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Monday, March 15, 2010

Massive haul/update/picture blog

Hey girls!
Long time long time!
So.... as i mentioned 2 weeks ago in my youtube video, my chef WAS suppose to schedule me less for my last month of work... lol ummm yeah. That was a complete fail!! I'm back to my old schedule.. working 5 days a week.. 10 hours a day. :( *TEAR!! I was so looking forward to having free time to myself so that I can really spend some time exploring the city and making more videos before going back to school. ::sigh::

but anyway!
I have so much to tell/show you guys.
I've been thinking sooooo much about sooooo many random things... researching this.. and that.. WHEREEE TO START!
I guess i'll update you guys first on... everything! AHAHa.

Ok so here's the rundown
-Externship ends in.. 22 days!!!!!!!
-Going home for a week in 24 days!!
-Start school in.. a little of a month again
-gained more weight. ROFL.
-Addicted to sour candy
-My boyfriend's an old fart
-I met some random photographer that creeped me out today by the name of Mark Fisher? Supposedly the guy is UBER famous? 0_o
-i got a haircut

-i'm now on garde mange (cold appetizer station) at work...
Cara Cara Salad with cara cara orange slices, fresh mint, toasted pine nuts, white wine chopped fennel, ricotta salata & EVOO
Steak salad over a rocket arugula smoked shiitake mushroom salad with a herbed balsamic vin.
Gruyere salad with a mix of bibb greens with fresh gruyere cheese, garlic parsley croutons & dijon dressing.
-Actually I'm a ping pong. Chef likes to toss me like a ping pong all over the kitchen.
-My coworkers keep asking me how to spell things like.. pomegranate... as if i'm smart... just cause I'm asian. LOL. -_-
-I've figured out my body shape.. and it's rather depressing.
-i went to an underground sake bar with my coworkers and two of my sous chefs.. AWKWARD! lol. the entire bar was 105% Japanese except us.. can you imagine... 15 weird diverse kitchen wackos walking into an underground sake bar where the servers pretty much don't speak any english. LOL. interesting night.
-did i mention my boyfriends an old fart?
-I woke him up the morning i went to stay with him upstate during a GINORMOUS snow storm... and asked him to build a snowman with me.. and he responded with.. "HELLLL NO"
-_- old fart. he refuses to do.. romantically fun, childish, things with me. what a party pooper!
as a result.. I made a mini one.. on top of his car... by myself. yes. myself. while he acted like an old fart.. plowing the driveway... which lead to a MEAN ugly snow ball fight. LOL!

-Went out for some sun with the bf... near ground zero .. ended up being a BAD BAD choice.. cause we got scammed to eat a $10 hot dog -_-; rip off cart! RAWR!

- I've been cooking... ALOT.. lately.. here's some of the food i've made.. a majority of it being korean =T i know.. i'm such a fob. LOL. i L my korean food though.
Pan fried mandooooo
A basic korean scallion & green leaf salad.. with a sesame oil vinagrette
Gallbiiiii tang!!

Chocolate chip pancakes! (The trick to big fluffy pancakes my dear ladies! DONT OVERMIX!!! Overmixing causes the gluten to overwork which makes it dense... leave the little clumps it's okay! It's a good thing when you're trying to achieve light fluffy goodness! :)

Kimchi bokkeumbap

Chicken Pad Thai
Soondubu (still working on this), Ssam gyup ssahl & galbi ssahm, with mandoo and all the ssahm stuff to go with it :)
filipino inspired bistek with steamed mandoo and white rice.. i added a twist by adding mushrooms and korean peppers
peanut butter jelly cookie :)
bibimbap. so easy.

MOVING on!!!!
NEW THINGS I'VE gotten/received the last few weeks:

1.) Sooo a few weeks ago... I got a package sent to my boyfriends house.. I opened it and prettttty much screamed lol cause somehow or another I was sent a BEAUTIFUL pair of earrings & a necklace from Sophia as a gift in Vitrail Light (the color). My boyfriend thought I was crazy.. cause i was literally... oOOOOING and AHHHHHing. LOL. -_- But anyway It's even more awesome because this is Sophia's own line of jewelry made with swarovski crystals! So what's more amazing then that... is that all the proceeds for the jewelry she makes are going to be donated to a charity in North Korea that provides food and schooling for the children there! If that's not awesome tell me what is! I definitely give her props.. Investing her own money that she makes and spending the extra time making the jewelry and selling it for the cause. SOPHIA!! You're the bomb :). Seriously. Which by the way.. THANKS for the goodies toooo!! (She sent me tea and candy and pocky and all these little goodies that i devoured in the car back to the city LOL) So yeah..
If any of you are interested check out her blog!! . She's OOOOOBER cute!

