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Saturday, October 4, 2008

good morning ladies

Good morning ladies!! It's 11:26am... I've got the sniffles cause of my allergies (oh man.. watery runny boogers.. AGAIn..LOL).. there's a baby that has been screamminggg next door for the past 2 hours.. which explains why i'm up instead of wasting my entire morning sleeping. LOl. it's funny.. I heard the baby in my dream.. then when I woke up.. yeah.. he was still screaming LOL.

ANYWHOooooooooo.. great morning =) I haven't done a thing.. but I'm in a good mood.
Today I'll be going to a friends pre-marriage party? LOL does that make sense? Anyway.. the theme is PIMP & HOE!! OHHHHHHHHHH LORDY!!
Wth do you wear to a pimp and hoe party?! LOL.
I don't really have any... skimpy clothes (too self conscious to even try them out) ... lol i think .. hmmmm i guess just clubbing style clothes huh? we'll see!!!!!!!

Ok so yesterday Bong (my bf) and I went to the gym again.. another greattttttttttttttt 2 hours of workout.. I can feel these little peanut sized muscles appearing out of nowhere. AHahahahah. butttt... yeah.. uhhhhhhhh I'm superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr soreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. holy cow. yesterday.. that jerk kept torturing me.. by pressing all my sore spots really hard!! We spent an hour.. wrestling.. and I almost cried LOL cause it hurt so bad.. HAHAHHAha.. it sucks cause he's not sore.. so I couldn't get him back like that.. BUT i did get him back by trying to pluck out his leg hairs AHAHAHHAHA.

Diet wise? We've decided to start Monday officially again... cause we're trying to get in the groooooove of working out.. I really really like working out. It feels soo goooood.

So you know what's crazy? My bestie Janice... she started on Monday too... and she's already lost 4.8 lbs ain't that KRAJeeeness!! ANDDDDD her bf Marvin... he's already lost 9 lbs. HOLY COW! They're seriously a super motivator aren't they? =)

I'm SO proud of myself. I haven't bought any makeup recently although I'm urking to buy some LOL. But. I'm thinking of it.. as a makeup strike. lol. DUDE!@1!!! Us girls.. we spend WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHHHH. okay scratch that. I just spend way too much. We'll see how long that lasts. LOL

So here's the look I did yesterday..
Products I used:
-MAC studio fix fluid in NC40
-NYX black label compact in natural beige

-too faced shadow insurance(eye primer)
-NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk (base)
-Stila e/s kitten (inner 1/2)
-Stila e/s barefoot contessa (outer 1/2)
-MAC e/s Sketch (crease)
-NYX e/s in highlight (highlight)
-Jane creme liner
-Loreal Liquid liner
-Covergirl auto pencil (waterline)
-HIP mascara

-NYX blush in natural
-NYX mosaic in latte (contour)
-MAC dancing light (face highlight)

-NYX black label lipstick in Beige
-NYX megashine gloss in French Kiss

Booooo my pictures are on my bfs laptop.. so i'll post them later.. Here's a few pictures I took from a different day that I did the same look =)

OH YEAH!!!!!
And I wanted to share my costume from last year..
LOL!!! for halloween that is!!

It was soooooooooooo funnnnnnnnnnnnnnyy.. we went to Old town in San Diego.. and we were walking around.. girls were running away screaming.. LOL cause they were so scared!! =D

I hope I didn't scare you guys...
LOL!!!!!!!! <3 ttyl ladies!


Bonnie said...

The look is gorgeous! Goodluck on your workout! Oh my goodness, your last two pictures scared my so bad! LOL, shit, I almost pissed in my pants xD Hahaaaa, so what are you gonna be for halloween this year? :D Ouuu, and can you do a pirate makeup look on youtube? I wanna be a pirate this year :)

frans said...


You know I still have those pictures of your ring girl on my sidekick.



Beauty is Androgynous said...

lol oh lord!
haha i scrolled down and your picture scared me! hahahapioir;fljhoferape;iodkl

man i know i don't know you but reading that your working out makes me feel so proud and motivated.
feeling sore is great! lets your body know you're getting work done! just keeeeeep at it.
Your looks look so gorgeous!
i really loved your youtube videos and now you're here yay. haha.
i'm not one for making videos so i just blog.

well for the pimp and ho party, maybe you and your bf can go but you can be the pimp and he can be the "ho" lol. this way you don't have to dress skimpy if you don't want. just wear some work slacks, blazer with a sexy or cute low cut or clubbing top underneath.
and a crazy pimp hat lol.
he could wear a dog collar and chain or something hehehe

I've always had that idea in my head to do one day.

Good luck with everything!

Beauty is Androgynous said...

Oh yeah, go to your dashboard>settings>comments>
and click "pop up window" for comment form placement that way people can read your blog while they're writing a comment n case we forget about something. it's easier that way.


Julie ;] said...

heeeeeeeeeeeey :) im also starting over, i binge and binge since friday, i got sick and my father made me eat, so im also starting over next week,anywho tat last pictures we scarry, hahahaha! :)

well goodluck, have fun working out.

Anonymous said...

hahaha..ur costume last year is hilarious!!! i totally picture u doing something sexy and cute, but not that. hahahaha good luck on working out

Iyah <3 said...

Ahahha! I'd be scared if I see you wearing like the japanese scary movies :p

Btw, I'm new to your blog! I just love the contacts on you! Its gray right? I wear freshlook in gray :D

Anonymous said...

Wow PREtty scary!! you look like that girl from that one movie,, is it the grudge?? IDK i forgot the name but yeah looks pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

those pictures scared the living shit outta me!!!!! wow if u did the make up and everything... UR SOOO GOOD.. LOLs i jumped! but yeah nice to hear that ur work out is working :P haha im also in the same situation and is also trying to work out and reach taht goal! keep it uP!

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