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Monday, February 22, 2010

need a change

Hey girls!
So.. i'm so flustered cause the last 3 weeks... my internet has been indefinitely **itty. -_-; I can pretty much only just surf the net.. no streaming nothing. GRR frustrating cause I have a few videos i need to upload.. ONE being my contest winners video!! -________-! I had the cable company come in to fix it last week.. and they thought they did but they didn't do diddddlyy squat!! It's suppose to run at 10mgps but it's running at 1-2. horrible. really. SERIOUSLY! So they're coming back hopefully next week. Sadly until then i'll have to find another way to upload.

But anyway!
So much has happened! I'm no longer on pastry station at work andddd i'm only a month and half away from being DONE with this externship! YAY!!!!!!! I'm beyond excited. I'm sooooo done with being yelled at and stressed out.. and harasssed... and cursed at.. etc. I'M DONE! I'm at my witts end with guys treating me like i'm some piece of garbage. I swear, anywhere else.. the way i'm treated.. would be 100% intolerable. I just can't wait to go back to school! You have no idea!

The other day when I came home from work, I saw Allen and pretty much just burst into tears. That day, I seriously wanted to walk right out of work. There were 3 sous chefs working and I was being yelled at every 2 minutes because all three of them were telling me to do their tasks... I had a list of over 15 things to do within minutes and it was just so unrealistic!! All of them for some dumb reason thought I wasn't doing anything when clearly I was busy as hell. My cheeks were flushed, i was sweating cause I was constantly running up and downstairs grabbing different ingredients from the walk in.. I have one chef saying Esther! Finish the soup, add more lemon and cayenne and some reduced brandy. Esther! finish cooking the octopus! Save some of the liquid! Blast chill it, let it sit! Esther! i need floan bread **d damnit!! where the **ck is the floan bread! Esther! Esther! Esther! Make polenta, slice sashimi, make more crudo plates, cook the swiss chard, cut the mushrooms, clean the low boy. Esther WTF!


literally. The Dominican prep guys even felt bad for me. They just kept saying, "China mucho trabajo, no bueno" = China lots of work no good.

Ugh. On a brighter note my exec. chef just told me that I'll be scheduled less starting next week since he thinks i've already completed way more than the required amount of hours. In a way of course that's good... but also bad.. since less work= less $$ =NO SPENDING absolutely.

I'm so homesick right now.. and so done with this place... i'm ready for a change!!!!!!!!!! Ready to get my learn on!!

Okay topic change.
soo... I watched "The Cove" the other day.
One word: horrific
If you haven't watched this documentary, please watch it and sign the petition!
It's about dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan.
The fishermen there slaughter hundreds a day. It's absolutely heart wrenching. They heard whole pods of dolphins in by sending out 12 ships outside a small cove. They start banging on some metal to scare the dolphins which indefinitely does since they're sensitive to sound. They force them into the cove, net them in.. and slaughter them all every morning. Out of 100 maybe 10 get shipped around the world to seaworld and other attractions and the rest are.. just... STABBED to death with rods.. It's so sad! The slaughtered dolphins are supposedly sold in markets as whale meat... but scientists say that dolphin meat is deadly because the mercury amounts in them are 20x the amount of other fish. Dolphin meat=mercury poisoning. It's even more disturbing cause nobody even actually EATS the meat! So they're just slaughtering them without purpose! On a side note, dolphins are one of the only wild animals heard of that continuously have had accounts of saving humans throughout history. If you look it up on google you'll see articles of dolphin pods protecting surfers from sharks or helping humans to shores that have been attacked by sharks etc..

It's just... unacceptable.
So yeah, this morning i signed 2 petitions and wrote a letter. Spread the word and sign this petition!! Seriously!! =( stop the massaacre. :*(

Here are some pictures:

WEBSITES to visit for more information:


Alright ladies...
I know this post was random..
I wanted to show you guys some makeup pictures and a haul.. but my internet upload is SOOOO bad right now I just can't. It'll take hours.

But coming soon:
-Haul & Review on MAC's LIGHTFUL skincare collection (I'm OBSESSED!!! LITERALLY I LOVE THIS STUFF!)
-Haul- Other MAC stuff :)
-Makeup Event review
-Possible MAKEUP MEETUP startup?!!? I'm thinking of starting a group out here in the city... where us girls can hang out :) and you know have fun!!
-Contest winners
-Makeup looks
So stay tuned!
Love you ladies!!


francesanne said...


Your mom's shop looks freaking amazing!! ^_^

My heart misses my bosom buddy. :(

minky said...

OMG! I wish I was in NYC for your makeup meetup!! You are so fabulous. :) Thanks for all your vids and tips! <3

LitoSana said...

you can do it jinah!! just 1.5 more months and you can finally relax!! keep up the hard work!! Hwaiting hwaiting hwaiting!! x3

Anonymous said...

re: dolphin slaughter

That's totally unacceptable. I didn't even know that's been happening in Japan O_o (and I'm Japanese) geez...freaking crazy people & stupid traditions. It's usually the small communities -_- I guess you can call it the 'rednecks' of Japan? --; ehh...anyways

Gooo Esther! We're all cheering for you!! WOOOOOOOO!! hehehe

sophia said...

Hey Jiiiinah! Dunno if you post blog awards, but I nominated you for one b/c you inspire me, and you're such an inspiration to others :)

Anonymous said...

Hello!!! I originally found you blog through a makeup tutorial from youtube. Your videos have been extremely helpful!

I noticed that you made phad thai - do you have a recipe for this as there are tons and tons online but what you made looks so delicious!

Thank you!!!!

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