2.) Next!! I FINALLY bought myself a new traincase.. after my ghetto $30 caboodle one broke at the airport. LOL. I ordered this one off of for.... $89.99 + a.. 10% discount :). My Review: 4 1/2 stars!!!!
I absolutely lOVEEEEE my new traincase.
Here are the Pros & Cons:

-extremely sturdy & durable! NOT flimsy like some of these other makeup cases (made of reinforced steel).
-easy to roll around and travel with (has a handle in the back like a regular suitcase that elongates)
-easy access, sturdy shelves, clean look
-has PLASTIC lining inside on the bottom of each drawer so that it doesn't get dirty from the makeup! You can easily just wipe it down with a cloth and wala! Clean :) No old foundation stains and crap
-easy to open
-convenient square mirror inside as soon as you open it
-can be used as a storage organizer as well! Like a makeup shelf!! Easy to clean and put away!

-A bit small for alll my makeup, buttt on a bright note big enough to carry all my essentials
-the opening at the front where it pulls down can get annoying when I'm sitting on the floor and using it. It'd be awesome if it detached. but oh well.

That's about it!
Here is the actual description of the makeup case:
    • Keep your makeup organized with a Pro Silver makeup case with drawers
    • Makeup case boasts a high-quality silver dot design finish and construction
    • Beauty product features reinforced steel corners
    • Plastic-lined drawers and trays for easy cleaning
    • Mirror under top lid
    • Five brush loops under lid
    • Four smaller drawers
    • One larger drawer
    • Two secure easy close latches
    • Ten brush holders
    • Swivel handle top
    • Shoulder strap
    • Four smaller drawers each measure 5 inches wide x 7 inches long x 2 inches high
    • One larger drawer measures 10.75 inches wide x 7 inches long x 2 inches high
    • Top storage dimensions measure 11 inches long x 7 inches wide x 2.5 inches high
    • Bottom storage dimensions measure 11 inches long x 7 inches wide x 2 inches high
    • Outside case dimensions measure 12 inches long x 9 inches wide x 15 inches high
    • Product dimensions measure 12 inches x 9 inches x 15 inches


I love love love it!! How I organized it? The top shelf I store all my mac palettes, my brushes, moisturizers, etc.. (if i travel i toss it into the very bottom shelf underneath the big drawer, there's a big gap there). Then with the 4 mini drawers i separated it into categories.
1. Eye stuff
2. Foundation
3. Lipsticks
4. Lipglosses
and lastly, the BIG drawer i put all my remainder face stuff (my powders, blushes, etc.)

MOVING onnnn

3.) I bought this Eiffel tower candle holder from Target on sale for $12.00!!!!!!!!!! And guess what i use it for!?!??!

Pretty awesome huh? I love it!! Anything that has the eiffel tower is so chic. It just makes me feel all giddy. Ahahahaha.

4.) MAC Lightful Skincare collection
OHHHHhhh boy.. So i just talked about this in my youtube video so i won't get into too many details..
but bottom line.. I LOVE IT!!
Everything about it!
-The smell
-The texture
-The feel
It does wonders to my face. Never dries my face out.. and keeps it really toned and refreshed. I especially like the cleansing foam, by far one of the best i've ever used!@
It's definitely on the pricey side.. I spent over $130.00 on the entire set.. but I figure I should start taking care of my face.. :) Until i'm 100% sold on another product I'm not planning to change!

OKKKK so as far as makeup I've gotten a few things:
-I just bought my first official $$ mascara out of pure curiosity. LOL. as ridiculous as that sounds.. it's true!! The only mascara that i've really ever bought.. is NYX's Doll Eyed Mascara which i absolutely love.. and... well.. yeah.. i don't even remember the last time before that. I've been given mascaras randomly as a gift.. like MAC's zoomlash (from the boyfriend) which.. i really don't like... and one from Jamie that was from korea that i DO really like... but that's it!

SO which mascara got me sold?!
FRESH Supernova Macara.
Holy crap.. alot.. I've yet to try it..
but I was talking to a new friend of mine today (Lily- a fashion stylist!).. and she was ravinggggggg about this mascara.. and how natural it was and how it actually conditions your lashes.. without any tar or harmful chemicals at that.. what REALLY got me sold.. were well, quite frankly her lashes! I've never seen someone have such BEAUtiful natural lashes ... i kept staring at her like a crazy woman.. lol she started raving about it.. i was sold. end story.

