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Friday, June 19, 2009

simply amazing.

My life.. is changing so rapidly..
school... weight... relationships.. habits.. etc.
one word..


I really do feel so fortunate for everything that I have & am experiencing. Really.
For all the love that I get especially from you guys. It amazes me how people even watch me on youtube! :]. sincere gratitude.

If i could buy you allllllllllll a cup of cold stone coffee ice cream with roasted almonds in it... or yogurt world vanilla yogurt with frozen cheese cake chunks.. and fresh strawberries.. i TOTALLY would! that's how much i love you guys!

but yeah.. ever since my kim kardashian video.. I've been sick =(. AGAIN. blah. I don't know who i got sick from.. cause noone i know is sick... but it's been pretty bad.. fortunately.. a friend..of mine has been taking care of me.. he not only brought me some medicine.. but also brought me a first aid kit.. then bandaged up my finger for me =].

Soooooo because i've been sick.. I haven't been to the gym for the last 5 days. I went yesterday though since i feel somewhat better. OOOOoooooo let me tell you!! it.. was... HARD!!!!!!!! holy moly... i only did half the amount of workout that i usually do.. and i practically died.. i was drenched.. exhausted. HOW THE HECK did i do my normal routine on a day to day basis. MAN! ANNNNNNNNNNND last night.. i kid you not.. my leg.. kept cramping like 5-6 times in a span of 2 hours. LOL. you shoulda seen me.. my body was like.. relax... CRAMP.... SHIT!! ahahahaha.. relax... cramp.. CRAP!! ahahahahhaha

anyway. weightloss summary
starting weight May 1: 163.8
yesterday July 19: 150.0 weight loss: -13.8 amazing right?

Haven't been at 150.. since i was in junior high school. it's phenomenal!! ANDDDDDDDDd. HOLY COW!!!!! I can wear mediums!!!!! LOL.... Large is out of the picture baby!!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! and and and and!! guess what!! I wear 27 pants.. at forever 21!! OHHHHHHHHHH my GOSHHHh!! I don't know if i sound crazy.. but this... is absolutely crazy for me.. 27 is equiv. to about 7-8!!!!! Might i remind you.. i reached a size 16 2 years ago... and even when i moved out here.. i was wearing 11-13... so this.. is just... yeah. I have 2 weeks till i go home.. ecstatic.

Ok so a few last things i want to share before i jet.. Soooooooo... my... "friend" we'll just call him.. mr. surprise ahahaha.. anyway we made a bet over the lakers vs. magics... and i won.. so... LOL... my reward was MAC shopping.. amazing right?! yes. you have no idea. WHO DOES THAT!?! what kind of guy makes a bet over mac makeup.

seriously... have never been treated... so delicately.. and genuinely... it's unreal...
.... :].... he.. adores me. :)

i'm waiting... to explode and tell you guys details about everything.. but i'm going to wait.. until things settle down.. Anyway. What i got!! -1 MSF in medium dark? -1 Viva Glam 5 lipstick -2 eyeshadows. cork & naked lunch and.. he bought me a dress... :]
I absolutely love everything I got.. the MSF is a tad dark.. but it's ok.. summers coming up so it'll be perfect.. plus i could just use it like a bronzer or a contour.
The lipstick... is beautiful.. a very wearable color anyday.. and as far as the 2 eyeshadows.. well.. they're neutral!! I love my neutral!!

Okeys.. so here's pictures of my kim kardashian look. Hope you guys like it :]

Okeyyyy doke!
I gotta jet. but last thing..
For those of you who've mentioned wanting to send me... a letter or a love package or love in general! Ahahaha!
Here it goes again! :]
My mailbox... i'll post it up for a few days again.. but i'll be taking it down soon... so write it out =]
buttttttt quick reminder.. if you send me anything.. make sure to send it to me soon.. as i'm going back to cali for 3 weeks.. I leave July 3.. so it needs to get here before than otherwise =( the school will send it back to you.. and i'll be sad. BOOOOOOOO!

Esther Chae
CBN # 2142
1946 campus drive
Hyde Park NY 12538

have an amazing friday ladies!
With love,


Latinminx79 said...

