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Saturday, July 4, 2009

live with no regrets

HAPPY 4th of JULY loves!!

Sooooooo I'm here in SAN DIEGO!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEe :) Finally.. hOMEEEEEEEE sweet home. I absolutely love it!!!!!!The weather is phenomenal.. it's nice and warm. and not HUMID.. no rain!! ehehe.. Yall should of seeeeen how happy i was to see my family... Oh how i've missed them sooooooooooo much! We'll get to that later..

Anywho let's see.. where to start..
Ahahahah.. so I gained 2 pounds over the last 2 weeks. I haven't worked out because my schedules been kinda hectic.. finals + new boyfriend +coming home to cali.. and honestly.. i've just been dreading it to the point of no return. but I promise i'm not giving up. I'm just.. on a "vaca". So what am i at?
today's weigh in= 150 lbs.
2 weeks ago i reached 148. Not bad. On a good note.. I can feel my metabolism kicking in. That's the benefit of being consistent when working out right? :P.. If you keep working hard.. for a period of time.. and just stop.. Your body will continue to work for a while and your metabolism kind of takes over and gives you a little leway when you're on your vaca. hahaha :]

Ok so lets get on with all else..
So the new boyfriend is.. A-MA-Zing. :] yes indeed. It's still unreal.. our relationship is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO different from any of my past relationships. If only you guys can peek into my head. LOL.
He just.. blows my breath away.
I mean.. we're moving at such a fast pace right now.. and i know i know.. everyone keeps telling me to slow down.. but we can't help it..

TIme out.
But i want you guys to know.. that it's not absolutely perfect. I know the last few posts I've made him sound sooooo... movie like right. Which is genuinely how amazing it's felt to me.. BUTTTTTTTT at the same time... those are just a few of our happy times :]

Allen and I are still getting to know each other.. and the reality is.. we're both starting to see our... not so amazing sides.. He's already seen me get pissed.. and likewise. There's nicks and picks of things that get me mad when he does certain things.. and same for him.. but you know.. what ISSS amazing.. how willing he is.. to actually try to work on these things.. like we don't just talk and say "i don't like how you do this" .. and just say we'll change.. we're already.. doing it.. we actuallyyyyy work on it and remind each other...
like he said..
"communication is key"
and it's true.. if you want a beautiful healthy relationship.. communication is key. I love how he sits me right in front of him.. makes me look directly at him with his hand.. and of course my initial response.. look down.. look away... close my eyes :P.. ( he doesn't let me)...
he looks at me.. and with his full attention.. he says.. let's talk about this.

i love it.

I can honestly say.. that I know he genuinely adores me. His eyes don't lie.. he's so gentle with me. He remembers every little thing I say.. I'm so forgetful.. I feel like an idiot sometimes LOL.. cause he remembers absolutely everything!

You know what reallllllllllllllllllllllly makes my jaw drop lately. LOL.
He's opinionated right? and he's confident and very.. dominant..
Well i'm not use to that in a relationship you know? I'm so use to being.. the mom.. and dominating.. wearing the pants in the relationship.. that when we start to butt heads..
allen and I..
I'm a bit baffled. LOL. I can't help but.. just.. be mad.. but at the same time be amused.. ahhhhhhhhhhhahahahahhahaha.. I mean.. I've never had a guy.. be mad at me really.. it's kind of.. crazy! I mean... I'm so use to... guys not having any expectations of me.. which is good.. but at the same time.. i'm intrigued by this... like ALOT..

He gets mad at me.. and gets disappointed with what i do sometimes.. it's funny.. i'm so not use to it.. that i don't know how to react to his reaction... i literally just.. sit there confuzed. LOL!!!


