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Monday, June 22, 2009


he simply adores me.

I've never been treated with so much admiration... love.. gentleness.. It's almost scary.. straight out of a movie..
this kind of thing REALLY EXISTS?!
Are you kidding me?!

So we're official.. mr. surprise and i.. LOL.
Oh the surprise.
We've been seeing each other often..
and really.. the surprises are never ending...
I'm flattered. baffled. astonished... and most of all..


I can't believe how things have been happening! I've been itching to tell you guys.. everything..
cause honestly I now really believe that there ARE guys just like.. straight out of the movies.. guys that dooooooooooooooo do all the fairytale like things.. and... most of all.. that USSSSSSSS girls.. that have never experienced anything like this.. CANNN and WILL experience it one day.. you just have to be patient.. and in the mean while.. do your thing..

it'll happen when you least expect it.

Ok so let's back up!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]
Our first date.. he took me to the river to start the night with a nice evening walk... :] then for dinner we head to a local korean restaurant that i never knew existed. I'd been complaining about my koreannnnnn cravings quiet oftenly. So we have dinner... have some sake.. then we leave the place.. and he takes me to Friendlys. My first time BTW! =]. So we go there.. get some ice cream.. he opens the trunk to his SUV and we tailgate in the parking lot.. lol we literally sat there for like.. 2 hours.. my feet dangling and all.. on a full moon.. just talking.. and laughing.. getting to know each other.. over ice cream. LOL cute right? We end the night meeting his friends at a local irish pub. Dance a lil... laugh alot.. end our first date.

Not bad right? I mean honestly though.. I wasn't like OMGOMGOMG. It was just.. chill.. and interestingly.. i really didn't make anything of it. Now i think back.. and it was so cute..

Anyway.. so we talk throughout the week.. and we start going at it about the lakers vs. magics.. thats where we made the bet.. ahaha...

I win remember? So saturday.. he picks me up.. this is where i was wearing my kim kardashian look.. We go to the mall.. and i tell the girls at the counter what happened.. they're like.. how much or how many things can she get!? His response... let her get whatever she wants.

WHOA! :] I'm already.. smiling... and at this point.. i'm cheesing like no tomorrow... come on now.. Us girls.. MAC?!!? Can't get any better than that right?! So I end up picking the 4 things.. then he goes..
"Well we have an hour to burn before dinner.. so.. let's take you shopping"

time out!!!!!!!!!!
You shoulda seen my face.. my reaction.. Uh....
first of all.. an hour before dinner?! Where the heck are we eating to.. have to wait an hour!! And secondly.. shopping.. are you kidding me.. am i dreaming?!

So then he takes me to every possible girl store there is.. and keeps asking me if i want anything.. I'm so nervous.. and so.. speechless.. that i can't even pick out anything. I walked around in circles.. like an idiot. LOL.

So then... we settle with the dress.. cause i try it on.. and show him.. and he just.. well.. yeah. LOL
he shook his head with such a firm yes. hahahah i couldn't pass it up.

We rush back to the car.. and he takes me to this UBBBBBBBBBBBBEr cute french restaurant!! My first... white linen... type of restaurant.. Cute candle light dinner.. he had made reservations.. and ahhhhh.. it was just amazing.. we had wine.. and a phenomenal dinner.. What was crazy.. was that I could readdddddd have the items on the menu.. understand what it was andddddddd know how to make it! Insane right?!?!? What an experience. It was romantic.. and sensational..
We had a ricotta cheesecake afterwards that didn't.. impress either of us.... buttttttt everything else def. made up for it :]

After dinner we had some more wine over a movie at his friends apt. We watched "He's just not into you". Which btw i think is TOTALLY appropriate if any of you are single.. and are looking to date. LOl the movie was ridiculously realistic... and hysterical at the same time.

End date 2. :]

So over the next few days.. and what not.. is when i get sick... and he ends up taking me to target.. to not only get medicine.. but buys me a new pillow.. towels.. an iron.. more towels.. a full size body mirror.. etc.

spoiled i tell you.
and so appreciative.

