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Monday, January 18, 2010

boyfriend's boxers.. burritos.. cold toes

Hey girls!!!!
It's been such a long time. As of now.. I'm still in my boyfriend's boxers (they're the BEST for PJS!~!! ) I'm craving... good ole california hole in the wall mexican burritos... :( and my toes are flipping cold!! Anyway.... Lets get to business!
Q: Jinah are you engaged?!?!
A: Lol nono! The ring you see on my finger is just a promise ring that Allen bought for me before I left to California back in November.

Q: Did you lose alot of weight?!
A: Nope, I haven't lost any. I've actually gained a few pounds back. I think my long hair just makes me seem like I've lost some weight.

Q: Are you done with school?
A: Nope, I'm on externship right now in the city.. I go back to school in April for another year!

Q: Is your boob okay?
A: LOl, yes. After taking the antibiotics.. it's back to normal :D

Q: Why have you stopped blogging/making videos?
A: I've been really busy moving from my school to California and back to New York city for my externship.

Okeys :) Now that all the general questions are done with..
How've you guys been?!? Oh boy..
so I got a comment on one of my videos the other day from a viewer saying that I shouldn't be ignoring my blog or stop making videos because I'm partner now.

::sigh:: :*( I hope you ladies don't think that! NOnononono. I sincerely hope you guys don't think that I've stopped updating because I'm partner. My life has been sooooo hectic this last year.. because of school that I've just not.. had the time. When I first started youtubing I was really just going to school part time.. and working part time..
since last March.. I've moved 3 times! From California to Hyde Park (up state new york), from Hyde Park back to California.. and from California to Manhattan. I hope you guys understand :(. I wish I had more time.. and more energy to keep up with this. I really do..

If i could only take you all into a day of my life.. oo boy.
But anyway,
I'm living in the lower east side of New York City! YES!! The city!
Isn't it crazy!? I would've NEVER thought in a million years that I'd even have the guts to live in the city by myself.. but it's true.. and I'm so amazed at how far I've come within the last year. I've pushed myself into doing the uncomfortable.. taking risks.. and sacrificing to really reach for my future. It's been tough. Thinking back on 2009 has been absolutely nutts.
I'm so grateful for everything that has happened to me.. for my family & bf who support me and love me unconditionally.

Oh man.. what a ride it's been.
My thoughts on the city:
Absolutely amazing! Once in a lifetime kind of experience! But.. man.. it's FLIPPIN EXPENSIVE!
I'm living on nickles and dimes.. on my $8.00/hr externship pay it's rough. I've never really understood how valuable money is until now. I'm scrrouuuunnnging everyyyy month to figure out rent. It's so stressful. I can now say.. that I understand why people say.. to live at home as LONGGGGG AS YOU possibly can. LOL!! Oh how i took little things for granted before.

For example:
Rice cooker!! OMG! $105.00. Yes. My tiger japanese rice cooker cost me... a whole chunk of my month's rent. :(

Ahaha. okay enough with the boring.
SO what else..

Allen's doing good :). We're doing good. Our honeymoon phase is definitely over.. we bicker at each other.. we annoy each other at times.. but we still have our moments.. He comes down every weekend.. I feel like a little girl when I see him. I still get shy... and I get self conscious at times.. He still hovers over and hugs me for a good minute when he firsts sees me.. then kisses me on the forehead.. He still does the dishes after I cook.. and does countless other things to make things easier for me. He goes grocery shopping during the week.. so that I don't have to in the city when I'm exhausted from a 10-12 hr shift in the kitchen. He really is incredible.
My china man.
i do.. i dooooooo i love my china :)

So yeah.. as far as work.. It's been... overwhelming.. but I'm definitely handling it. My first 3 weeks in the kitchen was so rough. I must've cried everyday when I got home from work. I was so exhausted... My birthday was the worst.. I felt so lonely... even though Allen was with me.. I was so exhausted emotionally and physically from work that I really.. just missed my mom.. my family.. My mom left me this 10 minute long voicemail.. and I literally just sat... crying.. and crying.. and crying.. listening to her voice. I miss her so much. Nothing is better than to hear your mom's voice when you're at your weakest.

But yeah..I thought school really did a good job preparing me for reality in the kitchen life.. WRONG.
Jeez. Endless you have rock hard skin prepare yourself... maybe it's just my kitchen at work..
but.. the amount of... harassment.. belittling.. violence... and stress you experience is just so overwhelming.. ESPECIALLY being a girl. It's amazing how much more we have to endure. But then again.. I'm like one of three girls working in my kitchen out of 50 or so guys. It's tough. I can' t say much more.. cause it'll probably bite me in the ass later..
but I've got to say..
I've definitely learned.. patience.. endurance... and perseverance.
Overall.. Because of what I've seen and heard.. I know now more definitively how I want to run my business.. and how not to run it likewise. Anyway it's getting late!!
10pm is my bedtime!!
So i'll update you guys more soon :)
In the meantime, here's some... pictures. :)

THE BEST funnel cake/ice cream ever! Allen and I had it when we went to SeaWorld in San Diego :) back in December.

