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Sunday, October 12, 2008

MAC Makeover! 0_o whHaaaa!

SOOoooooooooo... this morning... my brother and I went to the mall and while he went shoe & jean shopping.. I headed over to MAC.. where.. I got my makeup did!!!

They said I had to make a $50.00 purchase to get the makeover so I did =). I spent quiet a bit more than that. LOl. Anyway.. It was funny cause when I asked.. it looked as if the artists were debating amongst themselves who was going to do my makeover.. apparently not many of them have worked with Asians that have monolids.. lol the outcome.. They handed me over to a filipino artist =) who I absolutely had a blast with! I sat down.. pretending I didn't know didly squat about makeup.. and I went in barefaced... so loll it was fun! She guided me through the WHOLEEEEEEEEEEEE process.. and of course.. I asked MANY MANY questions. The total time it took for her to do my makeup: 1 hour 15 minutes. WHOAAAAAAA LOL! That's how much I stopped her. HAhAHahhaa.
Ok so anyway..
Here's the look she did on me~


-Face & Body Foundation
-Mineralized Loose Powder? (not sure)
-FIX +

-Shadow Paint in Base Light (primer)
-Contrast- dark blue e/s (up to the crease area)
-Texture- orangish brown e/s (crease area all the way around)
-Nylon- highlight e/s (highlight)
-Eye Kohl liner in Blooz (to line my lower lash line & waterline)
-Fibre Rich Lash Mascara

-Pressed Powder (contour)
-Powder Blush in Dame (blush cheeks)
-Mineralized Skin Finish a peachy colored one that's coming out on Oct. 16th

-Viva Glam II
-Lustreglass in Instant Gold

Besides my look.. after I came home.. I decided that well.. it could use a little bit of work.. The look itself is beautiful.. but I thought it would look better if I just added some more of MEEEEEEEEEEEE to it =) So...

-added more contrast to the outer corners to make a more windshield wiper shape (this creates the illusion that I have a wider eye)
-added more texture to balance the contrast
-put on my usual eyeliner (jane creme liner to top followed by my liquid liner)
-anddddddd added some Ardelle lashes


I absolutely loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!! What do you guys think?

Some new tips I learned:
-Add some neutral browns slightly above your crease when doing a smokey look.. this helps to create a more subtle.. more beautifully natural blend
-Use a variety of different eyeshadow textures to create more definition and shape. ex) mix a frosty color with a matte color and even a glittery color rather than doing all glitter or all frost or all shimmery
-For a more natural contour use a darker shade powder!
-When you fill in your brows go a few shades lighter

mMmmmmmmmmmmmm I think that's it =)
SOOOOOOOo for my haul!

I got 10 refill eyeshadows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I know i know.... try not to count how much it was. LOL. it's depressing. LOL
-Rice Paper
-Gorgeous Gold
-Fresh Water
-Stars N Rockets
-Chrome Yellow
PLUSSSSSSSSSSSS she gave me a free sample mascara =) zOOm ZOOm!!!!

I already put them into my Cd palettes =)

from Left to Right- Ricepaper, Wedge, Texture, Gorgeous Gold, Chrome Yellow

Stars N Rockets, Nocturine, Fresh Water, Contrast


Ok so before I take off... guess what!!!!!!!!!11 I haven't weighed myself.. YAY!!!!
Andddd Friday & saturday were a fABuloussssssss rest day!
I'm seriously ready to take on week 2! My body feels soo much better after resting the last 2 days! =) Can't wait to start my work out again starting tonight! WOOOOOOO!!
Okay I guess I'll talk to you guys sooooooooooon!


kae said...

niceeee makeover! i think it looked better when you added stuff though. nice haul too! do you know what shade of face & body foundation she used on u? i'm an nc40 in sff but they only have the c colors last time i checked for face & body.

kae said...

niceeee makeover! i think it looked better when you added stuff though. nice haul too! do you know what shade of face & body foundation she used on u? i'm an nc40 in sff but they only have the c colors last time i checked for face & body.

Anonymous said...

did you go to the one in fashion? omg.. when i see consultations or makeovers, it seems like the customer and makeup artist are there for a while. atleast you had fun and i love your finished look. i do something similar to that, but i'm usually afraid to wear blue without looking like a hooker. lol. i'll see if i can pull off that look with similar colors. and the eyeliner adds a nice touch... i cant live without eyeliner. haha

Anonymous said...

i totally get u about the whole MUA not being comfortable w/asian eyes. hahaha, so when i make an appointment, i tell them to put a note "must be comfortable w/asian eyes" hahahaha great haul!! i love e/s!! u'll enjoy texture !! one of my fave!!

Bonnie said...

You look amazing with your final touches ;] I love your haul, but dang...$$$$ LOL all in one day, but hey, you got a free makeover, free tips and a sample of the mascara ;) GOOD DEAL! LOL.

jackie said...

purple is my fav. color.
i always look through the counter for their new purple but haven't seen diggin that color just from the picture.

you look gorgeous by the way.
love love love your tutorials.
they inspire me to use more colors and falsies on my eyes. my boyfriends digging them as well. lol

Aubrey said...

OH YOUR GORGEOUS ANYWAY :) but mann that combo looks really good, i'm gonna have to stop by mac again..

love ur blog!!

Tiffany said...

omg, your skin is gorgeous! is that with foundation or without? either way, you have awesome glowy skin!

azn_gurl said...

how much are single eyeshadow pans? I never go to a PRO store so i never know lol>_< is it cheaper to buy 6 eyeshdow pans or normal shadows and get a free eyeshadow/lipstick? lol

sorry for the question. i always wondered that

Jennifer @ said...

ur right seems like the mac mua didn't finish the job, i love the look after u put in ur personal touches, LOOKS GREAT!

paperdollrevenge said...

MAC makeovers are soooooo fun! And I think you did a great job adding your touches and making it more *you*. (I too like the windshield wiper shape...I guess it's an Asian eyes thing, hehe.) Also, that's nice that you could buy eyeshadow refills instead of the don't feel too bad about your new haul!

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