I mean... i'm grateful for everything beyond.. words.. but i mean.. what gets me is how much.. he thinks about what i might need.. that he wants to do this for me.. that he does do this for me..

the act of doing it.. without ever asking.. is just.. ::sigh::

SO yeahh.. we've been going on lil mini dates very very oftenly.... we watched the proposal last night. HIlariousssssssssss.. ice cream has become a frequent of ours.. even though he doesn't enjoy it as much.. He knows though how i loveeeeeeeeeeee ice cream.. and apparently he's fascinated by how it makes me happy.. LOL.

He's growing on me so incredibly fast.. it's... just.. unrealistic.
The little things he does..

He always.. kisses my hand.. while he drives.. or even while we're watching a movie...
He always leads the way...
He always.. opens the door.. literally.. always..
He won't ever let me carry anything for the death of me...
He surprises me.. calls me at 9-10 in the morning... and shows up randomly to feed me breakfast that i havent had.. for months..
He gazes at me.. and tells me... i'm amazing.. that i'm beautiful..
He comes up behind me... while i'm shopping. and just.. towers over me..
He introduces me to his friends.. like i'm a diamond in a ruff..
He never leaves my side.. when we're out.. ever.
He stops.. eating.. during dinner.. to listen to me..
He kisses my forehead..
He tells me the truth.. of a matter.. the logics.. the harsh truth.. and has his own opinion..
He supports what i do.. and my passions..
He buys me flowers...

All of this.. in a span of a month.

What makes me smile about him..
The way he drives..
The way he carries himself..
The way he approaches people professionally... and confidently..
The way he's quiet and keeps to himself at times..
The way he's reserved..
The way he's opinionated in a matter of fact kind of way..
His unexpected sense of humor..
His willingness to do whats out of the ordinaire for me..
His ability to hold a intellectual conversation..
His respect for his mom..
The way he's so extremely responsible..

I can go on and on..

but i'm getting sleepy.. lol.
So i'll tell you guys more later..
Cause everyday is another day of getting to know him..
and i'm overwhelmed by how much i'm already experiencing.

BUTTTTTTTT i'm excited.. cause he has a surprise weekend trip planned for us THISSSS coming weekend!!! :] 4 more days!!
All i know.. is that it's on a beach... and he's taking me shopping..
andddddd we're stopping by Jersey cause he's taking me to k-town there...
I'm gonna ask him tomorrow if we can stop by Queens so i can have dinner with tiffany :] cause i really wantt someoneeeeeee to meet him.

He's absolutely amazing.
Oh the flowers by the way..
I got it today..
He pulled it off so slick. LOL
He came to pick me up right after class.. me stinking like the kitchen and all..
and while he's sitting in the car.. he says heyyy can you get something from the trunk for me..
So i go to the trunk and there.. :] flowers.
Slick right?!!? LOL..

I haven't gotten roses.. in so long.. i don't even remember when the last time was.. my graduation maybe? Or was it when i was 16.. something like that..

AHHHHHHHhhh duh.. and something as silly as tonight.. he just came to see me for a bit.. he just bought another car.. so we went out driving just to spend some time together..
We ended up driving to rhineback which is this uberrrr cute little town.. that just... looks like it's straight out of a movie.. might i remind you it's 9pm though.. We get there.. and we just... walk.. hand in hand.. with no one else on the streets except cop cars driving by once in a while.. Lamps on everywhere... little shops closed.. but this cute ice cream parlor was open... so once again he buys me ice cream.. we settle down under a lamp.. on a bench.. and talk.. about nonsense.. for an hour and a half.. laughing about wth we were doing..
a first.. :]..

K ladies! I'm off to a good night sleep.
I'll tell you some funny stories next time.

Good night!!!

BTW. Weightloss.
I'm at 149.
Ohhh and just a quick picture of him :] just to give you an idea.. a face i guess you can call it to the person thats... treating me like i've never been treated before..

seriously.. so speechless.

OHHHHHHHHHHH another thing BTW! -_______-;
So my facebook is complete.. I finally uploaded all 4059830495 pictures of diff. makeup looks.. add me? follow me? I'm more of a facebook addict.. rather than twitter.. i don't know why? Twitter just doesn't get me as much as facebook does :]


Anonymous said...

