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Monday, August 3, 2009

Picture Journal RANDOMNESS!

HIIIIIIIIIIIIII lovely lovely lovely loves!!

Long time nooo seeeeee!! <3>
I finally feel as if i'm home. 3 weeks is definitely too long... away from the china man! Ahahaha. Really... i'm so content being back in New York.. I mentioned before how i felt like time just wasn't passing in California.. Here i feel like the world is turning with meeeee enjoying eveeryyy minute of it! But i have to admit i miss the fam bam.
But anyway!

I just started a new class.. Cuisines of Americas.. It's a kitchen class of course.. and we're cookin up alll sorts of cuisines from regions all over the US.. first we were cookin up some.. thanksgiving goober food LOL. Def. not my fav. Old school turkey... stuffing.. really heavy duty braises.. johnny cakes.. etc.. now we're moving onto Cajun food! WOOO yum.. Mmmm... you guys will see some pictures laterrrr :)

I guess i'll just go with the random pictures now. ahaha..
This morning i woke up... and got ready in some business casual clothes to go take a writing exam. POO ON WRITING! I hate writing essays. I love freestyle writing (as you all can see) but... when it comes to me.. writing an official BS paper on BS more BS and more BS it's just... disappointing to read.. and POOPY. lol. whatever.. but on the way out (i was the last one -__- as always) i stopped by the school's oh so popular Apple Pie Bakery.. and picked up an Iced Latte.. some chocolate chip cookies for the China man <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
Coookies=good... burrito... THAT IS NOT A BREAKFAST BURRITO!! Lol. STRIKE for my school.. a breakfast burrito has got to be not so pretty.. come on now... all the uber guber gooshy fatty bacon and sausage and hashbrown and cheeseee and salsa.. etc... this one only has eggs and chorizo =( but it doesn't taste bad..

but yeah.. okok i'm moving on.

You guys see the sign in the back? Remember Freddy made that for me from the airport?! LOL..

I am officially an Iced Latte addict.. had it 4 of the 7 days last week. oH boy. DENG YOU STARRBUCKS!

I got this sweatshirt (i know i know it's summer.. yet i'm wearing it.. it's actually thin though anddddddddd it's freezing in my room).. at H&M!!!!! The BEST $30 i've ever spent! SOOOOOo comfortable.. definitely my newest obsession.. I refuse to travel anywhere without it! It's cute isn't it!? Wait until you girls try the thing on!! It's like.. heaven on your skin! I mean i have a weird thing with material and feel... this thing.. oooooooo... Allen saw me wear it and he loves it too :)

We had sushi for lunch the other day.. yeah yeah not so interesting lol but it was delish :)

Wee went to a pool party... and we were drinking a bit... both Allen and I have the asian glow thing going on... and since it was hot + allergic reaction to alcohol... i was able to imprint my hand on Allen's back AHAHAHAHAH! He didn't believe me until i did it!

K so here's how i travel with my makeup.. I still haven't unpacked it from cali... but i wanted to show you girls cause i love it..
This makeup brush pouch thingy is from NYX... <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
Full picture of the hello kitty sweat shirt :) $30 H & M!
$4.00 shirt at Forever! YESSSSSSSSS! I'm such a cheap fart.. I go straight to sale racks..

$5.00 shirt at Forever 21!! WOooooooooo.. The pattern is different. I would've never bought something like this typically.. but it was so cheap i tried it on.. and it looks good! Very different :)
$24.95 shirt from H & M.. Mmm.. doesn't look so appealing on the hanger.. but when you wear it, it's very flattering.. The upper portion reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllly makes your boobs look good. LOL. seriously.. and it slims down your waist. That's always nice :)
My bed.... random right?

I bought a new carpet from target and put it only on my 1/3 of the room. Feels nice to walk around barefoot again :) oh i miss my freedom.

Remember how i mentioned i ordered a bunch of makeup books online? Mannnnn i brought this back with my luggage from Cali.. weighed almost 40 pounds on its own!!!! -_- I haven't looked through allllllllll of them in detail yet.. but so far.... i'm a bit disappointed... doesn't really help with asians. I still think practice is #1.. They stereotype us toooo much.. Even us asians have a billion different eye shapes.. you can't just categorize us as... one MONOLID. -_- or they call us hooded in some books -_-
K this my loves.. is the BEST conditioner ever !!! You have to pick it up at a beauty shop.. and it's a bit expensive.. but TRUST ME! It feels like.... those tubes of conditioner from hair dye EVERYDAY... PLUSSSSss it smells soooooo gooooood! Makes your hair SUPER SUPER soft.. try it out! I finally found it after 5 years of searching for it at random beauty supply shops.
Don't you love how roommates just leave their bras hanging around everywhere? Her BF is here too.. but i guess.. no one minds LOL. I should run around the room with it on my head :D
So when i went to Mexico with my dad... we stopped by the pharmacy and i picked up this bottle of facial lotion... It's suppose to help dark spots where you have to much melanin? Kinda like to brighten your face? I've been using it everyday.. and i can't quiet tell if it's working butttt one thing for SURE.. it feels soooooooooo goood on your face... smooth.. NON oily... feels like..... can't even explain... It's made in france.. and in Mexico i bought it for... $20 or something like that? Don't know how much it would be in the states though.. gotta look it up!
Other obsession: I love using these prestige mineral bronzers/highlighters for eyeshadow... and a highlighter... and a bronzer. They're so multiuseful!!!