Allen came and spent the whole night with me Thursday night.. he got to my place around 9-10pmish.. we went to Barnes & Nobles to return almost all the makeup books that I bought because I bought them cheaper online.. then we rushed back to my dorm so i could finish packing and cleaning. He took a nap while i got ready.. and at around 3am.. we hopped in the car.. towards the airport =(

when i opened the door to the car.. there was this panda sitting in my seat :) so sweet... Allen bought it for me.. saying that he wanted to give me a temporary something to hold on to... until i got back. then he gave me a card.. that he said is a must not open...until on the plane :P

so we're on our way.. and i'm tired...

we get there........ I loveeeeeeee it when he wears.. casual clothes.. love love love!
falling asleep.. he's so tired... we didn't get to the airport until 5am

last kiss before i left :(. miss him already.

so i got on the plane...

and read his card.

again. speechless. I mean who does that?! What kind of guy... takes the time... to write something so sentimental. Guys hate doing things like that.. i mean.. i could tell by what he wrote.. he was nervous.. and lol i could totally picture him getting frustrated.. trying to write the right things.

unreal what he wrote.

i'd write it out.. but it's a bit personal.. I think me writing about him on the web is and has been crossing the line.. ... LOL.. but ohhhhhhh how i wish you guys could read it.. made my heart skip a beat. literally.


look what i came home to!!!!!!

LOL!! One of my best guyfriends ever!! So.. he thought that maybe because I'd lost weight he wouldn't recognize me at the airport.. He ended up going to the wrong terminal and holding up this sign!! AHHHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAH. So sad i missed it!!!!! He said he'd waited walking around with the sign.. wrong terminal though.. but so sweet! I LOVEEEEEEEE freddy! He's so frigging hilarious..

Ok run down.. i'm taking to long.
I went shopping with my mamma.. OOOOOOOOOOOO how i love my mamma.. She's so excited for me... my weightloss... my boyfriend.. my school.. it's like she's living it with me.. so she took me shopping.. a first time in such a long time ..I bought my 2nd & 3rd pair of heels/stilettos.. I've got to tell you.. they're AMAZING!

I've never had the confidence to wear them.. EVER... but i'm finally... getting some... guts.. to possibly strut them. LOL. I tried wearing the brown ones yesterday.. OH MY GOLLY!! you guys woulda probably started laughing like no other.. i looked like.. a total NOOB.. LIMPING EVERYWHERE. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAhahahahahhahahah ..but they're beautiful aren't they?!

My mom really is so sweet..
she bought it for me.. saying how she hopes that i gain more confidence.. she kept rooting for me while i was walking in them. AHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA!! so cute.. i LOVE HER!!!!!!!!1
I went to CCO and bought these two too!! Mineralized skin finish & lipstick in freckletone.. OMGGGGGGGGGGG in love with freckletone.. i might have to get another one.

I gotta run... grrrrrrrr i totally didn't blog what i wanted to talk about.. this is what happens when you're rushed.. but i hope you ladies have a WONDERFUL 4th of july!!!!!

I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!
I'll update you asap...
i really want to touch up on some issues later..



becky said...

Happy Fourth of Juky to you Ms. Jinah. It took me awhile to realize that you got a new boyfriend. Im slow lol. Thst great that you guys are working things out. Youre right, communication is key unless one can read other person's mind.

like what i said in my past comments, you look good girl. Keep it up! you can sh*t 2 lbs lol. dont worry about it.

xoladiihoneyxo said...

happy fourth sweetie =]

seems like you're in a great, healthy relationship!!! every single time my hunnie or I have to leave because we're from different state... I ball my eyes out and I can't help it when I have to go to the airport because I never wanted to leave his arms even though we fight so much. lol.

Hannah said...

aw your relationship sounds really sweet. =] and you must be so happy to be home! have fun unni :)

javy said...

allen seems so sweet. i bet your so excited to spend the summer back home!! glad all is going so well for you jinah :)!

Joy said...

I am so happy for you jinah! you're a gorgeous lady! I laughed so hard at what your friend did for you at the airport! LOL I've always wanted someone to do that for me.. hehehe Take care!! xx

C. said...

happy 4th J! cute post and love the purchases :)

dorothy said...

Hey jinah!

when you're starting to wear heels, its best to start off in wedges since they're SO comfortable...and cute for summer:)

Emily said...

