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Friday, November 14, 2008


K.. so today is day 3.. of diet.. and i'm ECSTATIC!! Why? Just because =). I haven't cheated.. and things are going rather well.. Every part of my body is aching.. but it's FANTASTIC!!! I love the feeling of my body being sore.. It makes me feel alive =)

ANYWHO!! I haven't posted any makeup pictures lately cause of stupid photobucket.. so I'm trying out Flickr. UGH. let's see if this works =). Many have told me.. to upload it straight here.. but.. IM BLOG STUPID!! I can't figure it out. -_____-;

I don't have any fun fun looks.. The last 3 days I played with navy blue.. and like.. a goldish...

I'm not going to post full face photos.. cause.. lol.. well.. i ended up taking the pictures towards the end of the day.. which resulted in me eating my lipstick. LOL. does anyone else do that?!?! I frigging can't keep my lip stuff on!! They're gone in a matter of minutes. hahahhaa. But.. here's the look I did today!

What I used
-Studio fix fluid in NC40
-NYX black label compact in natural beige

-NYX trio in Olive Grove
-The olive color from lash line to crease
-The light orange.. neutral color above the crease
-NYX e/s in Deep Brown in the crease
-NYX e/s in Highlight for my highlight
-Smashbox duo liner
-NYX doll eye mascara

-NYX black label lipstick in Beige
-MAC chromegloss in Uberpeach

k.. well.. I'm uploading some videos right now so i'll be right back..


Diane said...

very nice!! You make me want lids like yours

Francesca said...

Random question about your contacts.
I think i remember you mentioning that it was from freshlook?

Do you actually need contacts for your eye sight or do you have 20/20?

Reason why i'm asking, is because my friend wants to get some colors, she has 20/20, and so far the only ones i can find are the exact same price as the ones that are made for those with vision problems....

Love the navy blue and gold♥

veraology said...

im stuck on your contest :/ i have in mind of a look you did but i dont have all the right colors in a "drug store" brand. AYK!

But i love this look. I might try it out. =)


Helen said...

ahh i love it!
hii jinah, i love you and your blog :)
you have such great lighting whenever you take your pictures!

anne said...

i love your look!! ur so pretty!

Anonymous said...

your lashes look amazing!!
it looks like fake lashes but you didnt list any so i'm very jealous now

Iyah said...

Congratulations on your achievements so far! Yay!! :D

You always does a great job on applying your make up. I love your eyebrows. :D

Michelle said...

LOL im buying the olive grove trio this week so i can try this look ^.^
I LOVE IT! sigh i wish i had a monolid so your looks would look better on me =P
but anyways thanks jinah for commenting on my blog!
yea i was nervous for the makeup job, but after i was like "woooot you look hot! ....thanks to me..teehee..xD"
and thank you sending out the package! im gunna hide it and not open it til our birthdays =P

Anonymous said...

you make asian eyes look fabulous..good job darling..i stumbled upon your blog..loveeeee it.

yummy411 said...

soo beautiful!

Angel said...


makemeup said...

Very lovely look! i really like your style of makeup!

DSKNguyen said...

You're so pretty!!

Jaelynn said...

very pretty! :)

Grace said...

I love this look! Can you tell me what brand of contacts you're wearing? I'm looking at either Acuvue 2 or Freshlook but I'm concerned about which one would be more comfortable.. :\

DSKNguyen said...

yeah i wanna know which kind of contacts you have on as well :)

Tracey said...


ur sooo inspiring with the makeup and the weight loss updates..i wish i could pull this look off.... I'm in SD too! I WISH U COULD DO MY MAKEUPPP!!


Tracey said...

oh btw, where did u get ur top?

I love ur style!

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