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Thursday, November 20, 2008

i burned my finger & cut my other finger!! >=I

My mood: irritated.

I was suppose to update you guys on Monday =(.. but I didn't because yet again.. it has been a CRAZY busy week.

So here's to start:
Weight Loss Update-
Sept 29= 167.6 lbs. (failure week. no diet. no exercise. had no membership. nada nada)
Oct 6= 169 lbs. JEEEEEEEEz! Depressing week. GOOD DIET + GOOD exercise = NO WEIGHT LOSS. only.. WEIGHT GAIN! BOOOOOOOO!
Oct 13= 165 lbs. WOOOOOOOOoo! that gives me a -4... yayy!!
Oct 20= 163.2 lbs. -1.8. ROFL.. it's not that much.. but it's something right =)

November 12= 164 lbs.
November 17= 161 lbs. -3 lbs. (let's see how long that lasts)

So.. yeah. I lost 3 pounds.. but.. I dunno we'll see what happens.. I indulged once again today.. because.. I just got soo hungry.. I've picked up a new schedule.. and I'm up running around so much that it's hard.. to diet. UGHHHHHHHHhh!! Dieting SUCKS i tell you.

So.. my parents own this.. cafe/ cafeteria in Chula Vista's courthouse.. and our chef decided on Monday that it would be his last day without notice. lol. He didn't show up.. he didn't call.. and allll that jazzy stuff.. so guess who has to cover for his ass!! Oh yes.. and guesss what!! Since the economy is so eff'd up.. my mom goes.. "I'm not hiring anyone. You have to come everyday" nice. -______-; So yeah.. I'm the temporary chef.. dear lordy.. until after the holidays..
My wacky schedule:
-Work from 6:30am-4pm.
-get home.. take a shower since i feel drenched in oil -_-;
-Jet to my boyfriends house 4:30pm..
-See him for an hour before he goes to school
-Work in his garage.. packages.. and business crappppp to get rid of all the NYX 6:30pm- 9:30pm..
-Bf gets home 9:30pm.. so this is where our catch up time is..
-Hang out for a bit.. and relax.. take a nap.. then leave home @ around 2am-3am.

I gotta get rid of this staying up late thing. it's killing me. Jeez. I stay up till atleast 3:30 in the morning everyday.. and now that my family comes barging in the morning for work.. it's making me.. feel insane. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh.

More sleep. less eat. stop cravings. get rid of the makeup. make a video. plan the next days menu. finish prepping for NY. blablablablabla.

LOL so this one girl.. who works at the courthouse goes.. you look different from your youtube videos. JEEEZ. THANKS!!! lol. truthfully.. it's true.. i look like a train wreck at work. I hateeeeee putting on makeup while working in the kitchen.. so I just don't.. and since there's food flying everywhere.. I end up wearing just a plain shirt & sweats LOL.
OHH DUHH and today.. *pat on the back.. while i was trying to cut some chicken breast.. stupid thinly... I ended up slicing into my finger.. which hurt like a DONKEY... annnnnnnnnnnd to top that off.. I was pulling out some roasted tomatoes out of the oven.. when my finger started sizzling.. cause the stupid mitt had a HOLE IN IT!! -________________- so on my right thumb I have this nasty looking bubble.. and on my left index finger.. i have this gory cut in my finger that looks disgusting cause it's so deep.

Sadly.. i don't think i'll be making video posts for awhile.. i don't feel up to it.. it's just pointless.. to do my makeup at 4 in the afternoon.. boo. -_-; whatever.. life goes on..

So the big thing that's been in my head this week.. is my birthday.
dec 11. is when i turn 22..

Initially I wanted to have something big going down... since I'm moving to NY.. but i've changed my mind.. I've tried to plan my birthdays out year after year.. and it's tiresome. WHYYYYYYY oh whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy should I have to try to celebrate my birthday.. and spend ridiculous amounts of money.. when it's my birthday?! I know i know.. i sound all bitchy today.. but it's true. WHYYYYY WHY WHYYYYY!! I'm just gonna pout a bit k?
Hang in there.

