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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Opening my eyes!

Heyyyyyyyy loves!!
It's been a few days huh?!

Sooooooo.. lets see where to start.. weightloss.
BLABLABLA. lOl. i'm stuck at 154.0 lbs. I actually reached 153.8 on friday which made it a weightloss of -10lbs.. but i'm fluctuating again =]

The good thing is, I'm really not tripping about it. I'm proud of the 9. something pounds i've lost! I'm working my ass off you know?! Anyway.
The gym was HORRIBLE today. IT was sooooooo hard.. and because i'm at a plateua, i decided that i'd change it up a bit. I raised my cardio level a few levels higher and I did more stair master rather than elipticals to throw my body off. We'll see if that works. Plus I'm doing abs and arm workouts to balance it out.

Ok so if you guys didn't see my video.. look what my friend Caroline sent me from Cali!!!1 Isn't she freaking sweet?!!? Lots and lots of good food! Bummer.. i'm on a diet.. and i can only it some on the weekends but.. I absolutelyyyyyy love everything!!
ANDDDDDDd look what Petite got me!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT. seriously.

I've never had someone buy me makeup before.. and I haven't even bought any makeup in more than a few months.. because i'm BROKE!!! Broke till i get home. =(
The pigments are all MAC pigment samples!! anddd she bought me 2 lip sticks.. and 2 glosses!! plus the mascara!!!!

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're amazing seriously. I appreciate it to the MPH power!! =] and i'm having such a blast playing with it all! Especially the pigments & the lipsticks! They're freaking awesome!!
Random pictures!!

My first whole composition plate!! WOOO! Poached salmon served with croquette potatoes topped with parsley, with a variety of julienne veggies & sauteed green beans yum!!

School= wonderful. Family= amazing. Friends= I'm starting to make good life long friends. Relationships= I'm ready to be amazed!

K i gotta go to class but enjoy the rest of your days ladies!
BlogTV will come sometime this week when i get the chance =] LOVEEEEEEEE YOU ALLLLLLLL <3>


Tracey06x said...

hi Jinah,
its so great to see that your enjoying yourself and im happy you've got great friends! Your so pretty btw dont let anyone else tell you different! Your a role model to me i love that you can be yourself! And i loveee your blogs and videos:)

~Mel said...

yay for a fresh start on everything!! =)

ritaliator said...

Congrats on the weight loss progress! It sucks when you hit a wall, but what you're doing is good: different exercises every day. Gotta trick that body!

And girl, you ain't fat! Trust lol. I'm glad things are going well in your life. I hope it stays that way =)

_Mari_ said...

you look cute

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous! Congratulations on the weight loss & your life being amazing! :P

an avid reader of yours.

Anonymous said...

halo~ Jinah :) So glad to see you're having a blast! I sorta know how you feel...I gained a lot of weight 3 years ago (still working on losing it haha) and noticed that people were acting different around me :( It's a shame how ppl are like that.

BUT! I'm super happy for you that you're getting all this lovely treatment hee hee Go Jinah! You're becoming my inspiration Miss Jinah Chae :) Keep up the good work with school and your hot bod!

Stephanie said...

All girls deserve a chivalrous man. Good for you Jinah :)

eri said...

just stumbled onto your blog. you are an inspiration!!! such motivation, dedication, and positive outlook! i love it!!!

DSK said...

jinah I love you!!! you look gorgeous!!

Beauty is Androgynous said...

Lookin good Jinah!!
Keep it up!
Try not to monitor your weight every single day. It may drive u crazy haha.

U know what I heard was really good? (I did just 3 minutes of this yesterday and I was burning a mad sweat)

I was on the stationary bike, and I pedal really hard/fast for 8 seconds, and then normal for 12 and keep doing that. I only did 3 minutes because it was at the end of my workout but next time I go, I plan to do it for a longer period of time.

Amy said...

the ugly duckling!! haha that's what i call myself too! and how i SOMETIMES feel x]

Preya said...

Haha I felt like an ugly duckling too. I love your new section. Things can only go up from here for you! Please up keep with this I enjoy reading these! You have an amazing blogger. :)

Ami said...

you are beautiful!
<3 ur style.
<3 ur confidence
<3 ur smile :)

(and pretty jealous of the cooking skills

right now, im on ajourney of trainign my body....have always had a weak body with asthma, blood conditions, anemia, prone to fainting, blah blah blah....., and i wanna do somethign about it dammit!.....(losing some extra weight would be a bonus, but i want to be healthy first)

you've inspired me to get my ass into gear, and now i can finally post something to you! (i made a promise i will refrain from posting until i feel that my body is feeling stronger)

keep feeling strong and powerful! i gain so much happiness and inspiration and determination from that.

serenity. said...

okay, your blog is officially off limits to me. the food pictures get me hungry!! lol, keep going strong, Jinah. We're all rooting for you. :)

courtney said...

holy FUCK jinah, you look absolutely AMAZING! you really do. you're such an inspiration. can you tell me what inspires you to go to the gym? (obviously besides losing weight) cuz i just have no inspiration, its soo hard for me to get in there! :( plusss your outfit, the black one, looks FAB!

jewels said...

its great to heard that u are doing well, and enjoying it!

keep up with the smiles! =)

spunkdd said...

aw, you look amazing jinah! :] keep it up. you're really an inspiration to me!

btw. how tall are you? from the looks of your picture, i'm guessing like 5'5 range? or taller? x]


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