonna touch up on everything else.

Welllllll.. as far as my relationship...
things are amazing.

In plain words..
He's amazing.

You know, I've had sooooo many people tell me.. oHHhHh the flirting...lalala.. and his charm.. and his spontaneousness will go away.. He won't treat you that good later on.. bablablablabla..

and so you know.. I've been expecting it to come.. but still it hasn't..
and i really don't think it will.
He's so thoughtful.. and CHARMING. How i landed with this guy.. i have NO idea.
I don't know if i mentioned this before..
but Allen's the first guy... that still gets me nervous..
The whole nervous thing.. and the question of "do i look okay".. has never lasted for more than 2 weeks in my past relationships. I don't know what it is..
but with him..
I still blush.. I still get embarassed...

So he comes to see me every other day.. at around 9:30pm cause that's when i get out of class... it's so funny.. I'll be walking down the stairs towards my dorm.. in my chef's whites.. my hair funky... clothes stained... and he'll be waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs..

He smiles.. and always kisses me on the forehead.. .
then he'll make a funny face... cause he can taste the grease AHAHAHAHAHA.
Then he says.. my cha sio bao... then he preceeds to say... and literally.. he says this EVERY DAY... if not in person.. then over the phone..
"Did i ever tell you about the first time i met you... how beautiful you were"... but the twist is.. it changes a tad bit everytime..
like now he says.. "Did i ever tell you about the first time i saw you... my jaw hit the floor so hard that i had to get braces to fix my teeth" AHHHHHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA.
so corny right.
it's so funny cause he says it to me... when i'm at my grungiest.
Okok so i gotta tell you guys..
Last night he came over.. and we were eating dinner on the floor.. left overs from my class right. (Indian food that i made!!)
So we're eating.. and watching tv...
and i guess i drank too much diet coke.. so i do this GINOOOOOOOOOOORMOUS burp.. soooooooo loud... i even surprised myself.. and of course.. i start busting out laughing.. ahhhhhhhhhhahahaha
his face..
is just...
LOLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL like literally.
so then he's trying to think of what to say..
but he's so disgusted he just keeps staring at my like.. WTF.
so then i'm like laughing so hard that im crying..
then he starts to say..
"Babe.. seriously!? You HAVEEEEEEEEEEEE to do that while we're eating dinner?!!?!" blablabla.
like... 5 minutes later..
we're sitting ON THE FLOOR right..
he has one leg up..folded inwards towards him... and the other down...
i'm eating.. he's eating..
and all of a sudden..
he rips.. the BIGGEST NASTIEST FART EVEr!!!! Almost sounded like poo came out. -__________-;
so he looks at me in shock again.
and I'm dying...
then he goes from loooking shocked... to laughing.
Then i'm like yelling at him.. and he's like WHAT?!?!?! WHAT'D I DO!??!

Seriously we have the funniest moments.

Anyway.. I can't say how lucky i am..
he asks me in the car everyyyyyday... if i'm okay.. if i need anything..
he won't let me put anything on the floor in the front seat cause he thinks it'll make me uncomfortable.. EVEN MY BAG.

Ok a couple things before I start the pictures..
I'll try to make a video soon i promise!
We're going on a weekend trip to Syracuse for the NY fair.. then to Niagara falls!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEe!!!!!!!! will take lots of pictures =]

So here's pictures from the city a few weeks ago =). It was me, tiff, allen & his brother =)


ahahaha. Here's some pictures of Allen & I going to my classmates lodge in Vermont for the weekend. We ended up having a cooking competition where I got to judge and just eattttt yum yum =). Oh the lives of culinary students. ahhahaa. probably the only time i'll eevvverr have guys cook for me right?

an itty bitty cute town near my school that Allen took me to =)

meet ALEX. LOL. We made him at the build a bear... looks just like allen right?! :D

K so this was hilarious.. cause Allen was pulling out money from the atm.. well.. i pulled a DDONG JJIP on him (ddong jjip... is like.... a poke in the butt.. a joke that us koreans do.. usually only when we're children.. LOL but yeah).. so he got paranoid and slid alll the way to the door so he wouldn't lift his butt ahahahhahahha

OK i gotta run cause i have class... but i still have MORE PICTURES! i"ll post everything jamie got me and some VIDEOS of some of the action the last few weeks!! talk to you ladies soon!!!!!

MISSSSSSS You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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