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Thursday, April 23, 2009

the story of my life!!

The story of my life is fairly amazing :)
I've had alot of down right shitty moments.. but i feel like it's only getting better! Better by the day... not to say that it still doesn't have it's downs but still =

where to start!!!

It's been so long!! Ok well lets start off with my new tutorial!!

What I used:
-Stila tinted moisturizer
-MAC studio fix fluid NC40( for concealer)
-MAC face & body (c4- foundation)
-NYC translucent powder

-too faced shadow insurance
-mac paint pot in blackground (black color base)
-mac e/s carbon (lashline to crease)
-mac e/s romping from HK collection (crease)
-nyx pearl mania in purple (on top of romping)
-mac e/s vanilla (highlight)
-mac e/s concrete (eyebrows)
-urban decay 24/7 pencil liner
-nyx doll eye mascara in long lash

-nyx mosaic powder in dare
-mac sculpt and shape

-estee lauder lipstick in crystal pink
-mac 3d gloss in 3d


OKey dokey...

so with that aside.. what have i been up too!?

Wellll i started FISH class today... (and i also finished MEAT class).. it's a 7 day class for 6-8hours straight.. on everything there has to do with fish.. I'm pretty much in a fish room.. where i practice gutting.. fileting.. scaling.. and cutting fish into portion cuts. Part of the class.. is me trying to ID all the different fishes (haha.. imagine that... so there's nemo.. and dory.. and.. hmm sebastian!! LOL).. and starting tomorrow we do fish tastings.. (we get to eat 13 diff types of caviar per student = $130 worth.. lobster.. different crabs.. etc..!)
So yeah!

Today was the first time i EVER laid my hands on a whole raw fish to cut.. My mom usually does all that stuff so i was nervous as heck.. But it turned out great! My chef complimented my knife skills (i didn't know i had any LOL) =)! He thought i had lots of experience in cutting fish.. which he thought WRONG but.. thats the beauty of hands.. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE working with my hands. I feel as though.. when i work with my hands.. just yeah.. pure euphoria. Like CERAMIC
S! i took 3 years of ceramics and i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEED it.. anything with hands! its so soothing.

yeah so that's class.. the downfall for fish cla
ss.. well.. i stink of fish.. BADLY LOL! my roommates have already been yelling at me and it's only been 1 day LOL. YOU BETTER TAKE A SHOWER as soon as you get in. LOL. -__-; =)

Oh yeah! So i went to boston for spring break.. and on the way back i stayed the night with Tiffany (eyecon1219) :) we went to sing karaoke.. just us tw
o girls... sang our BUTTS off... then we ate in chinatown the next day and had some bomb diggity ice cream!


Maybe i'll post a lil bit of our karaoke crazyness?! ahaha

oOOO and look what my friends Sammo & Tram sent me from california!!

They're absolutely the sweetest!! All my fav. things!! TOBasCCO & sour candy!!!!!! + salt and vinegar!!!!!!!!!! i have great friends. i really do :)

okley dokley!
I think im done for the day! But here's some RANDOM pictures of RANDOM makeup that i thought i'd show you guys! you might have seen it you might have not! but here you go :)


I never ended up showing you guys!
But here are some old photoshoot pictures of the hooters girls i did!!

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