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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

they call it love

HIIIIIIIIII loveeees!!!
How're you all?!!? Ohhhhhhh boy oh boy.. where to start.

Is this.. I have the most amazing boyfriend thing getting old yet?! Let me know if it is.. because once again.. I must say it.

I have the bestestestestestest most amazing boyfriend in the world.

For me to be able to say something like that.. wow. Honestly.

Sooo unreal. even now. He sent flowers to my house today... just to let me know that he misses me.. and "L"'s me. LOL. melting me away i tell you!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh Oh OHHHHHHHH. How happy he makes me!

I think about him throughout the day... Does that sound CHEESY or what?! IT even sounds stalkerish. LOL. I should stop. Ok maybe not. LOL
but i mean... while i'm working at my parents cafe.. and i'm sippin on some coffee during break.. i'll sit down.. and just.. start letting my mind ponder about what he's doing.. orrrrr what kind of trouble he's causing *wink :).
Oh how i can't wait to be back home in NY to see him. I'm starting to think of NY as a new home.. i actually really do miss it alot. I miss the fast paced life.. Cali is starting to get a tad bit too chill for me. I mean it's great seeing my family and all.. but I feel like time passes by sooooooooooo slow here.. and the days never end. NOWWWWWWWW if Allen was here that'd be a diff story. LOL i'd probably never want my days to end.. but jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez.. one day feels like one week. In NY it feels like there's just not enough time in a day to do ANYTHING?! Do i make sense? =T

Thinking over the last few months.. I really have come to appreciate my NY life. I absolutely love the east coast.. and i feel like my heart is definitely there. Before i left San Diego i felt so...... down... and lazy... unproductive.. and just... blah. Literally.. i use to sit on my ass... and just eat eat eat and watch grey's anatomy.. and eat... and do... absolutely nothing.

sad thought.

complete waste of time.

I'm so glad that part of my life is over.. cause things are just getting better with hard work and persistence. I'm telling you... DOOOOOOO THE WALK girls.

Don't think... I wish i wish i wish.. don't give yourself the chance to think that way.
Just walk it out! and as my guyfriend Jerry says.. don't say i hope... say I will. Be confident.. Love yourself.. force yourself.. MOVE! =] *in a positive way. :D

Oh man i'm going off in so many tangents. I keep wanting to stay on topic but i keep bouncing around.
ANYWAY. So back to the boyfriend...

You guys are going to DIE laughing.
get ready for this.
He's probably gonna kill me.
Or better yet.. I should just start hiding cause here comes the most embarassing thing ever.
But i'm telling you guys just so that you guys can see what an amazing guy Allen is and so you can all have a good laugh. I love you guys this much! LOL

(let's back track)
So... LOL. The night before i left for Cali.. I had some laundry to do..well.. I couldn't do it at school cause allllll the washing machines and dryers were full.. so then I started complaining to Allen about it..and he goes... "Babe why don't I just do it for you"... so I look at him, and i'm like, "uh.. NO!!" with a cock eye o_O. So then he's like.. "I'll do it for you, it's nothing"... -________________-.. Ok so i'm thinking... yeah okay.. i'll let him do it for me i guess... but before I let him take the laundry with him... I took out all my undergarments.. (or so i thought LOL).


I get a call from him a few days after coming here to SD.. and he goes.. "so uh... what is up with your socks!!" LOL. and i say... "why what's wrong with them?!" and he goes.. "WHAT's wrong with them!? They're like a 100,000 miles overdo!" LOL.

So while he's saying this.. i'm thinkin.. ohh.. whewwwwww not that bad..
but thennnn he goes..
"and what is up with your underwear!" LOL!
So before you ladies think up what he's thinkin.
Let me explain.
Ever since my diet & exercise.. and all that mumbo jumbo.. i've been having irregular cycles.. right.. like i missed my period by 3 weeks.. then i started spotting like every other week..

so.. yeah..
the one underwear... that i ended up spotting on... ends up landing in the one load that Allen washes.
And you guys know what happens when blood dries up1?!?
so you can imagine what Allen thought..
LIKE WTF! LOL. really?!!? WOw.
SO then he starts making fun of me..
and right.. he thinks it's crap..
and all in the meanwhile.. i'm dying on the phone laughing and crying and embarassed and i'm trying to explain but he just keeps calling me KRUSTY PANTS!
LOL so then i'm dying on the phone and laughing and dying and laughing..
and he just keeps making fun of me.

Back to the point of the story.
He still loves me.
whether he believes it's blood or krusty.
and that my ladies is what you call an amazing boyfriend.

minus the whole.. he's really not letting it go for a while.

end story.

So yeah... he loves me that much.. and that's only the beginning of it.
Everyday that i get to talk to him... i feel is so unreal. I mean, how much more can a girl ask for?

He said he loves my body.

Do you guys know how much that means to me? I mean.. not in a sexual way.. but he loves my body.
My body... that has all the blubber.. and pimples (i've been breaking out like mad donkey)... my messed up arms with all the nasty bumps.. my dark skin that isn't even .. even toned... my scar'd stomach.. my scar'd legs.. my cutt up fingers... and scar'd hands..

he loves it all.

How much more can i ask for in a guy.. when he can look me straight in the eyes.. and tell me that i'm that much more beautiful. that he loves me that much... that he's the luckiest guy on earth to have me.


alrighty.. but enough with that :]

so.. as far as weight..
DUN DUN DUN DUN!! I gained 4 pounds.
LOL. I'm at 152. YEs yes. yes. yes. But even at my 4 pound+ I'm content.. I'm enjoying my vaca.. and honestly it's a mood burn when you go out with your friends.. and you say.. ohh sorry i can't eat that... HELLOOOOOOO i'm on vacation!! I will def. work it out as soon as i get back to NY.
NO doubt :)

AnywhOOOOOOOOOOOOo here are a few pictures over the week!!