Hey Jinah, this is my first time visting your blog~ I've recently found your tutorials on youtube~ you are awesome! Your tutorials are really helpful. As i am reading your blog i am so happy that everything is working so well for you~ From your picture i can see that you are smiling from your heart~ I feel like i am reading a novel while i was reading some of your entries... anyway, i've written enough~ i wish you well... and keep the tutorials coming! XD

urzafar said...

hey jinah happy belated 4th! Its so cool that your mom is supporting you in everything that you do. I think thats really key. Also its great that you and your bf are getting along so well and I agree communication as well as compromise are crucial in any relationship. Have fun in cali and good luck in your new school semester! :)

FuN and MakeUp said...

cute blog! followed you =) you're a pretty one! happy 4th of july! hope it was good one

Anonymous said...

the whole panda & card thing is so sweet & cute! it's always cute to see the bf do something romantic. it still gives me butterflies (after 3yrs) when i see my bf try/actually does something romantic. anyways, hope you're have a blast at home! (=

just to update you, the weather has gotten better in the last 2 days in ny. hopefully no more rain for awhile.

Cathee said...

Too Sweet!!! ^^ Love Readin Ur Blogs!! Cnt Wait For Ur Next Ones!! xxxx

□ WINSPARK □ said...

Omgoodness, I totally miss San Diego. I moved to Florida like 2 years ago & OMG, it's so humid over here! :(

But you & your new BF are so cute together. As for everyone telling you to slow down, there's plenty of time for that later! Right now, just enjoy yourself & each other. :)

anita5892 said...

aw! he is so sweet! u two make a very cute couple :)

20ribbinz09 said...

Heyy. i read your blog and its rlly inspirational id love if you followed me to on my blog BTW!
Have a Nice Day,

JeanieOBeanie said...

Heyy...I just started my blog..i would love if you followed. You inspired me to get off my lazy bum, suck it up (lol), and start working out....Do you have any advice about which workouts you saw more results from....thnx mucho...

Anonymous said...

its great youre losing weight,
i would recommend not buying any shorts right now cause im pretty sure youre on the track to lose more weight!

=) have a great vacaaaaa

JHM said...

you can do it! never give up on ur goal on losing weight :) btw, i started a blog, if you have time, check it out!

heart e said...

Hi Jinah
I saw your vids on youtube & I have to say you are amazingly cute ^-^
I've always had a problem with my weight & it took me until first year of university to be comfortable with my body but then i gained 12 lbs & now i'm not happy about it. Seeing all your pics made me hope to be as pretty as you & hope that i'll lose those lbs eventually.
Thanks for the inspiration
PS. your kim kardashian look is HOT hahah

대은 said...

Hello jinah,

I hardly ever leave comments on blogs, but I wanted to let you know that I'm happy you're life is going great. You are one of my biggest inspirations and so motivating.

thankyou for everything.
please don't stop blogging and doing makeup tutorials.

sugarplumgoddess said...

hi jinahh!
you & your boyfriend are so cute together:)

i was wondering what camera you use, or how you edited the first pic (live life with no regrets)

p.s. thanks for the makeup tutorials !

Anonymous said...

Hi Jinae! I'm so happy for you and ur b/f... and that u r home w/ ur family now... i've actually been reading ur blog for awhile... ur words inspire me so much... one thing i found in myself after reading ur blogs is i've also started to work out more frequently now!:) thanks very much... keep it up, Jinae! :))

donna said...

Hey Jinah! I've been following your blog for a few months now and I love your tutorials! I'm so glad that there's finally another monolid out there that love to use bright colors and wear them well!

Needless to say, I am a monolid, and my lids are pretty heavy. Most of the time I wear shadows, the moment I open my eyes, they're gone! Anyway, I've been venturing out a bit and I think I've gotten better, and I definitely learned a lot from you.

I'm also enjoying your weight loss updates! After I started seeing my current guy, I pretty much gained 15-20lbs out of NOWHERE. I've been average all my life and this is stressing me out.. but seeing that you're working so hard to lose it, it motivates me too! Keep on posting girl!
and KP! :p

Nu Nu Doll said...

Awww hunny, I am so thrilled that you're so happy! Being in love too I feel like I am in a freaking romance novel sometimes! Andy is like so amazingly sweet, and I really do take so much pleasure hearing about other peoples loves too! :) We are SO double dating and shopping!!! Did you know the new Sephora in NYC is getting Illamaqusa make up?! It's suppose to be like Mac's new rival! We're so going to check it out! Love you!

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