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Thursday, May 28, 2009

What to do what to do!!

Gotta do this realll quick cause I'm a running a bit late before class =]
So first is first..
Weightloss update: -9.6 lbs.
WHich brings me to: 154.1 lbs.
Not bad right? I was stuck at 8.5 for 4 days. =_= and actually.. it fluctuated like a mad donkey. Wasn't very happy.. But the reality of it is, my weightloss is going to slow down drastically now that I'm getting closer. BOOOOOOOOOOO!!! It's so hard =(

Seriously.. it's so hard =(. How're you ladies doing with your weight loss?!

Ok so here are some pictures from class. I haven't had the time to take everything we've made but here are a few.
Us goofing around at the end of the day.. tired.. from all the hellish cooking & cleaning.
Braised Red Cabbage.. yumm... cooked it in with some honey.. fresh squeezed orange juice.. chicken stock.. a bunch of spices & aromatics.. and topped it with fresh chiffonade parsley =]
Chateau Potatoes. =] To break it down, they're tournes cut red bliss potatoes... You can't see but these things are so frigging hard to cut! It's like.. a 7 sided football.. All cut by hand.. REALLY hard to cut.. This is my first time doing it.. and i actually did pretty good =)
Duchess Potatoes

Simple, basic red tomato sauce pasta

My first vinaigerette salad... Chef says that salads should never ever ever have sauce drooping off the plate.. You should be able to eat it all and not have any left over sauce... On the other hand, it should have enough to coat the greens so that it glistens =]

OKKKKKKKKEY DOKE! So this part.. if my buddy finds out i posted this.. LOL he'll kill me. But ladies =) Meet my new fabulous gay (he's amazing) bossom buddy Derrick. He's FABULOUS. He's not only one of my new closest friends.. but he's my shopping buddy.. my walking coach LOL... and my model LOL.
This night I did his hair black and we figured hey, maybe I can get in some practice while i'm at it =)
Soooooooooo I used MAC's pigment in TEAL (thanks PETITE!!!), Carbon, MAc's pigment in grape, brule, gorgeous gold, etc. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! ahahah! And it looked amazing no?

Ok so check it out! MY FIRST EVER PAIR OF stilettos!! HOLY COW! Guess who persuaded me in getting them? LOL. Thanks Derrick. jeeez luiz. I don't have shoes.. and now that Derrick and I kick it all the time.. he thinks it's the best to pump me up LOL. -_- but they're amazing aren't they?!!? Ok i have a TON more to say & post but i gotta get ready for class so I'll update in a bit! Love you ladies =)


Anonymous said...

oh wow! Congrats on your weightloss! I know- it's super hard! I've started my workouts again too (it's my 2nd week). But I get soooo hungry after a workout so it's not good >< I love white rice. Asians gotta have rice!! lol well, good luck to the both of us and everyone else dieting! :D

eternal.happiness said...

Congrats on your weight loss Jinah :) It's amazing.. updates on my weight loss. Well I haven't lost anything.....but my legs are more toned and I can feel that. My tummy isn't as fat as it used to be too........ I'm on day 24 (?). I have 1 more month to lose it haha :)

kawaii619 said...

I'm so proud of you Jinah! You're doing so good and I also love seeing all the new stuff you're cooking up, it's so inspiring =)


eyecon1219 said...

dude, i love gay guys ! i need a gay bestfriend for real. still looking for him haha. ANYWHO, i'm so proud of you in losing weight and doing your thing ! can't wait to see you in 2days !

DSK said...

Derrick looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

hahaha, omg he looks amazing! love yo jinah! when you get a chance please stop by my blog =) im a noobie

kkkkatie said...

hey! it's Katie from Saturday night karaoke =) Just dropping by to say hi! the food looks amazing hahah

Caramel Diva said...

Those shoes are super duper cute

Christel said...

You look so pretty and slim now. Congrats on ur weight loss. I tried dieting but it's just so hard.

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