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Thursday, October 2, 2008

=( It's so.... hardddddddd!

It's hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry for not updating you guys.. the past couple days.. man. it just feels like nothing is going right.. You guys are going to be soooooooooo disappointed!

The last few days I haven't completely kept with my diet again.. mainly because finding a gym membership has been a complete b**ch. JEEEEEEEEEEz! It's sooooooo frikkin expensive! On day 1 I went with my best friend to her LA fitness gym.. since I had a guest pass... but.. you know guess passes won't work forever. So yeah.. I checked out.. Ballys.. LAfitness.. Being Fit... Frogs... etc... ALLLLLLLLLLL OVER PRICED GOSH DENGIT! I can't afffford.. to be paying $400+ a year for a friggin gym membership..

So yeah.. that was pretty much what got me down the last couple days.. and my doopid self let it get to me.. all I kept thinking about was... if I can't friggin work out what's the point in dieting?!?! RESULT= cheating.

For day 2 & day 3 I ended up following my diet for breakfast & for lunch... I ate some egg whites with some toast & a 1/2 apple for breakfast.. and for lunch I had tuna salad.. just a tuna can.. tossed into a salad.. with balsamic vinegar.. and a pinch of olive oil.. Sounds like I did pretty good for my diet right? YEAHHHHHH.. that is.. UNTIL DINNER!!! I ended up having tacos.. cause my brother frigging brought home a grip of them... THENNNNNNNn last night my dad bought BURRITOS! DEAR LORD!! They're setttting me up!

Sorry I disappointed you guys.. man.. it sucks.. i feel GROSS!

On a positive note..

My boyfriend and I finally got a membership @ 24hr fitness... and we got a pretty good deal cause he got a military discount..
We actually worked out today for almost 3 hours!!
We did.. an hour's worth of cardio.. and tried out pretty much every piece of equipment there was.. for the last 2 hours..

Anyway.. tomorrow is another day.. anddddddddddd I'm going to make it happen eventually. Baby steps. That's all it takes.
Oh man.. random: i'm addicted to pickles. HOLY cow.. I bought a jar yesterday.. i'm almost done with them. LOL!!


So here's the look I did yesterday.. I'm posting the youtube video right now. I so completely didn't know where I was going with the look.. I didn't know what colors to work with... but it ended up alright =)

MAC Studio fix fluid (NC40)
NYX Black label compact in Natural Beige

Too faced shadow insurance
NYX JEP in Rust (up to the crease)
NYX e/s in Golden Orange (up to the crease)
MAC firespot (right on top of the golden orange)
MAC pigment in vintage gold (crease)
Jesse's girl Wicked (crease)
160 palette green color (crease)
NYX e/s lime green (highlight)

Loreal intense liquid liner
Jane creme liner
Covergirl pencil liner (waterline)

NYC face glow in sunstone
NYX mosaic in latte (contour)


NYX black label in beige
NYX megashine in frosted beige

ALrightyyy ladies.. before i take a lil bitty napp... just wanted to say thank you thank you to allll of you who have left me some amazing messages of encouragement & support!! If i could hug every single one of you guys.. I SOOOOOOO WOULD!! BETTER YET!! I'd buy you guys all ice cream!!! ( i love ice cream =( HAHAHHA. welcome to the fat world of esther. jinah. chae. LOL ) <3 MUCH LOVe!!!


olivera said...

+ youre not dieting properly i hate to say it; breakfast should be your biggest meal of the day, the fact that youre eating egg whites is probably why you cheated later on in the day, you need alot more than that to get you through the day.
that, and you shouldnt go straight into a diet, gradually start eliminating 'bad' foods, which are still alright, but just in moderation.

yeah, im a little obsessed with diets, eventhough they dont work, because @ the end of the
day your body will always go back to its happy weight.


GS said...

The same thing happens to me, I star the diet and it´s amazing but then I get tempted and end up eating a ton!!
Don´t be so hard on yourself, so you had a setback... just keep going... You can do this!

jackie said...

ahh, this is a beautiful combo of colors.
gym membership is hard to find.
but i got one for 24 hrs. i havent gone. maybe i should lol.

i love your videos. when i come home from work and before i do my online classes i always check to see if you have new videos.

keep up the awesome videos my dear.
and good luck again on the diet. :D

Beauty is Androgynous said...

don't worrry its okay.
u know what you could do to make your diet easier? just eat the tacos n stuff, but just cut your portion in half.
that way you're still satisfied and you won't over eat.

its okay to cheat a little bit.
just in moderation.
i go to 24 hr fitness too=]
1 hr of cardio!? thats great!!
i haen't done that in awhile even tho i could, i just haven't put in the effort =/
butyeah 1 hour of cardio always got me results faster. good luck! keep it up and don't be too crucial on every day's progress cuz then you may get discouraged. just do it and don't think too deeply about it.

Bonnie said...

Nice work on the look! You look beautiful! Haha, at least you finally got a gym membership, I still need one! AHHH! Man 3 hours of gym...that's intense at least your bf was there with you! Man you must be so tireddd! Hahaaaa, oh yahhh, as much as you love pickles, you shouldn't eat so much of themm! I read on a magazine that pickles are the type of food that tricks you, pickles have a LOT of calories on them! & I'm telling you this so you don't ruin your diet :) keep up the great work! I'll be with you 100% :D:D:D

JinahChae said...

you guys are the bestestest!! x 490383409834095! so many great tips =] def. will follow up on each of them!


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