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Monday, May 4, 2009

I feel good duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh =]

Hellooo world =]
So today is the start of my DIET & EXERCISE!! I was actually aiming for tomorrow as the first day, but i'm way too excited to start now.. so I did! I got up this morning at 9:30 (no school today).. went to the gym..
weighed myself.
Ready for my starting weight!?

Woo so much weight to lose. So I here was today's routine:
Stairmaster warm up 10 minutes : -75 cal
Ellipticals 20 min: -192 cal
Bicycle: 13 min: -100 cal

Total burned: 367 cal.
After cardio I wondered around doing weights for 20 minutes. Thennnnnn my girlfriend My (that's her name) and I went to the sauna and just laid down and chitter chattered away for 20 minutes. Nowwwwwww I'm back and I've got to say.. I feel amazing! Jeez.. you know how smooth my skin is right now because of the sauna?! It's awesome!

For lunch I'm planning to grab a half a club sandwich with no mayo & a side salad =] Sounds yummy aye?!

So yeah. That's probably what i'll be starting my posts with.. I'll update you guys as often as i can.. and diet wise let you know on what I'm eating.. how im doing this.. that. Hopefully you guys will be able to see the results!!

Mmmm.. as for this weekend.. it was absolutely amazing! I went to the city with some friends.. well.. not the city but Queens. We ate jja jang myun.. then went shopping.. then went to a carnival.. thennn went to korean BBQ.. then karaoke.. then we went to a PC bang to play computer games like we were 14 again.LOL. ridiculous yeah.. but it was so much fun!!
Here are some pictures!! From the end of the night to the beginning!

Anywhooo =) I hope you guys have a phenomenal day!
Talk soon :]



Tracey06x said...

hey jinah im on a diet too althoguh ive not been sticking to it recently lol but you've inspired me to:):)
good luck!

~Mel said...

haha.. korean bbq and karaoke - that's what we did on friday! haha.. good luck jinah! you can doooooo iiiit!

DSKNguyen said...

Jinah! I love your signature shoulder shirts, it's so you. :D

XRocksmama said...

yum yum I love Picnic Garden! It is the most popular Korean BBQ spot :) You look great in the picture.

Good luck on your diet. I must start it soon ;)

Amy said...

ooh! haha I haven't ran on the treadmill in a while. I used to burn 400 everyday but I stopped because my willpower sucks and because I really don't need to (I'm 15! LOL) But anyways, I like your boots :)

Where did you get them?

Petitte Poupee said...

The spicy noodle looks delicious...Have a good day, dear!!

eternal.happiness said...

it looks like you had lots of fun :) and good for you.. keeping on track with your diet XDD!

Anonymous said...

this is so cool, maybe I should start blogging about my weight loss too, it's a real positive way to be able to keep in trake and to stay in tune with exercise.

you're such an inspiration =D

shurlayy said...

i was addicted to your youtube videos now your blog. believe me im not a stalker lol but yeah. I've lived in queens forever and i recognize those places. The nrb and picnic garden bbq place on northern right?

shurlayy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shurlayy said...

oh shoot i can almost swear that green place is aapple? if not im gunna feel stupid lol

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