Ahahahah. 5 minutes after hanging with her.. where did i go? Sephora.

SOOOOOO yeah. I'll let you guys know later when i start to use it how it goes!

Ok so HEre's the last thing.. before I end my 4 hour post. -_- i forgot how long it takes! holy cow!
So yeah..
I've finally figured out my body shape..
and it's rather sad..
but THERE'S HOPE! I hope these tips will help those of you girls who have the same problem as me. It's no wonder I keep going back to some of these clothing styles….

Dun dun dun!!


:( *tear.
So.. with the apple body figure.. our weight carries mostly in the chest and stomach and we usually have slim arms and legs (exactly my body shape)

Here is how you address this body:

Try to avoid too tight and too baggy, as well as thin material and go for slightly thicker to hide the stomach.
V-necks, boatnecks, turtle necks, mock necks, collars flatter us most! (Especially a good V neck!)
Play up cleavage, show a little bit of the girls! BUT!!! I a peek not TOO MUCH so that it can look a bit.. you know.. :).
Try to avoid big puffy sleeves, it'll attract more view to your upper body.

Go for an a line skirt to get you a more hourglass look (i've yet to find the right one though)
YES! Goooo for the shorter skirts to show off the sexy legs! SOMETHING WE DO HAVE!
To balance the jeans, try lower waist to lengthen the torso also a straight leg or wide pant (even flare).If you get a muffin top wear a higher waisted jean but longer top to lengthen your back.

Here are some celebrities who have this body type!

So after looking through some online stores, here's some clothing that would work for our body:
EXPRESS: (this one i DEFINITELY want to go get!!! )

Crinkle Smocked Neck Top from Arden B $29.00

Two tone boatneck crop sweater Arden B $34.30

lurex stripe double v-neck top

plaid button front tunic $39.99 Arden b

glitter fit and flare dress $129.99 Arden B

floral burnout knit tunic $15.80 Forever 21

peacock sublimation top $17.80 Forever 21

*More tips:
-empire waist everything!!
-lose the belt anywhere near the waist, it'll just create more muffins and more attention to your stomach endless it's right under your bust
-heels! Wear some sexy sexy heels to bring attention towards your legs
-short shorts :) they work on us!
-v necks and halter tops
-off the shoulder!
-stay away from short cropped shirts
-AWAyyy from t-shirts that hug, as much as it looks comfortable on other people :( it doesn't work.

OKEy dokey. i'm off to bed! it's 5:17... but i'll talk to you ladies soon!
i love you all!
-Jinahhhhhh :)


Vanilla said...

u have such long post,like i wanna comment the whole post!!hehehhe
omg u cook those meal??NO WAYY!!u r awesome!!
thats one SUPPA NICE TRAINCASE!i want one!!geeezz its 89bucks +10% off?

Anonymous said...

yummmy the food looks so darn good! made me hungry =D

dude. after the charts of the body shape.. i realized that i have a apple shaped body too!!! growing up my stomach always had a bit of a pudge and my boobs were bigger than other peoples...and my legs and arms were smaller =[ RAWR!!

THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE GREAT TIPS! i definately will take your tips and use it on myself =] anyway it's 3am here in washington now. GOOD NIGHT!

serenity. said...

OMG I really like that traincase! I'm definitely going to look into it. I've never seen one like that, with the drawers and stuff. And, you should definitely do some cooking videos, I only wish I could cook Korean food half as well as you can. :/ hahhaha
God bless!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

mmMmm, yummy food! I like the black dress from Express too!

shannnybannny said...

Hey! So glad to see a new blog! Love reading them!! :)

So can I ask...

Do you store all your makeup in your traincase? Or do you just use it like for when you go places? I want to get one, but i'm not sure like..when I would use it.. or what not..

Anyway, hope all is well!

Loves - xoxoxox

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Is it possible, if you have time to do some food tutorials? It'll be fun and interesting... plus, I'll learn a thing or two from you

minky said...

So much delicious food!!! This blog post was amazing, Jinah!! :)

sophia said...

OMG I love korean green leaf salad!! I haven't had it in so long, seeing the pic makes me crave it >.<

The pic of the actual apple and pear on the body is hilarious!