Touring San Diego with Allen back in Dec. Oh how i miss the nice bright warm sun :(

WELCOME to my new home! (my room in Manhattan, now)

Allen and I repainted the whole room before moving in completely :) to make it a little more homey

TADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (cousin- Kevin on the floor visiting from California)

FOOD DEATH= Halal Chicken, Lamb & Rice on 53rd St cart.. with a TON of butt burning hot sauce and white sauce. LOL. COMPLETELY DEADLY! CHristmas Morning :)

Christmas morning lunch LOL!!!!!!!! Seafood galore?! I cooked calamari.. steamed clams.. & seared scallops
Messy messy..
What i ate the other day. I don't even know what it is.. LOL.. hot chicken....stew? i dunno i kind of just dumped everything in. LOL..

My mom's cafe in San Diego at the Department of Defense Base.. before I redecorated the place!

After my dad, sister, mom and I painted the walls.. added curtains.. pictures.. plants.. much cozier right?

k! Update soon I love you all! And miss you tons!!


xoladiihoneyxo said...

awww, I like your mom's restaurant =]

What's externship? I heard of internship.... I heard you make a lot of money from being a chief (from a restaurant inspector who retired from being a chief due to not being able to spend as much time with his family as he wanted in the past). I guess you just have to work your way up =] It's tough out there and I'm surprise you're only making 8 dollars an hour =T That's really hard to pay all the bills =[

I'm glad you blogged a little =D It's nice to hear from you. and I love funnel cake =D

Tina said...

So happy you are doing good and I love how you decorated your mom's cafe!! I love the pictures. Keep posting when you have time and I wish you the best.

shannnybannny said...

Hey!!!!!!!! YAY you updated your blog!!!! Good for you missy! I want to live in NYC for like 6 months or something. Hahahahaha! So happy for you. And I totally what you mean about talking to your mom, I totally agree!!! :D

DSK Steph said...

Glad to see you posted! ^_^ <3

urzafar said...

yayy for halal food. its the only kind of food i can eat lol. thanks for the post. once again you've motivated me to keep on fighting this engineering major battle that im fighting. seeing you work so hard makes me want to not give up and do whatever i can to finish this major. even though im in engineering i also want to have my own restaurant one day. there's something very magical and fulfilling about having your own restaurant. its so awesome you're living in manhanttan. i was just there a few months ago visiting my cousin. i loved it there it was alot fun. maybe you can have a housewarming party and invite all your blog readers. lol anyway keep us posted! we love keeping in touch with you :) and good luck with everything!

Junalyn said...

awwies:D welcome back jinah:D *huggieS* oOoh how i had missed you and your posts here:) hehehe:)...and so glad everything is going well for you:D now i know this may be late, but belated happy 2010:D have a happy and smiley day:)

Donna said...

Wow Jinah! It looks like a lot of exciting things are happening in your life! Good luck to you and living on your own. I was hoping you'd update more often so we could keep each other accountable for the weight loss thing LOL.

Anyway, I moved my blog to
I had some people looking through that I didn't want hahaha.

I am looking forward to your tutorials! Your make up tutorials are one of the reasons why I learned to love my monolids... or I think :p

charlene-ann said...

new follower of your blog =) aahhh i must say the food looks delish! i had chicken & rice as well wen i went to nyc this past summer & let me tell you! it was to yummmmm! <3

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Sarah B. said...

Jinah unnie!!!

Hi, I'm one of your subscribers, but I've been watching you for a long time (I totally sound like a stalker now lol!)
Its good to hear that you're doing well...from one Korean to another, I know how much it sucks being away from mom and halmuhny's cooking...but you're going to be a chef, so you're probably way better off than I am in that department!

Jinah fighting! You can do it! Just keep your head up and be strong for a few more months! :)

And know that your friends and subscribers are behind you 100%. ^^
Update once in a while though and take care!


Tiffany said...

I just found your blog, and book marked it immediately! (I'm not tech savvy, I don't know subscribing/whatever hahah).

Did you go to CIA? My friend dropped out a couple years ago, but he's going back this semester. I wanted to go for pastry arts, but I picked fine arts instead (womppp womppppp).

Your weight loss is soooo inspirational, for real. I've been struggling with my weight since I found out what calories were when I was 7 haha.

Renée said...

I have a question: what's externship? :P
I've always thought it's really inspiring to live all alone and independently in a city, especially a very busy cosmopolitan one... and also when regarding the fact that in Asian culture, girls usually move out a bit later...
I'm not sure what my point is here, but I find the blog really interesting.
AND the food looks DELICIOUS. :)

DiWiMakeup said...

i love halal food! good luck with your externship =)

GirlAboutTown said...

how'd you get to go to the Mac Fashion week? loveee your mom's's so cozy ;D oh and i go to school right by where you live...i'm at 23rd and lex so if you need a lunch buddy ring me up ;D

Alice said...

I love your videos & blog :) You are so entertaining and fun :D I swear there's never a dull moment. Sometimes I wonder if I should go to cooking school since I love so much...hmm one day? Who knows. That is sooo sweet of you to decorate your mom's place :) She's always so sweet leaving you messages and you leaving her a message on valentine's day hehe anyways hope it's all well. The hard work will definitely pay off :D take care! <3 Alice

Alice said...

I meant Mother's day!!!* but Valentine's day around the corner lol.

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Anonymous said...

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