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Sunday, March 8, 2009

herro from HYDE PARK NY!! =)


long long time! How are you ladies?!
WELLLLLLLl first and foremost.. a quick THANK YOOH to allllllll you wonderful chickas who've been sending me messages through myspace, youtube, facebook & here! I really really really really appreciate it. It's been a rough week for me but the messages you guys have sent me really has and is still helping me keep my head up. I'm so overwhelmed by this move.. that I'm speechless. Talk about the most humbling experience I've ever had. This whole move really has taught me many things about myself. That iiiiiiiiii for one have DEFINITELY not been grateful for everything that was so freely given to me before.. basic things like FOOD & TOILET PAPER rofl.. let alone just SPACE. golly.

anyway.. where should I begin? Perhaps a room tour? =) Let me show y
ou guys the horrific living space that I'm living in currently. ROFL JKJK. it's not THAT bad.
My roommates dressers- I have 2 others BTW (my bed on the top with the green blanket)

my roomates bed.. with my ghetto bed on top (i have to climb that dresser to get on my bed)
my bed look how close the ceiling is.. i hit my head in the mornings sitting up LOLview of the room from my bed my desk is the midle oneroomates bed.. view from my bed
my lonely bare desk.. =( with not many pictures. my ghetto bed on top.

ROFL so watcha guys think? pretty ghetto eh?!
BUTT i figure.. i'm somewhat lucky.. cause atleast i have a room.. the campus is so overly full that there's 55 students without a dorm.. so they're staying at a motel. -__________-;

but. yeah. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. all the NEW YORK advice i got is going to dump.. with the exception of things to do with the weather.. and the whole rudeness thing.. cause i straight up.. live in the..

rofl. and i don't mean just any booneys.. i'm talking SMALLLLLLLLLLl town.. where you neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedd a car to go anywhere cause it's like miles before you hit anything!! At this point.. I don't even have FOOOOOOOOOOD to eat endless i buy some at the cafe here during business hours.. because i don't have a car to go grocery shopping.

Literally.. i'm losing pounds. not half a pound.. or a few ounces.. i mean POUNDS. because i'm so deprived of food.. at night mostly & on weekends.. =( so sad. I wish i knew someone here who could take me grocery shopping. I can't even really shop cause I DONT HAVE A JOB!!!!! and no job= no money.. anddd because this town is sooooooooooo small there are no jobs.. keep in mind HYDE PARk (where i live) also has close to 8000 college students who are also looking for jobs. so yeah.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO for no food. soooo last night i called my parents.. to ask if they can ship me some.. ramen.. and mac n cheese and whatever.. any food.. so i don't surprise.. just as i heard there voice.. guess what..

i started BALLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =*(((. noonnnnn stop.
you guys wouldn't believe how emotionally wrecked i've been this week.
i miss my family so much.
and never have i ONCEEEEEEEEEEEE cried hearing my dads voice until now.
His voice started quivering hearing me. =**(
so of course.. i couldn't stop crying.
i really really really really really realy really miss them.

HOLY cow. talk about tangent. so yeah. it's been tough. still haven't made many friends yet.. and well.. lets just say i haven't met any friends that i'm comfortable with. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many of the kids here are pot heads.. and well.. i'm just not a pot head. -_-;

ok anyway here is a list of good & bad things that have happened since i've been here!!

I met a girl today named Dionne from JAMAICA!! VERY cool =) guess how i met her?! LOL. i went to church for the first time today in a LONG time.. and while i was waiting at the rec center.. she starts coming up to me saying.. OMG! You look like JINAH this youtube makeup girl!! ROFL!! ahahhahahhahahha.
VERY COOl =) someone to share my makeup obsession with <3 style="font-weight: bold;">-
NO TAX ON CLOTHES!!!!!!! HOLY MOLY!!!!!! i bought that plaid shirt (it's for men but it's soooooooo comfortable) for $11.99 on clearance! WOOOOOOOOOOOo!

on the way here.. the stupid airport jerks dropped my luggage so hard that my train case broke.. along with 3 of my MAC eyeshadows.. ricepaper.. carbon & vanilla. FABULOUS RIGHT?! >.< GRRRRRRR - i miss my bf. and family. and friends =( - i'm on overload with homework. and i feel like an idiot because it's so fast paced.. that i feel like i can hardly keep up. - teachers here (chefs & professors) are hardcore. NO SLACK whatsoever. NOTHING like college in california. - did i mention everyones a pothead here? =( - no food no food no food =((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( - INTERNET SUCKS IN my dorm so if i make a video anytime soon i have to come to the library to upload. -_-; - my SD pro duo memory card is not transfering information to my computer. so i can't even upload pictures at this point. I think that's it for now =(. Anyway.. i miss you all ALOT!~!!!! I don't know my mailbox information yet here at the school.. but i'll be getting it soon.. once i do.. DONATE TO THE FEED JINAH foundation hahaha! (not money.. just FOOOOOOOOD!! ) like.. munchies. oh em gee. i'm gonna be so deprived of korean food it's sad. <3<3<3<3<3

O BTW: tiffany says hi LOL


veraology said...

awww you look so cutie! woo hhooo NY..

sorry to hear about your traincase :( what jerks!

