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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

trial and error!

Hey ladies!
So apparently, my body's on strike! LOL. I definitely haven't been listening to its needs because rather than having more energy, I've been tired like hell. Even worst, I gained back 2 pounds, but I know it's definitely not because of my diet. Bottom line, I need to chill and take my routine easier. I think i've been working myself way too much anddddddddddd big big big big thing, I haven't been sleeping enough. I average about 4-5 hours a sleep a day and DUR DUR DUR if you're working out twice a day your body obviously needs more right?!?! Plus my calorie intake isn't that much which probably is the reason why I'm just.. gaining back water weight.

On a positive note, I've been resting for the last few days and I'm making an effort to sleep longer. Last night I actually got my 8 hours of sleep and today I feel great! Anyway here's how the weight has been looking:
Day 5 Friday: 159.7
Day 6 Monday: 161

Goals for the week:
*Eat more, and more frequently
* Sleep 8 hours min

As far as class! I made consomme for the first time the other day! That was amazing!! Consomme if you guys don't know (cause i didn't know what it was) is also known as King's Soup. If you look at it, it looks like apple juice. LOL. By glancing you would think wtf it's just broth. But it's a $12 soup min. at most fine dine restaurants! The reason why it's so expensive? We use a pound of ground meat and about half a pound of veggies + spices to make 1 quart of soup.. That pound of meat & everything else goes into the garbage. So all that's there, is soup as clear as water with firework flavors all over the place. ahahaha! The process in making it, is AMAZING! I actually asked my chef if i could bring in my camera to take pictures and such... and he said yes! So i'll show you guys what i make the next couple days =]

Anyway I gotta run. I'm gonna head to the gym!
I love you ladies <3 <3 <3 have a wonderful wednesday!!

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DSK said...

Hey babe! Thanks for sharing and defining Consomme! haha now I won't feel like a noob if I ever catch it on a menu :P


Susanne said...

wow that's so cool that you got to make consumme! i'm actually a big foodie so posts like this really interest me :) are in you in culinary school right now?

eternal.happiness said...

The lack of sleep can also be a cause for your weight gain, just a thought. You should probably weigh weekly instead, because your weight will fluctuate from day-to-day. But good job and I can't wait to see more of your tutorials! You're awesome!

Bernie said...

That's so cool that you're in culinary school! So, I watched your first VLOG and let me tell you... I can totally relate to everything you talked about. From getting made fun of because of my name, to the shape of my eyes, to the color of my skin, to my chubby body... on and on and on... It wasn't until I started college that I started to change my personal view of my self! Yeah... and guys??? They pretty much suck until you find a really good one. It really makes you appreciate the really great person in your life. Good luck with the weight loss. You're awesome!!!

Mistyazn said...

Hey Jinah, you are doing great! Don't worry about the weightgain, it is probably what you said. I wish I was as motivated as you are. On your youtube channel I said that I would join you and hoped that I wouldn't change my mind after I woke up...well I didn't and I have done some excersicing (just a little 2 be honest) and ate a little less, but I could have done way better then that.
It's good that you are here 2 make me motivated hihi..Like the other 2 girls said YOU R AWESOM!!

R.C. said...

take it easy and eat well and you will feel better ;) No worries! Get a massage too if you can - that really helps you get back into "taking care of yourself" gear!!!

Anonymous said...

jinah! pair some protein with your carbs in your breakfast like an egg, bacon, nut butters, glass of milk. it will help keep you fuller longer and help you recover and build muscle from your workouts.
love your blog and your youtube channel!

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