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Friday, July 17, 2009


Hey loves!
So here is the first series of email responses in regards to MANY MANY topics.
I'll be leaving names anonymous so that nobody feels put on the spot. But I really do feel as if all of these topics can benefit us. Many of us have felt or feel the same way! I don't know if i'll be of any help to you guys.. cause you know I'm still on the same boat. I'm still working on my self esteem and my confidence. There are days where I still feel like I'm 200lbs.. and there are days where I don't believe that my own videos are me even though they are. But if there's anyway I can help a sister out even by humiliating myself, I sure will! Let me know what you guys think or put some input to help each other out too! We're not alone you know =) We gotta stick up for each other!

Email #1:

I for the past month, I've been doing really good with losing weight but this month I have fallen down the hill. I lose my momentum and I dunno.
I just cry evrynight because I always think I will always be fat and no one will like me. Im only 15 years old. For my age I am over-weight and I hate it!
Could you please help me??
What do you do to distract yourself from eating?

Dear _____,
Ahh... =( This pains me to know that you're hurting so much. You're so young and still have so much to experience.

I'm going to be very down to the point and I hope I'm not being too blunt.
1.) You need to love yourself.
Understand that you will NOT always be fat and that people not only like you but love you, like your family. Let me tell you a secret, it's the people that love you for who you are that count so don't look elsewhere. If you're thinking about the boys at school or the pretty girls that get all the attention that "don't like you" forget it. They're not the ones that will break their backs to love you for who you are. They're in their own little world, don't waste your time trying to have them like you. Trust me, after highschool they won't even exist. It's taken me a long time to realize that it's the small people, the people that I never expected to become my best friends. If you're thinking about relationships, that no guy will like you... I have one thing to say..

You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else. How can a guy love you when you don't even love yourself. WHen you can't respect yourself, your body, it shows. The brutal truth is, low self esteem is a turn off. People are unattracted to it. As harsh as that sounds it's the truth in every aspect in life. We're naturally attracted to people with positive attitudes and confidence. I promise you, once you start to love yourself and accept who you are as a person, others will follow. The beautiful thing about this, once you begin to love yourself.. not only will people follow you but you'll respect yourself so much that you won't want to disappoint yourself.. and that is when you start to build self discipline. Once you start learning self discipline you'll start to lose weight. Losing weight is honestly one of the hardest tasks you can ever do. It takes alot of persistance, determination and hard work. It doesn't happen over night and it definitely doesn't happen over a month.


I really feel as though I shouldn't be encouraging weight loss to many of you younger girls.. but then again I remember how that felt.. so I hope you guys are doing it the right way. Understand that you're still young... you have ALOT of time to work on your weight.. take it nice and slow! Don't rush because i guarantee you'll gain it back. Eat properly, don't starve!!!!! Exercise in MODERATION don't exhaust yourself.

With all that said.. as far as what I do to distract myself from eating.. I really honestly don't stop myself from eating. I just eat properly rather than restricting myself when i'm hungry. When you're dieting you need to be on a healthy diet. You can't just count calories and say, oh hey i'll have a burger and that's it for the rest of the day. It's much healthier and better for you to eat in moderation a healthy balanced diet that's low in calories throughout the day.

For example..
I'll eat a 300 cal. breakfast (cereal, milk & apple)
a 300-400 cal. lunch (salad with every type of vegggie you can think of piled HIGH with just balsamic vinegar.. with some sort of protein.. like.. a 3-4 oz. piece of chicken breast)
then for dinner i'll have a 300-500 cal dinner.. maybe a turkey sandwich again with TONS of veggies on it with nonfat mayo, dijon mustard.. and a string cheese

in between or after.. if i get hungry.. I'll eat another apple.
With all that in mind.. drink TONS of water.. Water helps you digest.. helps you get all that crap out of your system and curves your hunger!

If you're eating healthy you really don't have to worry about.. trying to stop yourself from eating..
and I'll tell you... once you start dieting.. by eating healthy.. give it like a week.. your junk food cravings will stop.

