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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Negative people drive me WILD!!!!!

amazing how much of a BUTTTARD people can be! Not to mention any specific names. But GRRRRRRRRr! People who consistently bash other people and complain and have their noses stuck up their asshole so high up that it pops out of their eyeballs drive me NUTTS!!!!!!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't be like this ladies.
I've come to realize that the real reason I don't have that many close girlfriends is because I can't standdddddddddddd how ridiculous girls can be at times. I mean, PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME! Why the hellllllllllll do girls hang out everyday then go behind each others back and just talk massive shit?! WHY?! WHY WHY?!! Why can't everyone just shut their mouths and grow up.

Ugh. So not attractive. I mean I'll be hanging out with a group of people to socialize, then when the guys leave it's like. .OK GOSSIP TIME! It's ugly. IT's NOT COOL. How can you go up to someone and be like hey!! how're you then turn around and be like, i hate how they talk, they annoy me, they're so lazy, they're blablablabla. SHUT UP!!

It annoys me so bad, I usually have to walk away.

ORRRRRRRRRRRR i love how people barely know you but they bash you. Like at school there's a few people that I just wanna shove my foot up their butts. They barely know me, yet they have the nerve to call me names like "slut" or "bitch" cause they think it's funny. I'm not cool with that. They do it jokingly but, still. I don't think it's acceptable in ANYWAY to be called either endlessssss it's a mutual thing between two friends that are close, but even still! ORRRR like, I'll be talking to some people about my weight loss progress and they keep telling me nonono, you're not doing this right, you're not doing that right. LIKe.. STFU! I lost 40lbs already, I KNOW HOW TO EFFING diet and EFFING exercise. just SHUT UP. I mean, yesterday someone was asking me what i ate for breakfast so i said, A cup of cereal and an apple. What'd he say?! the effing kid goes.. OH that's wayyyyyyy too much! I'm like are you fucking kidding me?! that's 300 calories how much less can you eat!!!!!!!!!!! idiot.

I despise how people don't know how to smile. SMILE GOSH DAMNIT! Negative auras turn me off. I'm usually all smiles and laughs... I can't help but to smile.. but when i see a girl that comes along that doesn't smile.. has her arms crossed and just stares you down.. I wanna kick them in the face! UGLY I TELL YOU!

I hate hate hate.. gossip.. i hateeeeeeeeee how people are nosy... i hateeeeee people who make fun of other people without stepping into their shoes.. i despise people that judge people without knowing them.. and for crying out loud DONT FUCKING pick on people over stupid SHIT! ugh.

sorry. I just had to vent that. I find it rare to find genuine people nowadays.

to change the tone,
SChool is phenomenal! I wish i can take you guys with me to class... I'm learning so much! here's a few pictures of the last few days =]

oven baked cauliflower gratin topped with persillade :]

tomato stuffed mushroom duxelle topped with persilladeremember consomme? this is Consomme work in progress! All of that in there goes to garbage later! What's in it? 12 oz. of ground chicken, diced tomatoes, celery, onions, carrots, 3 egg whites, salt, pepper, cloves, bay leaf, parsley stems! OH duh and the onion brule?

Drain & straining process

Wala! One expensive Consomme! Clear as apple juice right?! It's amazing! Not a drip of oil!Steamed broccoli w/ fresh made Hollandaise (my first time making hollandaise!)

okey that's that!

Weight losssssssssss log!!
I'm down 7.5 =) Brings me to 156.4!
Slowly but surely getting there. I'm ecstatic!

Anyway, I have 3 tests back to back until friday.. I have my knife practical today, a written final tomorrow and a cooking practical on friday. AHHHHHH! Wish me luck!!

i'm looking forward to the weekend! Do you guys have anything interesting planned!?!? Let me know your progresses! We can do it, we can do it!!!!!!! Have a wonderful day ladies =] <3


Anonymous said...

that looks amazing.

i also dont have that many girlfriends here when i attent university because most of them have been really fake towards me and i just don't put up with girls like that. the few ones i do have are truly genuinely amazing girls that i cherish :)

i wish i was as successful as you with your diet & exercise.. i'm so unmotivated lol

Latinminx79 said...