HES CUTE! IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU. like im literally in tears over this post`s so perfect. you deserve it `

Anonymous said...

hey Jinah, ive been a reader for a while though not consist all the time.. Though i am really happy for you that you have came such a long way and there is someone there that made this all surreal that hey, you deserve to love and to be loved.
I just recently got out of a long relationship and not that i am looking for my next prince charming though.. im sad to say im no longer a believer in love though reading your blog reminds me about how much i am a hopeless romantic and i hope your heart cant stop smiling.

xoladiihoneyxo said...

oh my! what a storyyyy but it's real because you're living in it! I'm so happy for you and thanks for letting us get a sneak peak of Mr. Surprise =]

it's so cute how he does all the little things for you, like you said... straight out of the movies =] hehe. lucky lucky! not many ladies get to experience the feeling you get =] I'm really happy for you... finally I know someone who gets the appreciate, love, and attention they deserve!

and girl, you should give me some advice! I need to lose weight now! my mom is going at me saying I'm obese. blahhh! asian moms >.<

Michelley said...

I just recently subscribed to your blog. This is a awesome post... Love it! Started to get teary eyed! So happy for you! He's so romantic for real! and CONGRATS on the weightloss! you go girl!

javy said...

im so incredibly happy for you, seems like things are going so well!! congrats on the weightloss again and hes a cutie, a def keeper!!

eri said...

this guy has left me speechless! i'm so happy for you! all girls deserve to find a guy who will treat them like a princess. i'm so happy you found always does seem to happen when you least expect it :)

♥Leigh♥ said...

speechless indeed. you guys make a cute couple! congrats! :)

Latinminx79 said...

Awwwww toooooo cute, Im so happy for you!!!!! Keep the updates coming I love this!!!

Hisgirl201 said...

Wow I'm very happy for you! You are such a sweetheart. That blog made me blush. ^.^ Congratulations on the awesome guy and the weight loss!

serenity. said...

aww jinah, congratulations! i am so happy for you; someone to adore you, isn't what every girl wants? :)

Vai said...

hey! randomly bumped into your blog. I think i came across a video from youtube.. but yeah, just want to say that I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT TOO, OR TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT TOO...
and you look great! :)

I browsed your blog a bit, but would you mind telling me what's ur daily routine? kcal consumption? anything that you think will be helpful. :)

I'll come back to your blog again t o see if u've replied...

thanks, have a good night

phoebew said...

i am so happy for you jinah!
i wish i can find my mister soon.

jennykliang said...

진아언니! I hope I spelled that correctly hehe :)

When I read your posts, I just feel very warm inside and you have such a great personality!

I am so happy for you that you found someone who adores you and spoils you :) You deserve the best, girl!

Best of luck and I will keep following your posts! Never give up<3

<3JKL 혜연

Sophie said...

wahhhh jinahhh~~~
you are so lucky! x_x
your guy sounds so...perfect.
you totally deserve him! actually...he deserves YOU! =D
i hope i can find someone as perfect when i go to college...

iamgrape1119 said...

Aww, I'm so happy for you! You deserve all the good things and MORE! I hope you two a very happy future.

BTW, 149?!! Are you for real? I'm uber jealous!! Great job!

✿Ji✿ said...

I'm really happy for you! Wish you both the best!♥

Einjely said...

i'll be happy if my boy opens the door for me. thats what 7 yrs of being together does to me. haha! im so happy for u!! the weight loss! the man!! I WANNA BE/GET SPOILED LIKE YOU!!!! =( im jealous. haha!

~Mel said...

aww hun!!!! i'm so happy that u're happy and ecstatic over this guy.. he seems too good to be true but yet he's there in front of you! that's so awesome!!! love and miss ya! =)

Anonymous said...

so happy for you!!! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! I'M so jealous! BUT IN A GOOD WAY!...With all that you are going through with good and bad. YOU DESERVE IT!! =)

urzafar said...

yea hes definitely a keeper! u give the rest of us hope that guys like him do exist. im so happy for u keep us updated. i love reading your blog! =)

Jess said...

aww jinah that was one of the best romance stories i've heard in a long time. you're right..straight out of a movie. so adorable..i'm so happy for you and you definitely deserve it!

