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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

day 1 allllllll over again

So I weighed in today.. and I was sooooo scared that perhaps.. I might've gained all my weight back.. cause I've been eating whatevers the last few weeks.. Butt i didn't yay =)

Starting weight once again: 164.0 lbs.

To end my first day of diet.. which went rather well =).. I feel good.
I woke up late cause i slept late..

I bought a foot long sub at Subway for lunch.. Foot long Chicken breast on wheat with all the veggies.. no cheese.. with Dijon mustard & black pepper..

I had half of it for lunch.. then I had an apple for snack.. and had the other half for dinner
Total calories for today: 780. Whoa low.

foot long= 660 calories
apple= 120 calories

I need to def. increase my calorie intake.. BOOOOOOOOoo no money to go grocery shopping though.. It'll have to do for now.

Anywhoooo.. My boyfriends been learning how to house dance from his coworker.. he's doing crazy good!! They both make it look so fun.. that I.. a complete dance idiot.. have decided to try too!! OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOBBBBBBBBBBER FART!!

So.. like.. after 5 minutes... I was drenched in sweat.. lOL!! I was dying... but I've got 1 move down.. and TALK ABOUT CARDIO!!! It's crazy cardio!! I think if i keep learning i'll lose.. insanely..

RIGHTTTTTTT so on a side note.. remember how my boyfriend and i were competing to lose weight??!?! GUESS WHAT!!
He started learning how to dance on Saturday night.. and on Saturday he weighed in at 163 lbs.. GUESS HOW MUCH HE LOST IN 4 FREAKING DAYS!!!

HE'S down to 154!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9 lbs!!!!!!! tell me that THAT is not crazy. UGHHHHHHHHHHHH.. don't you hate how guys lose weight so freaking fast!??! andddd he's been eating whatever he wants.. buttt at the same time.. he's been dancing every second he has.. sweating buckets of sweat.. he has to take 2 showers a day!!

Time to get motivated and work hardddddddddd ladies!! I'm ready to run run run run runnnnnnn and lose this nasty fat of mine. Lol.

K that's it for today. I can do it i can do it!!!!!


Beauty is Androgynous said...

ughh man i have lost motivation..
keep it up.
reading your blog helps motivate me.

mimi said...

ive been off the wagon for a while too and i've been pigging out a lot.

good luck to you!!

Francesca said...

That's kind of an unfair competition, you and your boyfriend have going... seeing that men lose weight a lot easier....
( women are more a little more complicated than men :P)

I say do it for yourself, and i'm sure you'll get more motivation of it.
keep it up ♥

Anonymous said...

Yeah totally agree w/the dudes losing weight a lot faster!!! Boooo!!!!

but yeah u should post some videos of u guys doing ur dance,,,LOL

Anonymous said...

Dancing is the best workout! Not only is it fun, but since you are distracted, you don't realize just how hard your body is working! My husband promised me I could take Latin and Swing dancing lessons (I want to compete) once my doctor says it is okay to do strenuous exercise. (I just had a baby).. Good luck girl. I too am trying to lose weight...but things are going very..very..slowly...

courtney said...

girl keep it up because im right there with you and your motivation helps me so much! WE CAN DO IT!!!

Michelle Trinh said...

ah i feel what youre saying! my brother is like weight like crazy because he exercises..but he eats whatever he wants! i exercise and eat super well..but not losing as fast as him =(

Anonymous said...

aw gudluk. i`m sur eul be able to do it! :)

ladys0ul said...

My hubs is the same way. He loses and gains however many pounds he can just like that. Sometimes it's very discouraging since you're working twice as hard & lose none :(

Totally feel you right there. I've been trying to lose all the baby weight I accumulated in the past 4 years (had 2 kids in 4 years) but good luck to you! Hope you reach your goal weight darling.. and don't get discouraged. Remember, this is for you, and when start to feel like it's not worth it, just remember that you're doing this to better yourself.

I find the best way to motivate myself is to buy something really cute a size or two down so it gives you something to look forward to. Maybe it'll help you too :)

Irish said...

sweetie goodluck with losing weight, i'm on the same boat as you so i love reading your blog coz it keeps me focus on losing my weight too =)

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