Irish Dee said...

Oh, poor Jinah! )=
I wish I could ship you food... No one wants to be starved when you have so much HW to do!

That's so cute how your boyfriend got some Domino's for you. I was like, "Awwwww, I wish my boyfriend would do that for me." Lol.

Well anyway, be safe there!
Can't wait for your next video!

shirley said...

jinah! you beautiful girl. i miss watching your tutorials and you blogging. i hope you're taking care of yourself! once you get your student info i'll send ya some korean food! lol even though i'm in san francisco. haha a sister gotta help another sister out! well stay strong, the days will get better be optimistic! you do your thing and make it big! show them east coast people what we WEST COAST gals can do. i admire you so very much for stepping out and following what makes you happy!

take care!

p.s. your plaid is cute, who can tell it's a boys anyways.. their all the same nowadays!

Nicola arthur said...

i know how you're feeling honey! when i moved to university at first i just cried all the time, & couldnt be in my room on my own at all because i felt so lonely so far away from my family. It does get better once you've got friends who u can share with (who are all going through the same thing so will totally get u) you'll start enjoying it & adapting to the new life! stick in there & stay strong, it will be such an achievement for u once its done!

Take care & i hope you get some food in u!

Nicola xxx

Tracey06x said...

i have missed you soooooooo much! Great to see you again and poor you:( i wish i could send loads of food over lol!Miss you loads!
byee xx

~Mel said...

girrrrl... as soon as you find out your address.. i'm sending you FOOOOD~! i'm appalled hyde park has nothing and u know.. food feeds the soul! so expect one from me!!! let me know if u have any specific requests .. haha.. i have an hmart literally 5 mins driving from me. LOVE that store! =D

ilovewendydarling said...

Whoa! Now that's NY for ya'! I almost went to Parsons and WOW! DORM LIFE SUCKED JUST LOOKING AT THE IMAGES 0___0;;. At least yours has a REAL door and a REAL bed.

Anyhow, I'm so sorry you're being starved! That's so terrible!:[
I'm more than happy to donate at anytime, just let me know<3

Well, I hope you have a great week and take care!

kawaii619 said...

Oh Jinah! *hugs*

It's nice to read that you're doing okay (except the food and homesickness), San Diego misses you! I really do hope things get a lot better for you, it's just the start! I know you'll get through it girl!

Keep us updated! It's always good to know that you're still there =)


Zeno said...

HAHA the way you write your entries are so hilarious :)

I hope you feel at home soon! I was the same way.. didn't know what I was supposed to be thankful for until I got to college. TOTALLY agreeing with toilet papers, HAHHA :)

Make sure to keep us girls updated! :)

Anonymous said...

I feel for you jinah... I lived off campus and walked to school so i didn't have to buy a subway ticket.. and I mean WALKED through rain, three feet of snow, 100 degree weather.. (of course once in class, I slept). when I did finally find a job.. (there were 2 universities and like a bazillion colleges downtown and my uni and apartment was smack in the middle of DT), I walked from school to my job (3 subway stations), my job to my apt (another 3 subway stations). I was like 95 lbs at 5"6'.. pure bones and eye bags When I could afford groceries, I pretty much hiked (with my huge grocery backpack) to the cheapest discount grocery store and now i'm a wizz at adding tax in my head.
Where in NY are you?? take up a waitressing job.. immediate cash.. other jobs you have to wait for a payroll check..

and oh.. my student loan wasn't much either.. I had three jobs and a whole bunch of tutoring/club gigs to pay for everything.. it's so expensive in the city

good luck!!
at least you're pursuing your dream.. all that hardship of mine was useless.. i hated my major and in the end dropped out.

SaLee said...

don't give up!! i cried so much when i first left for college. i had to leave all my friends, family and boyfriend. i graduated high school a year early and moved to another city 4 hours away to go to university. i was only 17 and so miserable. i was so homesick and had to come back and go to university in my own city... but man looking back i wish i had been a little bit stronger. but you have a great support group by the looks of it, so keep your head up girl! ps- i'm definitely sending you some stuff so keep an eye out!

Anonymous said...

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