Really.. it's addictive... It makes you lazy.. it's fatty.. because of all the crap thats in the food it makes you want more.. and more.. and more..

If you eat healthy, you won't crave the junk food.. you won't mind eating lots of veggies... food will taste ALOT more amazing! Your taste buds become ALOT more sensitive.. I mean jeez luiz! After i started dieting.. and it was routine.. i could eat a whole plate of veggies without dressing and it still tasted good!

If worst comes to worst.. and you really want to distract yourself from eating (which i don't really recommend).. try keeping yourself busy. I tend to forget that I'm hungry when I'm keeping my mind distracted.. Like.. when i make videos for example.. I'll work on a project for 4-5 hours and I completely forget to eat.. cause i'm so distracted... or.. I'll read a book or.. go out something.. of that sort and it'll keep my mind off of food.

Keep moving.. MOVING IS KEY. When you have free time... it becomes lazy time! LOl and it's the truth.... lazy time brings out hunger... HUNGER that's UNNECESSARy. (this is exactly what's happening to me here on my vacation by the way)

I hope you find this helpful..
I really want you to know though.. that as you get older.. and accept yourself.. things will change for you too.. There are amazing people out there waiting to get to know you.. and become apart of your life.. It's just the first step.. all it takes is for you to love yourself and accept yourself for who you are.. as a person.. take things slow..

Okey dokes. Holy crap. It's taken me 2 hours to write this. LOL.
I hope this helps girls..
I really do..
It really pulls a string in my gut knowing that many of you are experiencing these feelings that i too once experienced. But i want you to know things will get better..

With that said.. I'll talk to you all very soon!!

With Love,


xoladiihoneyxo said...

gorgeous! It doesn't seem like you gain any weight at all! and such a great e-mail. I know you take a lot of your time to write an e-mail to answer the questions. Too bad, my family has been calling me fat and obese since middle school and I was only around 95 lbs. at 5'2"!! They still call me obese now but I believe in what you say... you have to love yourself first. and self-confidence is attractive! when my mom and my aunts started to call me fat/obese, I lacked self-confidence, then I just started to eat a lot of junk food per day because I was so upset by it... I even thought I was obese but now that I look at my pictures... I was so skinny O_O
well, I just wanted to say that when I started high school, I began to gain self-esteem by loving myself and not caring what other have to say about me and I noticed more people liked to talk to me because of the confidence I had. I don't know why I always end up writing such a long comment. lol. anyways, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

That was a great email. I hope it helps the girl who wrote in to you. I think it helped me a little. I just lost about 18 lbs but just last night my guy told me I was border line fat ass, which brought me down. I was so happy at having lost weight but he said he hadn't noticed i lost any. Thanks for this post because it reminded me that i need to stop and love myself and not care what other people think of me.

urzafar said...

we always love your positive uplifting words jinah :)

eri said...

I absolutely LOVE reading your blog! I always feel so motivated after. You are so positive and motivating and happy! Such a great Ray of sunshine :)

Andrea said...

Well said! I think your response is perfectly appropriate, since you're advocating self-acceptance, healthy regular eating with exercise and plenty of water. If anyone is able to make this type of lifestyle change in their teens, then it's great life skill they can carry with them throughout their life. :)

Madeleine said...

You are truly an amazing person. The things you wrote lifted my spirits. I have been on a diet for years now.. and I am only 16. Now I finally know other people in the world who have had troubles with their weight. My weight does not bring me down... it just makes me lazy. Reading this has taught me that I don't have to stave myself... usually when I did starve myself.. it just left me a few hours or days later digging into fatty foods. I will now not starve myself, eat healthy, exercise, and drink plenty of water. I thank you for lifting my spirits and giving me determination to move forward and not let my weight overtake who I really am. I want to become a healthy, motivated woman... and you have started me on the journey to becoming one. I hope the girl you sent this to succeeds in becoming healthy and I hope she knows she is beautiful inside and out!

Thanks Jinah!

Anonymous said...

thaaaank you for that. :)

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