You look amazing girl, good job!!!! Im happy for you!!! BTW the first pic is sooo beautiful!!!!!!!

Kitty In Da City said...

congrats on the weight loss! you look amazing!! i know how hard it is to even lose 5 lbs. and i LOVE the kim k look! are u coming to pinks wow pow in ny?

SassyGirl said...

I don't care if you're 27 or 34, you are GORGEOUS girl. You totally have that foxy Asian girl look going on. Wish I was better at Asian make-up, I'm only just starting to learn.

Einjely said...

im so proud of u jinah!!!!! 13 lbs is a big dealll!!!! ive been on all protein diet also since may 1st and lost 10. but i havent been working out cuz i messed up my ankle and it's been 3 weeks! ugh!! honestly you look skinnier!!!! im so happy for u!

serenity. said...

jinah i wanted to wait til i got back from korea to send out my love pack but i don't know if you'll be at home or at school. i return on july 15th. let me know what's good for you:)
love the first picture, you look gorgeous. <3

saw paw said...

jinah, you're truly amazing! i'm trying to shed weight myself but then all those temptation with all those yummy cakes surrounding me everyday. *drools* but 13 pounds in like a month / two months you're a star! you're so pretty, congrats! :]
you deserve a goodie bag, what would you like :]

Anonymous said...

WOWOWOWOWO! CONGRATS GIRL! I'm so envious of you! Post up some body pictures!!...


Rin said...

Congrats on losing the weight!

Kimmie said...

hope you get better. they say exercising does help a little when your sick. congrats on losing the weight and also keeping yourself motivated. yep.

Anonymous said...

you are a beautiful person, inside & out. i love seeing your tuts because it's so hard to do a lot of other tutorials because of my asian eyes!

keep up the good work, darling. hope you feel better soon! good thing you have mr. "surprise" taking care of you ;)

mirigoround said...

Your friends and family at home will be so stunned by the healthier, more lovely you :) In addition to a gracious blog, thanks for making these tutorials. It's always been my goal to master eye makeup beyond the ubiquitous, black Korean eyeliner look. (Never knew that the trick lies within brushes and blending, since I've been using just the rough, sponge tipped brushes for all these years...)

maiatee said...

Congratulations Jinah! :D I love reading your blog because it motivates me so much! I'm joining a gym next week... I hope that in a few months time I can also be as successful as you have been. :D Take care of yourself and I hope you get well soon.

spunkdd said...

congratulations jinah! everything you have been doing so far has really been an inspiration in my life :] keep it up girl! i'm proud of you!

p.s. is it possible for you to do a post on your workout routine?? i really would like to know what you do because it really seems to be working well? :D if you can't do an update on it, is it possible if you send me an email? x]


LoveJess said...

You're so flawless omg!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the weight loss.
Workouts may be hard but you get a good sense of accomplishment after.
Love the dress you got!

ojoscafe said...

I'm so happy that you lost all that weight. I' trying to do the same and you are such an inspiration.

Also I know this is personal but when i first started watching you on youtube I thought you said you had a boyfriend but now you have a "friend" what happened. Well whatever happened I'm happy you found such a nice "friend" lol

xoladiihoneyxo said...

you're wicked gorgeous!!! =]

Anonymous said...

it's sooo I know how u feel about getting sick, I've been sick this whole month and I haven't been able to go running to the park & my diet 4get about it totally not following(not that I really actually have a diet LOL) but I mean something counts right? as I starting from July 2 I will start running again YAY! (& if the weather permits it)

I'm glad ur progress is going really well Oh! I'm saving ur address for future reference b/c I know you get home sick alot IDK how long it will take for a letter to get there even though I live in NYC but I'll wait untill you come back =)

KEEP IT UP GIRL!! You have my support!!! <3

InnocentDeath said...

i'm so excited for you! Great going!
Weight wise and all!

doesn't it SUCK being sick during the warm seasons? i feel like it should be illegal. seriously!

kechiko said...

Hi Jinah! I love your blog, and I love your "everyday" look! What kind of lashes do you use?

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