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Saturday, March 17, 2012

I found my happy place!

Ciao Bellas!
How is everyone?! How's 2012 going!?! I know it's been
forever but I'm here and I'm ready to share!
Where to start..
Well, the last couple months have been.... life changing! In my previous blog posts, I expressed a lot of uncertainties. I was overloaded with stress. My life was soooo out of balance... its no wonder I was spiraling downward. Working 10-14 hour days... 6 days a week.. in a family business= no bueno. OH and.. living with my family.. who I work with.. eat with.. and dwell with.. doesn't help either!Welllllllllllll, since then... I've found my happy place!! I've been making an effort in creatingmargins in my life. Margins meaning.. boundaries when it comes to ethical choices, time for friends and myself, saving and paying off debt, etc.. I've also been growing a lot in my faith.. which in turn has really started changing my perspective in all aspects of my life! It's pretty exciting! But I guess I'll get more into that in the future!

Anyway I'm just going to post a few pictures and give you one of my random brainstorming updates!
Will that do for this post until next time?! =]
I hope so!!
Since November...of last year.. I've.. (note: *R2012= my 2012 resolutions that I've met!!)
  • quit smoking (for good) *R2012
  • joined a growth group at my church ( *R2012
  • made a few girlfriends! *R2012
  • traveled to San Francisco to meet the bf's extended family
  • visited friends in San Jose w. the bf
  • road tripped to Las Vegas with my best friend
  • shot my first glock!!
  • gotten my taxes done! LOL YAYYY!!
  • went.. ring... viewing... trying... shopping?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Weeeee wentttttt tooo Tiffany's.... and a few other stores just to get an idea of what I was feeling!!!!) The 2 rings I'm in love with!!
  1. The classic round!! I didn't really think I wanted this one.. but then I tried it on.. and stopped breathing!! It was soooooooooooooooooo beautiful! Simple and to the point!
  2. The Grace... *speechless. LOL. Fell in love with this ring as soon as I saw it.. looks just as beautiful in person!!!
  • waiting.. =] for the special moment sometime soon? Not sure.. but we're def.. moving towards that direction?!
  • become a coffee + wine lover
  • been falling in more love with my boyfriend.. June 21 is our 3 year!!
  • re-prioritized my priorities!?
  • saved 3 months income!
  • since April 2011 have managed to pay down almost $14,000.00 of my student loans.. (started off at 60k.. and now I'm down to 46k!!) *R2012- to pay off 25% by April!! ($1000 more to go!)
  • not spent any money on makeup!!! <-- WHAT?!?!!?
  • did buy a pair of.. TOMS!! <--- LOVE!!
  • gone to a Lakers game (bought tickets to lakers vs. miami for valentine's day as a present to the bf!! game was ok.. but.. the best part... DAVID BECKHAM! o.m.g. I think I stopped breathing LOL).

  • managed to not lose a single pound LOL... but am completely happy =].

Picture time?!?!

Goodnight loves! <3


PinkOrchids said...

Good to hear you found your happy place!! You and your bf looks so sweet, hope he proposes to you soon! The rings are so pretty, I wouldn't know which one to pick! xX

Tiffany MS Makeup said...

Nice to see your update post! It's so nice to hear the positive changes that you've made :) Hopefully we see an overjoyed proposal post soon?

Jenni said...

Omggggg so happy to see an update from you, missy! And glad to hear that you're doing better these days :) When you get engaged, please please pleaseeee do some wedding planning updates and such. We miss you!

Gina said...

Hey Jinah! I don't have a blogspot account but I've been a YT subscriber and occasionally stop by your blog to check to see if you have any updates (not a stalker but I think you are so down to earth, genuine, and inspiring, and always hope you're doing well). It was great to see such an uplifting post. You're awesome and I love the new layout!

Vivian said...

Jinah!! It's been a LONG time since I started watching your YT videos and so much as changed since (for the both of us)! I think I was still in HS when I first subscribed to you and now I'm about to graduate college... oh the times do fly by quickly. It's so great to hear from you and get updates. I'm so happy that you are doing so well :D Keep us in the loop :) <3

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