CSGGGGGGGGGGG BABY!!!!!!! WOOo.. doesn't get better than all you can eat korean BBQ in Orange Country + all you can eat thrifty ice cream.
My cutie nephew.. i love him!!
Bombbbbbbb garlic naannn!
oKey dokes..
I love you all..
i cannot stress that enough.
The emails i've been getting lately are mind boggling.
Starting next blog post I'm going to start replying to some of your emails on my blog... not to embarass you.. cause i won't put up your names.. it'll be anonymous.... but because ALOT of the emails i've been getting are in regards to the same thing.. so i'm hoping that maybe there are more of you that can benefit to me posting it up publicly one at a time :)

keep your chins up ladies!
Look beautiful... feel amazing.. be PHENOMENAL!
don't settle for anyless.


dorothy said...

Hey jinah
I think your blog posts about ur bf are GREAT so dont stop! i think the important thing though is that it makes us girls realize that we shouldn't just settle for "oh my bf doesnt cheat on me so i guess thats good enough". it makes me realize that i SHOULD be treated like a princess and my bf should go out of his way for me...not just on special occasions..but every day. your blog posts really make me think a lot and also makes me question how "happy" i really am. all your blog posts are like a wake up call for me. i hope i can gain more confidence in myself to know that i deserve better. not just from my bf but mostly from myself :)

cleung341 said...

Girl... you look and sound so happy. Good for you!!! I'm happy for you and you deserve it. Remember your last post before you left for NY? Remember how scared you were? Now look at what happens when you take a chance and make the scariest decision of your life. I'm glad that you were able to embrace your new life in NY. I'm so happy for you. Now I'm off to recreate your smokey eye look. Hee hee.

xoladiihoneyxo said...

You seem so happy =] and you absolutely look gorgeous!!! east coast love <3 hehehe. I love the east coast!

Anonymous said...

you are my role model. you are such a sweet, good person. even when you 'brag' there isn't an ounce of conceit. you're terrific!

thank you for sharing your personal stories and ones about the bf. it's inspiring just to know a guy like him exists somewhere. i don't even care if i even really get to meet one. just knowing that one exists is enough. =)

FuN and MakeUp said...

your hair is nice!!!!! love the poof and pretty flowers...

Catanya said...

Congrats on your lovely relationship! Your story is beautiful and you really seem very happy!
Great pictures, BTW!

C. said...

aww cute story and im so happy for you :) Allen sounds magnificent.

I have the same thing with spotting so no worries haha. It sucks to have to explain it haha.

YOU look amazing! is there a hairspray you use to get your hair bump? i have bangs and i cant seem to get the oomph when i try to do the hair bump. haha. so im thinking is it the hairspray?

~Mel said...

u don't know how many times i've said this, but i'm so HAPPY for you!!!! hahaa.. finally a guy who came along and appreciates YOU for who YOU are!! love it!!!! can't wait till you come back to NYC!!!

Anonymous said...

ROFL!!! krusty pants...omg that's hilarious!! hahaha You crack me up♥

So super happy to see you happy! I envied your east coast life...maybe I too will go there someday...haha

You and Allen are so CUTE together!

Have fun for the rest of your vaca!!


Anonymous said...

i love reading your blog posts! (ps: i found u on youtube). they're so uplifting. and puh-lease girl, if u love ur boyfriend, u can talk about him allllll u want- it's cute & we love it. i'm very happy for the 2 of you :) There's one part of your entry that really really felt like you were talking to ME. The walk it out part. Lately, I just sit around doing nothing I want/need to do! And I do think "i wish.. i wish.. i hope.. i hope".. you're right, i need to say I WILL & go out and get things done! Anyway, again, I love your blog! Keep lovin life :)

kawaii619 said...

That is so sweet Jinah...I'm so happy for you!!!! =)

I hope your vaca here in SoCal, and OMG I'm so jealous you went to Punjabi Tandoor! I've been craving Indian food for a while now. I'm gonna have to drive up there to get some! Yummmm =P

Anonymous said...

OMG! That is the funniest story ever!!! I live in NYC & I know exactly what ur talking about when you go somewhere else and it's just so of a slow paced place. I was born and raised here and I would never trade NY for the world. I just can't wait for you to come back here. I've been really thinking of sending you a letter, but still have no idea on what to write about =T. It will come to me soon =). Enjoy your vacation, have an awsome time with your family and hope to see an update soon!!!


Fatima aka StarLLy701

MrsChing said...

I love your eyebrows JINAHHH :)

Anonymous said...

hey just wanted to say i love your blog and i love reading everything dont stop talking about your relationship cause i love reading it :D
congrats on the weight loss as well!

some chick said...

i LOVE nan! i have to try that place when i go to cali.

you sound so happy and its contagious! dont ever censor yourself because of what you think others will say. just keep on being your cute sweet self!

could you do a tutorial on the brown look you wear in the pics from your car? it looks hot on you!

Anonymous said...

omg where did u get that pink scarf? and howd u do the makeup when u went to eat out at orange county??
so pretty!

Waiying said...

Jinaaaahh!!!! I'm soo happy for you and OMG the laundry story was sooo funny!!! I couldn't stop laughing..hahahhaa!!!

Sarit said...

You are so lucky, your boyfriend is so cute, and sweet and amazing! Lucky Girl!

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