i've been using it as a highlight for my brow cause it has a gold tint! It's really really really really nice!

my desk
my frig...

Of all the lotion i've ever tried.. my fav. is still baby lotion. It really is gentle to my skin... and my body skin i gotta tell you.. is SUPERRRRRRRR sensitive.. LIKE REALLY sensitive..
My fav. perfume.. it's a sample one... buttttttt i love ittt i'm def. gonna go buy a bottle.

KKKKKKKK lastly.. here's pictures of my class.. The food you see.. is our fAMILY meals.. after we prep our actual dishes.. to serve... we cook up alllllll the left overs for ourselves.. bufffet style... and we eat dinner together :) UBER amounts of food.. oh jeez.. everynight=food coma LOL. Ehhh actually alot of us lose our appetiteeee cause we're exhausted.. but yeah...

MMy bestie here at school John <3 SINGLE I TELL YOU!! I need to find him a girl :P Anyway.. thats it for the pictures.. :) random right :)

Before i goooo gguesss what happened =( .. I was taking a shower.. and i found a lump on my boob. =(. I'm a bit scared.. cause it's not going away.... Allen's taking me to see a doctor this week... SCARED!!!!!!!! I'm hoping it's nothing serious.... wish me luck :( hopefully i don't have to get any shots.. for.. whatever reason... Otherwise China man's gonna have to deal with my crybaby side =_=; ahaha
happy thoughts..
happy thoughts right?

as farr as weight.. oh lordy.. still haven't weighed myself LOL. too scared.

Ok before i go...
a few funny moments..
1.) my roommate and her boyfriend are both snoring the noses away :) they sound like a symphony. AHAHAHa. Thank goodness i'm awake.. i probably would've been really really frustrated otherwise..

2.) Allen had to make an emergency run for me to the store... to by some... pads for me. LOLLLLLLLLLLLl dun dun dun... next phase of our relationship right!??!
And of course.. he buys the wrong ones.. go figure LOL.. GG though.. he tried.. he bought extra fatty overnight ones. LOL!! gosh dengit. i only usually use the ultra thin regulars with wings...

3.) -_- he calls me.. pork bun in cantonese..
cha tsu bao? i don't know how to spell it.
AI YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i guess..... it's better than krusty pants right!? LOL.
which by the way.. he went through my laundry the other day... to see if i had krusty. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! talk about humiliation.. i passed. LOL!

k byeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3


Lovesgreyboy said...

lol ing at a few things you said, my BF is chinese and the "glow" made me laugh, I always remember the first time we drank together and he went all red then tried to explain it to me!

also char sui bao are my most favorite thing EVER to eat :) yum yum yum, i love them :)

really love your blog :) xx

Michelle said...

Hey there Jinah,

This is my first time reading your blog. I must say, it's pretty addictive. I love your personality and your make up skills are just basically awesome. I'm a Chinese and I have monolids as well :) Your tutorials on YouTube really taught me a lot.

I can relate to you in so many ways, I have just recently coupled up with a guy I liked for almost 7 months, and it has been great. So, yeah I know how you feel :) I'm also more on the chunkier side and yet, my bf still loves me for who I am.

I've got a request, mind telling us readers about how you met Allen?

Much loves from Malaysia,

xoladiihoneyxo said...

you take such cute pictures!!! =] and yummyyyyyy fooddddd!!! *drool* lol. don't you miss having your own room though?

Joy said...

Hey jinah!! You are so adorable! It's weird but I wish I had a friend just like you, ykno? anyways, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself back in NY. I hope the lump isn't anything serious. I'll be praying for you. :) And I absolutely love the awkward/cute moments you have with your bf. He seems like such an awesome, laid back guy! I'm so happy for you. Take care! btw, I just came bk from vacation and was afraid to weigh myself too! but I finally did it, and I gained about 3-4 lbs... Not as much as I initially thought! haha but still... gotta get back on track to work it off! Take care luv!!! xoxo

Sophie said...

