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Monday, September 27, 2010

Plog! (picture log)

Hey loves!
I haven't put up any pictures in a while so I'm gonna do that today :)
Random pictures from the last few months of me being MIA.

Not going to talk much buttt I hope this is the beginning of me blogging/youtubing more! I've decided to really try to put aside some time for you ladies! I love you all! Thank you for the ongoing rooting & support!! :)

At school... this was in my garde manger class.. our class did a grand buffet of hor d ourves and litttleeeee appetizers. HECTIC!! tooooo many picturessss to upload but just a glimpse!

Home cooking! What I've been feeding Allen and I lol.. nothing special.
Chicken Souvlaki :) yum.
this is what you call a REAL burger LLOOLll.. made with my ownnnn ground patties!

Korean BBQ at home
Home made bakchoy kimchi :)
Whole grain healthy ratatouille pasta
corn salad mmmm

Allen's fav. steak and rosemary, basil potatoes.

My first composition design at school :)

Pictures of BOSTON & DC!!!

ok there's ALOT more so i'll update maybe tomorrow again!! With more pictures!! I love you guys!


roxybeautyblog said...

mmm. the food pictures make me hungry!
please share some of your favorite recipes one day - i'd love to try them out.


Kristigrlie558 said...

OMG that chicken looks so0o GOOD!! I really didnt realize how much I missed u Ms. Jinah Chae. Ive been around since the beginning, and I know this is not the end.
xoxo, kristianna


xoladiihoneyxo said...

*gasp* you were in Boston!? ohh, the food look so delicious! You two are too cute together =]

shirley said...

yay you're back :] just wanted to say how much i love your blog and you as a person (not meant to sound creeper) lol. but you really are an inspirational person not just because you're honest but you show real emotion and are so relateable. i miss reading your frequent entries, please come back and don't forget about us :] you and the bf look so cute and happy! hooray :D

El'Aundra said...

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Lala said...

I am sooo hungry after seeing this pics !
Looks like you had a great time :)

xo lala

annie said...

omg the food looks amazing!!

Renée M. said...

first of all, the food looks so tmpting! :)
second of all: i love your new design.

Hannah said...

All the food looks amazinggggg <3 yumyumyum! ahhh makes my mouth water hahah :)! And class seems intense but really fun! Looks up scale too hehe. Ahh I wana travel all around soon too! Unni, are there any places you'd recommend in Boston? I think I might go there with a few friends for winter break. Are there any restaurants that I should definitly check out?

神待ち said...


ワンピース said...


イクヨクルヨ said...


~Mel said...

haha.. just saw this.. aww.. wish you could've stayed longer and the food porn pics are TDF! =D

kaishiza said...

So glad you found your happy place and glad to have you back here.

YAY for following through with your resolutions. Best of luck to whatever you are planning now ^___^

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