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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Need a vaction. BAD!

Somebodyyyyyyyyyyyyy kickkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

I need a vacation.
I just want to runnnnnn awayyyyyyyyyyy. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!

The bills just won't stop coming in..
I can't focusssss on anything!

Why does it feel like.. I'm just working... my life away.

How do all of you girls balance a full social, love, work life?!

I get up.. I work... I come home.. I go to the gym... I go to sleep..
and same thing allllllllllll over again!

I need change.. but I don't know how and what part of everything I do I need to change?
Does any of this make sense?

Life is soooooooo repetitive and draining!
Someone give me some inspiratttttttttion :(


PinkOrchids said...

Reading this makes me realise, once i graduate, this is whats waiting for me.... Let me know if you find a way outtt!!! LOL!! Aww hunn, wish I could squeeze you into my suitcase and take you Budapest with me! Hope you find a light at the end of your tunnel soon! xx

TiffanysMakeupStory said...

Glad to see youre still alive!
I hope things calm down for you soon and you can take a break. Are you still meeting with the San Diego group of ladies? That would seem like a bit of a social outlet although you already are trying to balance so many things!
Best wishes to you and I really admire the hard work you do.

xoladiihoneyxo said...

On the most part... thats how life is here =T We go to school to pretty much work our asses off because what else does the knowledge we gain from school goes to? Socializing... yeah, within our career group. Pretty sad. Maybe you shouldn't workout every single day, maybe like a Friday night or a Saturday night should be your night off and just hang out with the girls. Try to hang out with the girls once a month and with the bf, if you're still with him... But I know how it is... its extremely tiring and I'm not even done with school. sad... I got a pile of college debt to pay off when I'm done x_x'

....くりぱん... said...

Try hitting up a different gym or something! Doesn't sound like there's much room for change in your schedule, but because of that even the smallest changes will help some. ^^

Kristigrlie558 said...

Get ur friends to join an work out with you! an create a "hubby day" U wudnt hit up the gym that day, instead, spend it with your hubby.

I dont work or go to school on sundays anymore.. its my one day to do whatever i want :)

Hellochaeri said...

I know how that is.. I truly do. I just gave birth to a beatiful girl, and I love her to death...but, every day is the same! I wake up when she is awake, I feed her, the I change her..take a nap with her, hold her all day( spoiled) feel like my arms are about to fall off....then repeat it until it's time to sleep again. It's worse than when I worked full time and more. You feel like you are stuck and your life is at a if someone is pressing repeat button of your life. I think it's important to find that one thing you love to do. That one thing that makes you just happt, literally you can physically feel happy. For me, it's listening to music while I look through a magazine. It's about having my own space in this crazy world. When I feel really crazy, I would get me some starbucks to go with my music and magazine time!! I hope you find that one thing you can include in your life, that won't make you feel like every day is a same day. Having something in your life that you have a control or an authority to change as you please is so important. We are so know what I mean? I hope you find some peace in what I said...... btw, I love your videos and your new room! Looks amazing~

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