GS said...

Awww, that is so sweet, I´m glad you found somebody like him.. I guess there´s hope for us single ladies!

Steph said...




Anonymous said...

I was suuuuuuuuuuper KILIG (tagalog word for...uhm..giddy-in-a-heart-thumping-giggling-lovesick-way) the whole time!!! seriously, he's like some fictional character from a novel!... Just hope he remains like that for as long as you two are together!! though I don't think that would be a problem since he's rich? I guess.. Anyways, really happy for you! and thanks for sharing ^ ^

LoveJess said...

You look so good with your hair up :D

Betty said...

awww so happy for you! :D you're such a nice person! he's cute and sounds nice :] Thank you Jinah for gving girls hope that there are guys like this out there!

Anonymous said...

ohhh jinah!! Im soo happy for you! You are soo lucky and omg that sounds so romantic!! haha how cute... wow.. I don't know if I'll be ever to experience sometihng like that. it must be lovely. keep us updated!! :)

Suebakk! said...

Jinah! He's so perfect, I'm so glad you found someone like him, you definitely deserve it. ^^
He almost seems like hes one of those guys from the Korean dramas! They are so corny, but definitely so cute! Ahh I'm jealous xD

Mystical said...

im so happy for you,this really does sound like a fairytale,and its your fairytale!! :) and u look super fabulous in dat picture,im inspired to get my ass back on track to lose somr weight bcoz of u :)

Eunice said...

Omg, Jinaaahh!! I swear, I was getting teary-eyed and giddy at the same time as I was reading this post- Omg, he's like... out of a movie- no better way to say it.

And I love it- well first off, because he is treating you like a queen and you deserve it..but also, because it gives me hope that some day, that will be me :)

But it all comes with time, exactly like you said. Oh, and CONGRATTTSSS on the weightloss!! You are SUCH an inspiration!!!



Anonymous said...

AWWW, im soo happy for you Jinah! Things seem to be turning out great for you in New York! (:

Sorry to be noisy and what not, but what ever happened to Bong? I believe he was your previous boyfriend?

In case, I missed anything, fill us up on that sweetie!

<3 Take Care

Hannah said...

aw unnie! im happy for you guys! Congratulations =) and you're so sweet. You deserve so much happiness and more!

Rebecca said...

That's way cute! :)

I'm so happy about your relationship, your school, your weight loss, everything. things seem to be going so well for you! :D

I hope it continues to be a happy road. it seems like it will be like this for a while!!!!

PS -- could you do a hair tutorial please? the one with the poof and the messy bun. it looks great :)

Anonymous said...

Omgsh Jinah! I'm so happy for you! He sounds adorable, the things he does for you :) Definitely straight out of the movie, I'm glad you finally met someone worthy of your beauty :) Congratulations on hitting 149! You're so lucky! Everything is going amazing for you <3

SPECiAL x GiRL said...

Hi Jinah! I watched your YouTube videos before & just discovered your blog. I just wanted to drop by and say hi : )

Congratulations on the new relationship! : )

Anonymous said...

yay! life seems to be going really well for you! you really do inspire me because you go for what you want..


Anonymous said...

i've subscribed you on youtube and loved ur tutorials for quite a while, but only discovered ur blog and subscribed to your blog today. :) and guess what, i've been reading ur blog for over an hour. thanks so much for sharing.
as for this post, am so happy for you. ^^ you deserve every bit of it,girl.
and did i say ur blog is very inspirational? :) totally loveee it. cant wait for more tutes too!! :D
have a great day!

mynameisROTH said...

you're one lucky woman! lols
my bf doesnt do any of that anymore.

Ju said...

Hey Girl, "tu le mérites !" (you deserve that!). Remember : "respect, respect, respect" (yourself and others) and communication for a good-true relation, it's all.

Glad for you ;D

sheta said...

I see your blogs and vids too..Im sooooo happy for you to see where you were to where you are now im glad you found your guy :D You give hope.

Anonymous said...

OMG Jinah! that is sweet!!! You only deserve the best girl! and you look amazing!! How do you do that hairstyle??

Anonymous said...

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