Your making me hungry, your dishes look amazing!!!!

Hisgirl201 said...

I've have friends that are pretty depressing and I stay happy for them on the surface, cheer them up... but I use my blogger to vent all the things I think just to get it out my head. If you read it & you didn't know me I'd sound like such a b!tch but I love my friends, even when they do annoy me :)

Your dishes look really nice. Learning to cook those dishes must really help with learning what's good for your health, huh?

..::MAYRA::... said...


DSK said...

I hate shady people, ewww to them!

I've been rollerblading a lot! I feel the change in my already, I wake up feeling good! and not tired

Preya said...

I so on love with cooking, its just so beautiful! I'm so glad on your weight loss, people just have nothin gbetter to say. YOur doing perfect. What you are eating for breakfast is perfect. You definitley kinow what your doing, so keep that in your head!

Stephanie said...

Hi Jinah!

I dislike negative people too. It gives me bad vibes and it weighs a person down. I prefer being a happy person!

Ooo Hollandaise sauce! Would you recommend a good recipe? :)

kawaii619 said...

Oh Jinah, forget those bitches, they're not worth your time! You keep your head up high girl!

On to the food...OMG you're making wonders! You need to come back to SD and give me a cooking lesson! Your cooking looks so yummmmmy =)

Kitty In Da City said...

Omg this food looks amazing! esp the califlower gratin.. yum!

congrats on the weight loss... keep it up! ♥

Lulu said...

wow all the food you make are amazing!
woo hoo on the weight loss, keep it up, we'll all be cheering you on :)

Anonymous said...

GOOD LUCK!!! the food looks yummy!

Sanderlees said...

* you and i would make splendid friends lol too bad i'm up in toronto

* the food looks mouth watering... ugh....

* you're such an inspiration... i'm trying to diet.. but i lack the motivation...

mirigoround said...

I'm sorry... You're beyond your years, since quite a few college girls are insecure. I'd know firsthand, since I attended a women's college!

Cheers on revamping your lifestyle for the better! I'm going to definitely fit in a workout today because you're right, no one should make excuses =)

For the Love of Makeup said...

I'm with you I hate negative people who think they're are better than others!! ugh i hate it i think almost as much as you do lol
I love this quote:
"Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up"

take care girl

shirley said...

jinah! guess what?!?! my finals are finally over and i apologize for taking so long to put together your care package but its coming baby ;]. wooo love you and the food looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome about your weight loss!
Here's a question for you...
How do you deal with a weight plateau?
I've been dieting and exercising, but the weight isn't budging. UGHHH! I'm so discouraged...
If you have time, would you do a video response on your weight loss routine?

Esther said...

I am jealous cuz you have lost 7.5 pound! well done! it took me 4 weeks to lose 4 pound because i am way too lazy to exercise. i've a question, how can you keep your skin flawless when you are on diet? i break out like crazy :(

Fweetreena said...

u are an inspiration!!
congrats on ur weight loss!!=)

pookie said...

hey jinah, how do you keep going ? YOu know when you are at the point where you just can't excersize anymore. Everytime I tire out I stop and I reallie would like to keep going but I give up and end up stopping. How do you do it Jinah, especially how do you it everyday or every other day? Any tips?

lee said...

HI, jinah~
i just wanted to say that i really like ur make up tuts and that u look great with contacts! i wanna be such a pro make up artist just like you!!!!!!!!! : D
pls, dont mind my english ^^''
greetings from brazil~

DarlingSummer said...

Hey Jinah...felt so happy for you,congrats on your continuous weight lost..wish i can like u, so motivated..Hack care about all those disgusting bitches around u,they are everywhere in the world,unless they are mute if not we tends to hear them all around us,the most important is we are the "happier" people among them,we don't have to gossip to entertain ourself. Hahaha...hope one day i can have my weight drop like u!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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