Hope all is well, and hope we'll be seeing more posts from you!!! (hehe it's like you save up all these day's worth of blogging and poop it all out in one loong post lol!)


Rozylipop said...

Hey there!

Just to tell you i've received he brushes you sent me and they're FAB!!! I like them a lot!!! :D

So thank you again and love your haircut<3 :)

LOLanne said...

apple body shape is wayyyy better than a banana! im a banana :( lol also known as little asian boy body hahah

small tits, small ass, no curves... bah :(


Kimmi said...

Ahhh all ur fooood looks deeeelicious!

I know random question butt how do ya make the bibimbap, would be awesome if you could let me know!

I think you shud post some recipies up and teach me how to cook lol :D

its.natassya said...

holy moly that was a long post! and i read everything! LOLS. i gotta learn to cook from you, especially the krn food!! it looks soo good *drooling* what restaurant do you work at?

i used to bartend all over the city.. kinda miss it, especially the free food/drink & money. don't miss the long late night hours that define restaurants though >_<

you should seriously do a food tutorial! ;D instead of just teasing us with PICS of the yummy stuff you be making!

Anonymous said...

The food looks sooooo good! How did you make the dressing for the Korean salad? Recipe please :)

izumi said...

WOW long entry :D !

the underground sake place sounds awesome hahahahaa.

love the fashion part!

love your new haircut!

Carmen said...

I just came across your blog, i really like it. I am so jealous that you can cook so well (obviously, you're in culinary school). All I can "cook" (if you can ever call it that) is stick the frozen food in the microwave, wait a few minutes and eat. I'm a sorry excuse for a Korean girl.

Btw, you are beautiful! It just shows that you don't have to be skinny to be pretty. I have an hourglass figure so that didn't sit very well with my Korean parents. I know I will never be a size 0. My mom wanted to kill me every time we went shopping b/c I couldn't find anything that could fit me.

My parents are also 60+ and they work very long hours to support me and my tuition. They're amazing. :)

Doll said...

I haven't had any of those dishes this whole month lol look sooo yummy!

yumiko said...

sophia is awesome. she's really nice. and her creations are very nice. i like your blog and you can definately cook. so oiishi

pookie said...

I must request a recipe for the PAD THAI and the BIBIBAP(?) All your foods look delish!!
Can you please provide me with some ingredients! I'm so hungry right now..I'm drooling..hehehe..take kare!!

winterxj9 said...

OMG I missed you so much
And It looks like youb lost sooo much weight021
I can't bellieve that you've been gone for so long
your new train case looks really pretty
and you should call me and i would have made a snow man

missbeckz said...

Jinahshi, after reading this, I JUST found out that I am an apple body too! My arms and my legs are okay, they could be better. But all the attention and FAT goes to my stomach and chest! uhddikajoh? ahaha

Anonymous said...

AHHH reading your blogs make me hungry! <3 it! lol

Kittynail said...

Wow such a long post! Already forgot what I wanted to comment on! :D

Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous! I just found your blog, I do watch your YT videos though.

Anyways, check out my blog too if you want :)

Talk to you later girl!

Yuki said...

Oh, it looks sooooo yummy^^
You are a really great chef!!
and the snowman is cute ;)
In Japan, a snowman has only 2 parts.(head and body)
but your snowman has 3 parts!
That's interesting^^

I really enjoy your blog and videos.
I have monolid eyes, so your video is great for me!!
I'm looking forward your new post;)

sophie said...

omgsh ur pics make me so hungriee what restaurant do u work at? i wanna go

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Can I suggest you stop by TheStyleDiet's youtube page; she made a video about how to dress for apple shapes and other shapes as well. She's AMAZING.

*Anita* said...

wow i thought this post would never end LOL! all your food pictures are making drool. everything looks so yummy! the jewelry you received is gorgeous <3 cute outfits/clothes you picked out too! xx

Anonymous said...

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Dylana Suarez said...

Great post! Fun read! Love your new hair and you are very very beautiful!

The food looks so amazing, too?

Just came across your blog!

It is lovely!

-mztoots- said...

im an apple too! when i gain weight its all in the tummy! but i dont have big jugs like you! lol is there a reverse hourglass? Baby dolls, empire waists and those big belts are my very very best friends! lol your post was uber long and i had so much more to comment but now i only have apples and bananas in my mind lol keep up the good work =) fun post oh and i wear supernova too <333 looove it i layer it with firebird frm fresh they make the perfect team!

monali said...

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