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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Hey Loves!

Happpyyyy EASTERR!!!!!

[picture of my nephews last year with the creepy looking Easter bunny LOL! Who wouldn't be scared!! :( Poor Daniel. lol]

Anyway, hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather outside!

Sooo after surveying everyone, I've decided that I'm going to keep my long hair! Some of the advice that I got makes perfect sense.. Because I have wavy hair it would be a pain in the arss if I had to straighten it everyday.. T-T Fail. I do wish I could've tried the hair at least once.. I just don't have the patience. Besides that, I've also lost A LOT of hair in the past year.. I think by half. The only explanation I can come up with is stress. I've learned my lesson I tell ya! STRESS=EVIL!! Evil for your body.. evil for you!!

Just absolute no bueno!!

So anyway, today I was talking to the bf asking him what I should do to motivate myself to start hitting the gym again.. and his response was that he would contribute to giving me an incentive.. so I jokingly asked him, "like..... a $$ incentive?!?!?!" .. I kind of laughed out a... $1000 shopping spree LOLLLLLL and his response? $1500!!!!! if I reach my weight loss goal of reaching 135 pounds!!!!!!!!

$1500!!! It's on.. lol
I've been feeling pretty sluggish lately and it's def. time to start losing some weight again. You girls already know how it goes.. I gain.. I lose.. I gain... I lose..
Unfortunately I'm not a very balanced person even if I try to be lol.. I go to one side of the spectrum or the other..
But it's something I'm working on!!

Anyway!! I was posting on my facebook page that maybe I should also give you girls an incentive this time to workout and reach your goals with me?!!?
Maybe a care package (lots of makeup and other random stuff?!)
I'll do like a 1st prize-3rd prize thing!!
It'll be a fun way for everyone to join in on reaching their goals and maybe if you girls also want a $$ incentive everyone who wants to make it more official can donate $5-$20 into a large cash prize pot! It'll be like biggest loser.. for us girls! :] 100% of the money will go to 3 diff. winners?
Ooo I'm already liking the idea!!

Let me know what you girls think!


Irish Dee said...

I'm totally loving this idea! I'd join it...
I think it's awesome that your boyfriend is supporting you with this weight-loss thing. I mean, $1500?! I'd work my ass off for that! =)

Siluet said...

I wish I lived near you. Are you still in san Diego? I'm working on losing weight too...I lost 15lbs for my wedding which was 2 weeks ago (took 5months to lose). I still have 20lbs to lose. My husband is giving me the same incentive!!!

missy pig said...

Randomly found your blog! I'm trying to get back to exercising and getting fit. Just got myself a swimsuit so I'm determined to swim laps and make it a weekly thing. Hope it works out!
Good luck in the gym! It's all about making it a fun activity :D

Anonymous said...

awwww you're so cute jinah!! don't worry, we're all like that--- we gain, then lose, then gain ='( hopefully we can all pull thru this together! <3

JinahChae said...

Nice!! Congrats on your Wedding! 20lbs! You can do it!! :]

JinahChae said...

Isn't he awesome!? He's def. a catch! I'm still thinking up an incentive but you should def. join in on getting healthy with me!

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