Literally.. i'm so tired of trying to get people together.. that this year.. I just don't want to. There are always excuses.. and last minute flakings.. no money.. no this no that..

USUALLY.. i'll break my back when it comes to celebrations.. I typically just want everyone to have a good time.. meaning sureeee don't worry I'll pay for the party.. SUREEEEEEE don't worry I'll pay for the tab.. the trips.. the plane tickets.. dinner.. ooooooo yeah don't worry I'll pick you up.. I'll call you.. don't worry I GOTCHU!! =_=;

So. what are my plans for this year? Have a quiet dinner with my boyfriend.. and spend some time with my family before I leave.

I do miss my friends. I miss every single one of them that are scatterred allllllll over the place and I do wish I could see everyone.. but I also know that everyone has lives.. and issues.. and so.. I'm going to shut my ass up.. and exit.

blablabla. Do you guys think I have issues? Cause i think i do. =(



Francesca said...

Don't worry hun, and hang in there.

And stop cutting yourself up! Life isn't that bad :p

eyecon1219 said...

aww...don't be down jinah ! but i know what you mean..every year for my birthday i hate planning and crap and people end up giving me excuses after's just sickening ! but at least you can spend it with the bf you know :). be sure to pack warm clothes with you when you head to NYC cause it's going to be freezing. this year's winter is suppose to be very bad and snow is going to be ridiculous in NYC. anyway, just thought i'd let you know cause i don't want you coming here freezing your butt off lols. i hope you feel better though girl.

Anonymous said...

chinnup! & don't stress out if you gain a lb. or two or a few more. it's common for ppl to gain some on diets; it's actually healthy! oh & ps. why are you moving to NY? i'll be watching your videos over & over until you come back! haha.

mc.lizzle xx said...

Everyone has issues. But at least yours are interesting??
And stop cutting yourself. Don't be emo! hahaha
The chef job sounds like a lot of fun though compared to other jobs out there you could be stuck with?
Hope you enjoy NY!
Moving is tough. I've moved countries SO many times it's tiring. But you'll get used to it after a while and start loving it. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

damn girl.... sounds like you're running around like a crackhead. LOL jk. well i hope you catch up on sleep and get some rest somewhere in your busy day. and i feel ya on the bday thing. why stress yourself out on YOUR BDAY?? it's your day and people are suposed to cater to u. and it is true trying to get friends together especially when they're scattered everywhere. my bday was last sunday and i just had dinner with the fam at phils bbq!!

good luck with everything! and happy early bday to you =)

ANGE said...

it's so hard to balance friends with work with the boyfriend and family ... it sucks being a modern day woman LOL

heather said...

hey girlll...i dont think you have any more issues than the rest of us...we're all a little crazy :)

as for your birthday, i wouldn't worry about planning something big. that's just too much work and too much money, and with the economy like it is we all gotta be a little cheap these days ha. birthdays are fun as long as you got the right people surrounding you.

Yas said...

No babe. I have the same weird eating and staying up late prob. You can do it sweety! Hang in there.

veraology said...

You tagged! :]

check out my blog.

yummy411 said...

no you don't have issues except the two boo boos on your fingers. that's why the older you get, the more younger ppl think you are boring. you just get to a point in your life where you've been there and done that and it's old...hey you're only turning 22! ;) i do understand which is why i hardly do bday celebrations anymore =p

Anonymous said...

Hi Jinah,

I was wondering.. how do you do your eyebrows?? They are so perfect! Do you use pencil or powder?

Random reader~

eternal.happiness said...

Aww Jinah, cheer up.

Life does get busy and it is hard to balance things, but we must make the best of it. For, life always has its ups and downs but I bet there are more positives than negatives right?

Happy belated birthday.
I hope you had a wonderful time with your boyfriend and family.
Keep us updated when you can.

Take a breather and enjoy life.
All the best.

jojos4eva said...

Hi Jinah! wow I can't believe I found you here... I've been watching a lot of your vids on youtube and you've helped me soo much! LOL I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to makeup :p
Sorry about your doggy... I was crying when I watched that one... I couldnt imagine losing my dog like that. :(
Thanks soo much for doing what you do! all the best!

Anonymous said...

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