Your first picture just cracked me up! =)
You sound like you're having so much fun!! I hope the bump doesn't happen to be anything serious!

Anonymous said...

.omg i love that hello kitty sweatshirt its tooo cute .wow i hope the lump is noting serious.Am hungry now after seein those pics hehe.

donna said...

LOL @ your bf picking up wrong pads. I sent my bf to pick up some tampons once. I gave him specific instructions cuz I knew he'd get confused in the aisles and I guess he did alright. Although I don't like the scented ones, he at least got me a regular sized plastic applicators ahahahah.

That bronzer looks really cute btw. I want to see it on you! And it must be hard trying to lose weight with all those delicious foods around you... I know I'd be pigging out all the time. No self control X(

~Mel said...

yay welcome back jinah!! oh my, haha.. bf bought pads for you?? i highly doubt hubby will ever go there.. haha.. although it's cute that he calls u cha siu bao!! haha.. very cute indeed.. i may just call u that too.. hahah =P

Jaynie said...

Hi Jinah aka Miss Charsiu bao! Looks like you're settling back in at home just fine! Allen must be stoked to have you home again!

Re: The lump, don't freak out too bad just yet. It could be a blocked milk duct, or just a swollen area due to your menstrual cycle. Personal experience in this area... Anyway, keep us updated!

JeanieOBeanie said...

omg!! i have the same sausage bunny pillow in mom got it for me a few years back from a korean grocery store..

Jackie said...

i love that hello kitty shirt!

shampoop118 said...

aww char siu bao haha.. my ex used to call me bao bao :P and apparently my bf looks like a char siu bao lol.
it's a cute name though!! love your blog!

Anonymous said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hi5 to the hello kitty top ;D!

Michelle Trinh said...

seriously jinah,
i saw the hello kitty sweater pictures yesterday.
and im wearing it now ^.^
i HAD to have it! its so freakin comfy
but ugh canadian exchange! i had to pay 35 dollars for it. but ohhh so worth it ^.^ i partially blame u and thank you for pointing out that sweater to me =D

BECKY (Embrace Your Imperfections) said...

the food looks really good ms. jinah and you look super cute with the hello kitty sweater.

Amy Quintana said...

Sorry posted the link in the wrong entry!

Vivian said...

Wow, the more I read/watch your vids, the more things we have in common! It's scary... lol but then again people say that when you think two different people are really similar, your mind subconsciously looks for similarities and matches them... so yeah =P.

Anyway, a few months ago, I went on a beauty book buying spree as well! thought it would help a bunch... but it didnt and my reason is the same as yours, not a lot of things dealing with monolids. There is a book that deals with Asians, can't think of it off the top of my head and I've been meaning to get it. Also, I think it would be cheaper (if you want to lug books back and forth) to use the Postal service's media mail option. It's WAY cheap, I had tons of books to bring from OH to CA, and it was like $8-10 HEAVY.

I'm happy for your weight loss! I'm still working on mine >.< Hopefully I'll stop being lazy and 'catch up' ;)


paige dluzak said...

ahaha aww jinah :] don't worry about your weight from vacation, it was after all just that! just get back into the swing of things and you will be just fine ^-^

haha your bf's little pet names crack me up~ so cute :] said...

yes!!! I blog with tons of food pictures just like mine lol. This is awesome, I actually went through a couple pages. Keep this up k I'll be reading.


Anonymous said...

Jinah! glad your back! yeah, here in New York time just flies by! I love that Hello Kitty sweatshirt, the way you wear it makes it so stylish lol its so funny how you call him china man =P

Kym said...

BAHAHAHAHAH "he went through my laundry the other day... to see if i had krusty" that just made my day... TMI ..but it made my day. hahahah! ;P and i love that HK sweater!!! awesome!

cherchezlafemme said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
B. ℓEEღ said...

Gina. Your amazing(: & I love your blog!

Kitty In Da City said...

omg i <3 your HK shirt... i hope they still have it at H&M.

i had lunch with tiffany a while ago.. she mentioned u guys were good friends.. when are u coming back to the city?

Tina said...

Hi Jinah!
I miss your posts and you!! I hope everything is ok?!?! Because you haven't posted in over a month. :(

take care and post soon please...

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ricquetta said...

I have the exact same hello kitty shirt I got from the kids section LOL. I saw it in the window on a child mannequin and i was like OMFGPOLARBEAR HELLOOOKITTY. Lo and behold, its fits perfectly for being a size for 12-14 ages haha

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Sparrow said...

LMAO!!! Pork bun in cantonese... Krusty pants - went through your laundry to see if you had krusty!!!! Hahahahahaha... Girl, you are cracking me up :) <3 your blog...

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